July 14, 2006

One little spark

Even the most out of control wildfire can start with the simplest of sparks. Apparently that is what happened yesterday, as my little corner of cyberspace was passed around more than Tara Reid at last call. It all started because a friend of mine on Tigerboard said, "You haven't railed on the Huskers in a while. You should post something." Well I was too damn lazy to type cut and paste, so I just linked the blog. 1,800 hits later.....

I guess that's what I get for posting on the slowest sports day of the year.

Anyway, I am a complete idiot...I didn't have the right e-mail listed to notify me that I have comments to approve. I thought it was strange that I could have nearly 2000 hits and NONE of you crackpots had anything to say about it. Stupid me. I apologize to some of my long time readers who didn't see their comments over the last few months. Oh, and the reason I don't allow open comments is because of the great death-threat incident of 2005. Even then I didn't care that much, but legally, I have to at least say I moderate them. (Long story...tell ya later.)

As you can tell, I'll approve pretty much anything because as you probably don't know...I don't take this too seriously. Oh don't get me wrong...I hate the Huskers with the fire of 1,000 suns...but I'm one of those rare people who can separate sports from reality. REAL concerns are my checkbook, poverty in the world, racism, homelessness and conflict in foreign lands....not who will be Kevin Cosgrove's #2 inside linebacker. The current conflict in Lebanon is a bit more important to me than who will back up Zac Taylor. That's why it's fun to poke at you people so much, because you take it so fucking seriously. Don't get me wrong...it's very commendable, (in a sick twisted way) but you have to keep things in perspective.

But just remember that the anti-Husker resistance movement isn't new. 35 years of beating teams by 60 points caused this. Turning Husker baseball from a 60-fan strong sideshow in early 90's into the myopic beast that it is today helped cause this. I did not just sprout up out of the ground...YOU people created this because of the way you are. Did you honestly think that you could pound teams into the ground for years and years and years and not make a few enemies? Did you HONESTLY think that the only foes you had were a few bitter Colorado fans who liked to throw oranges at you in the late 90's? Come on, you people are smarter than that.

I'm here because I have to deal with you 24 hours a day...7 days a week...365 days a year. I've lived in Omaha for 20 years now, and enjoy the city overall. I enjoy the low cost of living, the clean air and safety it provides my family. But I don't enjoy Dave Webber crying on my TV when the Huskers went to their first CWS. I don't enjoy grocery shopping on a Saturday in the fall and having to listen to Jim Rose babble on about "The shaking old gray lady on 10th street." over the PA. I don't enjoy you freaks sending me recruiting reports of a 5th grader who wore a Husker pullover to school and runs a 5.1 wind-aided 40. I don't enjoy people telling me how Husker fans are the greatest in the nation, meanwhile the Devaney Center rots during the winter, and many of you sit in the Qwest Center and root on Creighton.

This is my outlet. This is how I fight back.

Yes, I know...I could move. I pack up my stuff...move to Boston or Portland or wherever and not have to deal about Husker myopia ever again. Or...I could sit back here...enjoy the city I've grown to really like, and just call bullshit bullshit whenever I hear it. Anger issues? Maybe. Do I live under a bridge and spout hate here? Maybe. (I liked the guy on the Husker board that I was forwarded that said I live in my mom's basement with a tin foil hat and newspaper over the windows. That was actually pretty funny) It's just a blog. I'm just one guy.

I will leave you with this before I go back to ranting about regular stuff.

Nebraska fans are spoiled, not only because they have successful teams and a state with absolutely ZERO competition for support. But they are also spoiled because they don't have a natural rival. Iowa is in a different conference, Kansas has Missouri. Missouri has Kansas. Nobody lives in Wyoming and Colorado could care less if they had a sports team. That leaves South Dakota, which might work out well since they're going D1 soon. (I think) Anyhow, point is...you aren't used to having people tell you these "horrible" and "awful" things about you. You live on your little island in the middle of nowhere, where all 2 million of you root for the same team. You are allowed to run free with your ideas and propaganda with absolutely nobody to call you on it.

It's nauseating.

I'm here because you need people me. YOU NEED somebody to keep you in check. YOU NEED somebody to tell you that making up names for positions like "Rush End" is lame. YOU NEED somebody to remind you that you don't even have the most National Titles in your own conference. YOU NEED somebody like me to keep you sharp, to keep you in check, and to keep you from floating away into the clouds when your egos fill to full capacity.

Enjoy. With the season fast approaching, the hate will only build.

PS - To the guy bitching about punk music. Don't get me started on people like you. I love it when people who live in the suburbs talk about how "punk" they are. I've seen it all the time. I'll change it to "pop" punk. Happy? If you were genuine "punk" you wouldn't be trolling sports message boards. Now go back down to that street corner in the old market with your Joe Strummer jacket and your cigs until your mom picks you up to beat curfew.


Anonymous ChrisWildcatFan said...

Like they'd ever admit they had a rival anyway. From 1998-2001, KSU-NU had the makings of a great rivalry, then the pissed down their legs and got dominated in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Then they beat us by two points in Lincoln last year, and now they're going to win the national championship. I hope KSU, MU and KU all beat them by 40 this year.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KState is going to suck balls, buddy. So will Missouri. kansas will beat both. Then, the reign of terror begins during basketball season. Enjoy.

11:01 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Any room for a Huskerhater whose hatred is pure and simple? I mean, it took me a whole two weeks of living hear to know how dilusional these people are-- my hatred didn't start because I was a fan of a rival... though my hatred of the Huskers made my year in Ames that much more enjoyable. Seriously, the death-threats I got when people found out I was looking at Missouri and Iowa State were fucking magical. You can't beat irrational actions like that-- it must be a Republican thing.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Hosh said...

This is why I keep coming back. Now that we've come to terms over our reasons for our CWS feelings, I'm glad that we can share the bond of being anti-Husker. I will say, I am a little more rare, because I was born here. Unlike others in the state, I am truly confident that the sun does come up on the Sundays after Husker losses.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do realize that you can't spend half of a post stating that Husker fans need to worry about more important things like Lebanon and homelessness, while at the same time using the other half of the post to talk about how crappy husker football is and how much you are NEEDED to create balance in the state (or wherever you mean it). And 5 posts in a row about how the Huskers will suck is just about equivalent to Husker fans writing about how awesome their team will be. Either care about Husker football (hate or love) or don't...you can't have it both ways. Seeing the premise of this blog, I think you worry about Husker football (and other sports) plenty.

Anyway, Husker fans are obviously a little over-optomistic and you make some solid points (amongst the paragraphs of cheap shots and bad jokes), but just remember that this year isn't last year. Last year was a lot better than the year before and with only a few significant losses (Cory Ross, Daniel Bullocks, LeKevin Smith, Titus Adams) there is plenty of reason for optomism despite last year's less than stellar stats.


6:19 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Are you kidding me? Do you think I don't KNOW I go overboard? Do you know how long it takes me to write this shit? I have material from people like you....every single minute of every single day.

It's fun..it's not taken seriously...and that's why I said overall it's not important. Do you spend any time on a hobby (such as knitting etc) that isn't very important, yet you do it anyway?

This is exactly the preachy bullshit I'm talking about. You try to justify everything by trying to find fault with me. I'M NOT YOUR PROBLEM. The problem is you. I'm simply pointing it out.

And I disagree with everything else you said about your team pretty much.

7:26 AM  

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