July 20, 2006

Media Poll is out

- I've gotten a lot of feedback in the last few weeks. One thing I heard was to bring back the lists. Now, since I'm taking a new position never to personally attack a "student" (chuckle insert here) athlete from Nebraska...I'm going to have to keep say "no" to bringing back the 'Husker Criminal of the Week' feature that made the old Huskerh8er website so enjoyable.

However, by popular demand, I will be bringing back the 'Great Husker losses in History' feature.

If you have a personal favorite Husker loss you'd like to nominate, please let me know. We'll then revisit and rundown the top ten just prior to the start of the season.

Who says I have my own personal Agenda?

- The media has spoken, and 3 out of every 4 writers at Big 12 media day have picked Nebraska to win the Big 12 North. Many of you have written to me things such as this:
"Hey asshole...look who got picked #1. What do you think of that? "

Here's what I say to that....It's a fucking poll...taken 45+ days before the season even started. I remember reading Athlon magazine on a plane a few years back, and I remember they picked somebody like Pitt or Arizona or somebody ridiculous to win the National Title. The fact of the matter is, it's way too early to start throwing out who is going to win what. People get hurt....teams get hot. Teams get cold. Teams struggle with Maine. It happens. (Don't get me wrong, Nebraska sucked last year, and I've proven it on this blog..but I'm just saying in theory....)

Don't get me wrong...COULD NU win the north? Sure. Iowa State is a wildcard every year. KU lost a ton of talent. KSU is starting over with a former Junior High coach at the helm. (Or something like that). Missouri lost the best player they ever had...and Colorado has a new coach. Which reminds me of something...why does everybody always write of Colorado? Sure they quit faster than Jessica Simpson in a spelling bee...but that doesn't mean they don't have talent. Sure they might have their entire program sink as result of god knows how many new allegations...but that doesn't mean it would shock anybody if they came out of nowhere and won again.

With that being said...sure Nebraska could win the North. I mean, I guess they could. They have the most returning players in the North (I think..I haven't checked, but that's what all the Hicks tell me). They have an easy schedule (despite slam-dunk, sure-thing wins over UT and USC this season.) And did I mention they have a REALLY BIG REPLAY board? Shit, that alone should add 13 points in their favor each and every home game. Have you seen the tunnel walk? I mean have you SEEN how intimidating that would be when the video board is bigger than the actual field? That'll rile up Millie and Vern from North Platte into a frenzy not seen since Lawrence Welk played Lexington Waltz TWICE on his show in 1973.

Fact of the matter is...it's a complete crap shoot. I've seen shitty Husker teams weasel their way past opponents with the minimal of talent. Why the hell would I question that it could happen again? (See 1997 "National Champions" as a reference).

So my official response is....Whoopie fucking doo. The more expectations are piled onto Bill Callahan the better. Because NOTHING is tougher in sports than being expected to win...and not having the talent to do so. Or perhaps it's something else that causes a coach to be in the Super Bowl one year, and finish 4-12 the next year as players are being physically restrained from killing him in the locker room.

We shall see.

Live it up Husker fans and congrats on your big poll victory.

You've earned it.


Anonymous ChrisWildcatFan said...

Best Husker losses ever:

2002 - KSU 49, NU 13
2003 - KSU 38, NU 9
2004 - KSU 45, NU 21

4:43 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Did I hear it right that they haven't beaten KSU in Manhattan in like 10 years?

That's funny.

Remember when it was a big deal?

4:53 PM  
Anonymous frank solich said...

KSU 40 NU 30 with "Losers Turn Here" sign

7:34 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Oh c'mon on... not one mention of Thunder Collins?

11:36 PM  

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