July 18, 2006

Random Musings - The Creighton Edition

A few random musings as the ants cook on the sidewalk:

- Can the Creighton athletic department PLEASE stop bitching about how they can't schedule anybody? For years, all we've heard is how hard it is to book games. Meanwhile, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Mississippi Valley State and College of St. Mary roll into the Qwest Center to the beer-fueled delight of the 14,000 yuppies who couldn't care less if there was a game going on or not.

The fact of the matter is, Creighton has a pretty big rent bill to pay, and has to play home games to pay the rent. (Sound familiar Husker fans?) That puts them in a catch 22. They want to keep winning obviously to improve their stature as the best mediocre team in a mediocre conference in all of college basketball. At the same time, they want to (I would guess) take the next step, to avoid being where they are now...stuck in the middle of nowhere of the college basketball universe. Just above mediocre...just below any team who is worth a shit.

So that leaves our good friends in a pickle. Stay mediocre and play 300 level RPI teams before those epic conference battles with Indiana State and Illinois State. Or, actually suck it up...grow some sack..and go on the road and actually play the big boys in their arena.

Look, you may think you're turned some corner, and consider yourself some college basketball powerhouse. And I will admit, Dana Altman is a great coach with a great little program. But the only way for reality to catch up with your perception of yourself is to sack up and beat somebody big on the road. No, I'm not talking about George Mason or Xavier. I'm talking about high exposure, big conference schools. Yes, Mason was a Final Four team, but form a national perspective, you're better off losing to Indiana by 3 in Bloomington than you are beating Mason by 50 on their home court.

Sorry...that's the way it is.

- Can somebody tell me why it takes 10 months to fix the sidewalk in my neighborhood, or several years to finish up construction on 72nd street...yet the Dodge Street overpass....something with more concrete than O'Hare it seems...can get done a YEAR and a HALF ahead of schedule? This reminds me of the time that bridge on I-80 got wiped out, and they redid the whole thing in 3 days. Something fishy going on....

- Zebrahead in Omaha in 6 days. The triumphant return of the Audio Blog!!! (for those of you who are new...TRUST ME...you'll love the audio blog.)

- Still working on my full-season Husker opponent breakdown. Look for that later on this week.

- I'm working on getting an interview with Phil Steel, who in his pre-season college football magazine picked the Huskers to finish with a BCS birth. Unfortunately, Phil was "unavailable" for comment. (IE - wrapped up naked in a straight-jacket, while yelling obscenities about those damn lying squirrels who ratted him out to the aliens during their last visit from the Zebulon galaxy)

- Is it hockey season yet?

- It's tough to hold back the hate. Hurry up and get here September.


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