February 27, 2005

Oh, and one more thing

Ohhhhh, I almost forgot:

Can somebody tell me why baseball is so f*cked up? I realize it's a rather open-ended question, and I'm not exactly asking a question that hasn't been asked 10,000 times in the last 10 minutes...but Jesus Christ....

Let's take a look at my boyhood heroes, the Kansas City Royals. Here you have one of the great franchises in all of sports (most successful expansion team that is), you have a team that draws over 2.5 million people in the 80's....great fans...great town...great players...and now I find myself so disenchanted with where they are, I hope they contract. How absolutely pathetic is that?

And the worst part is, these dousche bag east coast people, (who if you've ever spent 5 seconds with, you'll realize they are the center of their own universe) feel that everything's fine, and it's the small-market team's problem to deal with. Meanwhile, the NFL is exciting, competative and it much better shape with their fans. Why?

Simple...becuase east coast writers and fans are not calling the shots. Baseball's not in trouble? MY TEAM IS STARTING DAVID DeJESUS for Christ's sake! This guy couldn't play center-field for Creighton Prep, let alone a real-life major league team.

Ugh, so frustrating. Pretty hard to get caught up in all the bullshit Red Sox hype, when they are one of like 6 teams who have a shot at winning every year. Thanks MLB and east coast media for destroying the greatest sport on earth.



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