August 5, 2006

Top 10 Husker losses of all time - #6

Top 10 Husker Losses of All-Time - #6

January 3rd, 2002

Nebraska 0---0---7---7----14
Miami Fl 7---27---0---3---37
@ Pasadena, CA
A – 93,781

Looking back now on our #6 Husker loss of all time, I’m sure most Husker fans look back and think of this as no big deal. In retrospect, Eric Crouch and company had absolutely no business going against a loaded Miami team that would give them the world's biggest ass pounding since Anal Girls 4 came out. (Or the Colorado game just 42 days before..which I’m sure we’ll talk about in the coming days.) I’m sure by now, most Husker fans would agree that they were just happy to make the Rose Bowl, and spent a lovely evening in the Los Angeles area, eating at Cheesecake Factory and hitting the Newport mall with fellow obese fans. (Note the estimated 60,000 Husker fans in attendance probably kept the game from being 49-14)

However, when you look back at the golden opportunity handed the Hick Nation that winters night, it’s plain to see that an chance such as that most likely will never come around again. This loss against a bevy of NFL stars such as Clinton Portis and Jeremy Shockey was devastating because it put Nebraska through the toilet on every single sports talk show on the planet. This loss proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Huskers were placed in Pasadena on name recognition alone, and had absolutely no business playing in a game that large. What was once a proud program, was suddenly a running joke to the National Media, as they finally saw you for the frauds you are.

The corn got off to a flying start on college football’s biggest stage by giving up points early and often in new and exciting ways. Andre Johnson, who finished the game with 199 yards receiving started things off early with a TD catch, despite handing the Huskers the ball in the first two possessions with a punt and a Ken Dorsey interception. (Dorsey later told the media that he felt sorry for Nebraska, and thought they could use any points they could spot them. But, the Huskers simply turned the ball back over to the Canes on the following drive. OK, maybe not, but you believed me for a second)

With a Clinton Portis touchdown early in the second, as well as a James lewis pick of an Eric Crouch pass, the Canes cruised to the National Title, piling up 472 yards of total offense, most of which in the first half. Dorsey finished the game going 22 of 35 for 362 yards, most of those with his eyes closed. Several Miami players after the game even commented on how slow the game had become in the second half, as their vaunted passing attack was put on the shelf.

Interesting to me, when all of the Nebraska bashing was said and done, was the blame for which Husker fan pinned the loss on; Head coach Frank Solich. When you look at the rosters, the stats and the way each team had been playing up to that point, it’s a wonder Miami didn’t win by 60. But most Husker fans you talk to will say that it was Frank Solich’s inferior coaching that did them in. Uhhhh, say what? Miami made this game look like playstation, pulling up in the second half, and cruising in for the title. Only a DuJuan Groce punt return at the start of the 4th quarter made the game even close to respectable.

So for giving the most overrated Husker squad of all time a nuclear wedgie in front of the entire world on its biggest stage, the 2001 Miami Hurricanes are rewarded with delivering the #6 Husker loss of all time.

Monday – “This has to be rock bottom….right?”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Im wrong, but isnt the head coach also responsible for the talent he puts on the field? There was a huge talent disparity. So, yes, when your team gets crushed in its last two games, you tend to blame the head coach. He not only called a bad game, but it was more than evident the dramatic drop off in talent NU suffered under Frankie's watch.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

Sigh...I've been to all 5 of the losses you've described, though I bet that I've missed at least 2 of the remaining 5.

The Rose Bowel (as I prefer to call it) is a great place to tailgate, but the worst stadium I've been in. Yes, worse than Ames, worse than Lawrence. Sightlines are horrible especially in the endzone. Seating is cramped, and I'm surprised the Pasadena Fire Marshall hasn't condemmed the place.

For the 2002 game, the line to get through the gate was over an hour long, and that was sped up when security realized about 30 minutes before game time that there was no way they could screen everybody in line before next year's game. We barely made it to our seats before the national anthem, even though we got in line over an hour and a half before kickoff.

As for the game, it was a buttwhooping, but anybody else (Oregon, Colorado, etc.) would have been similarly whupped that night.

9:28 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Good lord Mike...perhaps I should have you write this damn thing.

And yeah...I know for a fact you were at at least 3 of the games coming up...although I'd be impressed if you were at 2 of them.

And yeah..the Rose Bowl looks great on TV, but is a shithole to see a game at.

11:10 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Most of the "impressive" stadiums on TV are absolute shitholes-- and I include Memorial Stadium, Michigan Stadium, Joe Louis Arena, the Rose Bowl, and Yankee Stadium in that list. However, if you can pack people in, the networks will do what they can to give you a favourable viewing.

I mean, I just got back from Toyota Park in Chicago (Bridgeview)... after seeing it a couple weeks ago on TV, I was a little uninspired about my visit-- but when I got there, Damn was I impressed. Television is not a decent media for judging a place.

12:19 AM  

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