August 15, 2006

The Tradition Continues

So much as happened over the past month or so in the Husker hating world, it's hard to keep it under control. One e-mail I did get recently was recently was in regards to new Husker Major Culbert and his recent brush with the law.

As part of my New Year's resolution, I am continuing my policy not to personally attack individual Husker players. However, that's not to say I can't applaud Bill Callahan's effort to put the Thug back in Huskers.

Unfortunately, Husker fans are correct in their standard canned response/excuse that football coaches absolutely cannot watch over all 105 of their players 24/7. Recent problems in Norman, Oklahoma have shown that even in the most storied of programs, boosters, alumni and the like will always try to persuade kids into making choices that will harm both them and their program. Don't lose sight of the fact also that in college football, we're dealing with 18-22 year old kids. I'm sure not a single soul who is reading this blog hasn't done something butt-ass stupid during their time in that age bracket. (Except for you Husker geeks who run college fantasy leagues, and have obviously spent that time and extended years after, huddling around your old Husker tapes deep in the bowels of your mom's basement. But I digress)

What should really frighten Husker fan...aside from the lofty expectations that no team this side of the 1992 U.S. Olympic basketball team could the fact that Bill Callahan has already shown that he's all about "keeping football in their lives" as Tom Osborne was ten years ago. Enter Major Culbert, a kid from LA who was charged with playing ass-slapsy with a girl who didn't exactly want him around. After taking some lumps in the media, coach Callahan immediately reinstated Culbert, and welcomed him back to the flock.

Does it frighten any of you that this guy has ZERO college coaching experience running a program? Does it frighten you that he used to work for Al Davis? Does it frighten you that your current AD is more worried about winning with his own legacy than watching his own program. George Achola can only protect your players so long...sooner or later, it's going to catch up with you.

We saw with the defection of the Huskers top QB and RB from the class of 2005, that Bill Callahan has already started making promises that he had no intention of keeping. This should be an alarming note for those of you who just a few years ago, prided yourself as the end-all authority on everything that is good and pure with college football.

Trust me, you're just as dirty as anybody else..and sooner or later, it will catch up with you.

I for one, applaud coach Callahan for picking up where Tom Osborne left off in recruiting thugs and criminals into his program. Sure that fucking Frank Solich cleaned things up for a bit, but that fucking guy is sweeping streets in rural Ohio right now. YOU have the head coach of the Raiders. And if there ever was a poster child for squeaky clean's the Raiders.

But then again, the Raiders did fire his ass for sucking and killing a Super Bowl team within a year.

Good luck with that.

PS - Don't think bad things can happen to you? Go ask Mark Mangino if he's feeling swell these days after the NCAA let his boss know that the hammer is coming.


Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...

You are just crazy. I read your stuff once in awhile AJ, and wow man, you are truly crazy. You are more obsessed with hating the Huskers, than obsessed Husker fans obsessing over the Huskers. Keep up the good work kiddo, you are entertaining at the very least.

7:49 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Everybody needs a hobby. I appreciate the....compliment?


8:13 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

As a Cyclone, I can honestly sau the fact that Callahan worked for Al Davis doesn't scare me... it makes me laugh-- then again, I don't qualify for polling.

Al Davis, on the other hand, does scare me... more than Red Berensen does.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Hugh Akston said...

I find it remarkable as well as pleasing that you are able to find something to write about on this topic everyday.

As a long suffering tiger fan with a wife who is from Nebraska (and whose father is a husker) and is also a KU graduate, I thank you for effort. Keep up the good work.

12:55 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Keep on fighting the good fight my man. I'll keep speaking for people like you.

PS - Tell your wife's old man that his team sucks.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want a little credit for suggesting the raiders/huskers analogy.


PS - Nebraska still sucks.

1:26 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

That's like taking credit for Rosie O'Donnell for being ugly.


Although I think you're stretching a bit..I'll give you partial credit for agreeing with me. It's not like you came up with something revolutionary or something...nor am I probalby the first person to came up with the link either.

You are correct though.

NU blows.

1:52 PM  

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