June 6, 2006

The ultimate decision

Mizzou is 2 games away form the College World Series. This leaves me in an amazing pickle: Do I support my home state school, playing for a title in a situation they haven't been to in 40 years? (Right in my backyard). Or, do I stick to my guns, and continue to boycot the slobber-filled, city-wide circle jerk that is the CWS? Man, I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with this one. Check back with me next week to see how it goes. I really don't like backing away from my principles, but 40 years is tough to look away from. Stay tuned.


Speaking of teams that suck...WHAT IN THE HELL happened to the juggernaut that is Husker baseball? Manhattan? San Francisco? Are you kidding me? Good lord. Just goes to show you that in baseball, it doesn't matter what your name is, or how good you were in April. If you don't perform in crunch time, you're going home. Nice to see some Husker fans (bandwagoners especially) crashing back to reality and getting ready for football a few weeks early.


Why didn't you people tell me about HD and sports before? Watching the Cubs-Cards game in HD last weekend was incredible. Problem is, now I'm addicted. I want it all. Surround sound, digital tuning, new speakers, special lighting to enhance the TV...everything. Thanks a lot to whomever introduced me to the electronic version of crack.


Anybody else want to head down to "Dingerville" and steal the rusted hubcaps off of their RV's? Is there anything more sad than a bunch of washed up southerners, with nothing better to do than to sit in a freaking parking lot in Omaha, Nebraska for 3 weeks? Seriously...I'm all for tailgating, but the fucking thing doesn't start for TWO MORE WEEKS. Fortunately, without LSU, Texas or Nebraska in this year's mix..the 06 College World Series may be the most enjoyable yet....if it wasn't run by evil pricks like Dennis Poppe et al.


I don't care what you say...Cat Oesterman is smokin. Period.


Over-30 league All-Stars are announced on Sunday. We shall see. (All-Star game is August 5th at Rosenblatt again this year)


Blogger Hosh said...

Why the disdain for the CWS (I'm too lazy to skim past posts)? I too am thrilled the 'Skers are out early because I know the problems that arise at Rosenblatt when 15,000 people who suddenly own the stadium show up, but other than that, I think its a great time of year. Not being critical, just curious

11:09 AM  
Anonymous mrkaline said...

Cat is smoldering, but not smoking. See Jenny Finch for smoking softball players.

Not even making it to the CWS this year, saving vacation time for UNO hockey. I've got 100 other things to do in the summer, but when old man winter comes around, UNO hockey trips really break up the boredom.

Sports on HD...Electronic Crack...now that's funny AJ.

2:28 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

you lucked out.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GBR! - fatty fat fat

12:08 PM  

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