June 20, 2006

Can one of you Husker freaks explain this?

Seriously..What the fuck?


Blogger Husker Mike said...

Simple...Husker fans have been spent most of the last 5 years since the Colorado debacle on the defensive. Since then, they were taken to the woodshed in a national title game, endured a 7-7 season, got a little optimistic with a 10-3 record the next season only to watch the entire coaching staff get fired, a coaching change circus, first losing season since Sputnik, and then finally getting taken to the woodshed by Kansas - in football.

The last 2 games of 2005 gave Husker fans some sign of optimism and some are overindulging in it. Add to that a sense that USC is a program that is coming off a nice 3 year run, but is showing signs of vulernibility with guys jumping to the NFL plus injuries and guys now in legal problems. The game is on national TV and thousands of Husker fans are making plans to travel to LA for the game (didn't help much at the Rose Bowl or in a 0-19 disaster at Arizona State in 1996). So these fans are making the declaration that "we're back".

12:58 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

I heard they might just play that game at Alcatraz.

12:54 AM  
Anonymous USC Fan said...

You are an idiot. Is this all you do coupled with your hourly jerking off? Come on now, really are you this pathetic that you do this every week?

Fight On.

4:20 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

What a great reply.

Well thought out and you got the obligatory jerking off reference in there.

Well done.

4:07 PM  

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