April 28, 2006

Iran - I wonder what Tim Robbins thinks of all this?

Happy May everyone.

GOD I hate the off-season. No Husker talk. Barry Bonds is boring and overdone. Nothing of late has pissed me off lately...except this:

In case you've been living under a rock, we seem to be having a bit of trouble with Iran regarding the completely begnine topic of nuclear weapons. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Jesus man, this is your second political stand this week...get the hell off of it and rant about the Huskers some more." Well, this is somewhat important. It's important for a few reasons. First off, it's a high stakes game of chicken that could pretty much plunge the world into World War. In case you do not understand what world war entails, I invite you to rent the movie Saving Private Ryan, The Day After or Patton.

Secondly, just because we got stuck in a 4 year long police action in Iraq, doesn't mean we shouldn't still protect our interests. I'm guessing the fact that Theran could give nukes to pretty much anybody they want is a concern. What's that Sudan? You want a nuke? Here ya go. North Korea...bored? Here's one for ya. Yeah, this cannot happen. You can attend all the peace marches you want..you can listen to all the Collin Oberst albums you want...nothing is going to change the fact that this showdown is coming. Get ready for it.

Today, the Prime Minister of France came out and ruled out military action against Iran, or at least France supporting it through the UN. Wow...that ought to scare them.

When did we become such pansies? I was driving through Missouri the other day, and caught a few seconds of Air America and the Randi Rhodes show on some station on the moon...or Oklahoma City or some other AM signal from 1,000,000 miles away. Anyway, this lady goes on and on and on about Iraq/Vietnam this, Bush sucks that. Fine...I'm cool with that. Obviously this president and others have made some mistakes. But this lady went ON and ON and ON about it...like there's something she can do about it. The election was two years ago honey..you should have went on your rant back then. (I did like it when she called Rush Limbaugh a "fat arrogant bastard") Not that I don't think he is one....but it is ironic that the same group of people who preach tolerance and peace are the first ones to call a person an "arrogant bastard" for doing nothing more than saying words on the radio thanks to free speech. Very nice.

Oh well, I'm sick of dealing with it. I'm sick of thinking about it. Nothing is going to change until another attack happens, which according to all accounts will be nuclear. Woo hoo. Hope I'm visiting D.C. when that happens.

Props to my son for turning 1 this week. My God how time flies.

The Kansas City Royals are 5-20. FIVE and TWENTY. They're 12 games out...it's May 4th. How in the hell can you not just blow the entire franchise up and start over? Un-fucking-blieveable.

I love the NHL..but Good freaking God....does the playoffs have to stretch into June? Jeez....it's hard to concentrate on the sport when it takes 5 days between playoff games. Why not just end the regular season in February like normal hockey and cut the playoff teams down to 6 per conference? What are you worried about....TELEVISION money? Bwuahahaha. Yeah right. It just goes on too long to keep my intrest..which is too bad, because playoff hockey rocks.

Mizzou Tailgate 2006 date is set. Saturday, September 9th as Mizzou takes on Mississippi. This time if we get there at 4:30am, we'll only have 12 hours to drink, because rumor has it that it's a night game. My god have mercy on my liver.

When Tom Osborne wins the governor on Tuesday, will there be a giant crowd at 72nd and Dodge?

Is it CWS time yet? I haven't rampaged about that "look how great we are" jack-off festival lately. Better get ready for that.


Blogger Adam said...

No, when TO get elected, we all get to beat our girlfriends...cha-ching...

4:28 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

this is a non-sequitur but I thought you may find this interesting:

Warren Buffett speaking on tax rates (while speaking in Lincoln this week at UNL along with Bill Gates).

Here's what Warren Buffett has to say about the possibility of a flat tax and taxes in general:

I wouldn’t support it. We have, in my view, a taxation system that’s much too flat already. If you look at the payroll tax—which is over 12% now, and that applies on the first $80,000 or $90,000 of income—Bill (Gates) and I pay practically none of that in relation to our income. For the people that work for us, their tax rate in many cases is the same or even higher than my own, since the rate on capital gains and dividends was cut to 15%. What has gone on in this country in recent years is a huge benefit to the very rich and not that much relief to people down below. Frankly, I think that Bill and I should have a higher tax rate on the income we get. We pay less than half the rate that I was paying 25 years ago when I was making a lot less money. They have really taken care of the rich.

Buffett's views on the estate tax:

Our kids are going to be rich, in the top half-a-percent of the world, but 99% of what I have will go to philanthropy, and Bill has the same attitude, basically. We are not going to turn out super-superwealthy kids. They’ll be wealthy, there’s no question about that, but the idea of dynastic fortune turns me off. If you talk about equality of opportunity in this country and really having everybody with talent having a fair shot at getting the brass ring, the idea that you hand over huge positions in society simply because someone came from the right womb, I just think it’s almost un-American.

12:33 PM  

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