March 27, 2006

Afternoon Tidings

So much going on...sorry for being a slackass.

UNO gets ass-rammed by Boston U on Friday. Had a good time getting loaded nonetheless. (Mmmm, Sam Adams on tap...) Have mixed emotions about the whole thing. On one hand, it is a great honor to be the first team in history to make it to the NCAA tourney. The team should be proud of an outstanding season, with such accomplishments as a CCHA player of the year, wins in Alaska for the first time, 3 wins over Michigan State, and three big point against the scum of Michigan. However, on the other hand, I can't help be a bit pissed off about the whole deal. Yes, I know it's completely idiotic to be disappointed in how the season ended, especially considering they went further than they ever had before....but you also need to realize that had just one other team won one other game...UNO would have been shutout of the NCAA's, and the team would have been labeled by many as an underachieving disaster. But alas, the right teams lost, and UNO snuck in. My better senses shake that off, and look forward to next year.


Royals baseball starts in 7 days. Can you feel the EXCITEMENT!?!?! Me neither. Looking forward to April 21st, so they can be officially eliminated from the playoffs, and we can focus on next year. (Yet again)


Nice to see the Omaha World Herald, in the midst of hockey playoffs, college baseball and March Madness, decide to stick to their bread and butter this past week....HUSKER FOOTBALL. Yes, to hell with the best two weeks in damned if a local school made history in a D1 sport...I WANT TO KNOW WHAT ZAC TAYLOR HAD FOR BREAKFAST. And yes, I'm talking to you Tom Shatel, ya frick'n sellout.


Finally, Mizzou hires a new basketball coach in UAB's Mike Anderson. Although he may not have been my #1 choice (I would have gone after Calipari), I think it's a pretty good hire for what Missouri needs to do right now. Sure, he's only been a head coach for four years, and was beaten by KU a few years back like Christian Peter's prom date....but he's a credible guy, a genuine guy and has a lot of respect from his former fans. I'm willing to throw out all the other crap with Quin Snyder, Mike Alden and the rest and start with a fresh clean slate. Well, that is until Pinkel loses to KU again, and then the shitstorm continues.


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