September 2, 2005

A Quick Break from the Start of the Season

Although the new football season is upon us, and I was all ready to unload on Husker football, it seems inappropriate to discuss something trivial, when an entire United States City is on the verge of being wiped from the earth.

Therefore, I will refrain from my regularly scheduled Husker rant, and will wait til after the game to comment. With that being said, please give to your local American Red Cross chapter. People all around the world are some cases even laughing at how a natural disaster of this magnitude can cripple such a powerful nation.

But what the rest of the world doesn't understand is that NOBODY on earth is better at getting up off the mat than we are. The people of this nation will rise up and help the city of New Orleans, along with the rest of the gulf coast. In the meantime, people will bitch about how slow the aid is. People around the world will laugh at our fate. But when the snickers wind down, and the laughing tapers off, people will not be able to comprehend how fast America rebounds. This is our greatest asset to the world.

It is true, we are not immune to natural disasters, especially one of this magnitude. But when pushed into a corner, we come together as a nation better than anyone on earth. And whether a joyful shopkeeper in Seoul or Tehran or Paris sees it in the end or not...we will overcome tradgedy. We will bounce back like nowhere else. That's what makes us great, and that's what makes us special.

Please enjoy the footbal games this weekend as a break from all of the horrible news from the gulf. Please give to your local Red Cross Chapter and do whatever you can to help a devastated area of your own homeland. And above all else, please keep things in perspective as we enjoy one of the best sporting weekends of the year, while our hearts are heavy and our minds are distracted. Roll Black Bears.




Anonymous MavRho said...

Well said.

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