March 15, 2006

Random Mid-Week Musings

First off, thanks to everybody who have been sending thoughts and prayers to my dad. He's been resting comfortably this week, and is recovering slowly but surely. He basically hit the lottery by going to the doctor when he did. Needless to say, that expierence has me thinking a LOT more about what I eat and how much excercise I get. That's someplace I don't ever wanna be.

Let's see what else is going on:

- The entire future of UNO hockey is hanging in the balance of an ESPN broadcast on Sunday morning. Either the team is going to cross the great divide and make the NCAA tournement, or crash and burn in a gigantic fireball of choking that would make the entire Chicago Cubs franchise wince in pain. It will surely be interesting to see what happens. As for me, I'm not so sure they get in, but I hope I'm wrong. The thing I'm wondering the most about is...if they DO get is that going to affect them? 3 weeks off is a long time, will they be ready? Will the fans stop bitching among themselves long enough to even care? Don't even get me started on that shit.

- Speaking of teams headed for a huge letdown...good to see the Nebraska baseball bandwagon out of control early on this year. I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I don't feel the hatred toward them that I usually do this time of year. Maybe it's because Creighton is still playing in basketball (does NU still have a team?), I dunno. What I do know is that it will slowly build until the drunken pat-ourselves-on-the-back-fest known as the CWS in June. I guess there is plenty of time for people to go back to being "HUGE" fans again. (Although Greg and a few others really do follow the team, and for them...I almost feel bad calling the ENTIRE fan base a bunch of fair-weather Johhny Rosenblatt-come-lateys.

- Looks like Rick Majerus is not going to be Mizzou's new basketball coach because of how he handled NCAA questions at Utah. That's fine with me... I have a bad feeling about a guy who lives in a hotel year round, and quits a cushy job in Salt Lake to be with his mom full time. My top 3 right now would be John Calapari from Memphis (who I don't think they'll land), Jamie Dixon from Pitt or Tom Crean from Gonzaga. Dunno..we shall see.

- People ask me all the time...."Geez ya prick..what the hell DO you like?" The answer? March Madness. Despite CBS and the greedy bastard NCAA trying to ruin it by playing the finals in football stadiums...the tourney is the best two weeks of the year. Even when my own team is face down in the shitter, there is always some matchup that proves to be exciting..even for a fan like me, who usually only cares about my own team.

- Great first couple of weeks for Zebrahead, and their album "Broadcast to the world." Sales have been higher than ever in Japan, and the single, album and video have spent time at #1 at some point this month. Next up is signing a record deal in Europe and the U.S. I don't know much, but I'm guessing with the initial reaction of the new album, the band will go opposite of previous label deals and try to breakout with somebody who will actually push them. Again, we shall see. DAMN I wish I was going to Japan to see the show with 311 and 16,000 people. Oh well, my crappy desk job is just as good. (carefull, you'll get some of that dripping sarcasm on your shoes)

- Baseball starts in two weeks in the Omaha over-30 league. We will see if I can match my career high 17-strikeout, complete game loss from the playoffs last year. I'm pretty sure I'll get the feeling back in my fingers eventually. Look for detailed reports on my impending shoulder surgery in the coming months.

Final Four....mark it down in blood

Kansas (ugh)
Michigan State

Crappy Duke is going to walk away with it...just you watch. Hope I'm wrong though...


PS - I'm still pissed off at American Airlines. Sorry Eric...perhaps if they sent me some free flight coupons, I might be more inclined to lower my hate level. I sent my e-mail to them on Tuesday...still no reply. Shocking. I'm sure if I had 600,000 frequent flyer miles, I would have heard form them in 10 minutes.



Blogger Adam said...

Sitting out at the ballpark Friday afternoon with a bag of seeds and a pepsi, checking out the college co-eds was well worth a day of hookie.

I was talking with a former co-worker, recounting the days of Buck Beltzer when we could count the fans on a couple of hands...times have changed.

7:28 AM  

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