February 27, 2005

Sorry it took a while

Jeez, I'm already slipping. Thanks to Matty for poking me with a stick and getting things going. Sometimes I forget all the virtual irons I have in the fire. Oh well...sorry about that.

So many random thoughts of anger....where to begin this week?

During my time off this week, I did a lot of daytime television watching. Now, I"m not a TV guy by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy on earth who hasn't seen CSI. However, I was flipping through channels and saw one of my favorite movies...Major League. Unfortunately, thanks to the FCC and that PUNK Justin Timberlake, any movie worth watching on regular TV (I know, go get a DVD player...) gets cut all to hell. In this case, they took every single REMOTELY offensive word and cut it out, replacing it with "darn", "dang" and "shoot".

Now, I flip through channels a little later, and I catch that no-good America hating Johnny Depp in 'Blow', which is pretty ironic because most of Depp's movies do blow. Anyway, no sooner than 3 minutes into my viewing, what did I catch? Pablo Escobar blasting some poor SOB in the head with a 9mm at point blank range. No editing. No nothing...just blood splattering all over the wall...on USA network...in the middle of the afternoon.

Now can somebody please explain why they cut out the word "screw you" on Major League, yet leave some guy getting his brains blown out just an hour or so later? Makes no sense to me.


Caught the UNO hockey game last night, and I must say it was one of the more enjoyable nights out in a while. I gotta give credit to my fellow fans in our section, because only seasoned veterans could put up with me and my buddy Jeff for that long. Between booing the announcment for "being a good sport" and yelling at the MILF in section 127 who caught a puck to "take off your shirt!", I think a good time was had by all. However, the best indication that you're walking that fine line between fun-loving fan, and obnoxious drunk is the fact that the two police officers standing above us (on the party deck), who were rather attractive I might add (for no reason, but adds to the story if you were there), actually chatted with us and said they had a great time as well.

So if you can get the cops on your side, you can pretty much be as obnoxious as you want...to a point I guess. This is especially difficult when you're sitting at the corner of "cheerleaders and beer", which is where we are for the most part. Good times...sucks the season is almost over.


Finally, can somebody tell me why the Oscars are such a big f*cking deal to everybody? So Jamie Foxx gets an award, makes a teary speech, and then goes off to some hollywood party that none of us could ever get into...bringing along a bag of gifts that none of us could afford in a million years.

I will NEVER get the celebrity worship that goes on in this country. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason, famous people just press the right buttons with people. However, if you've ever met anybody famous...I'm sure you'd find that they're no better than anybody else, and probably a bigger ass than they ever were before they became famous. YES CHRIS KLEIN, I'm talking about you you overrated, Millard North pile of......

Oh well...

Sorry about the delays....should have more anger build up for later this week when I have to go back to work....Ughhh.



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