May 10, 2006

Afternoon musings on a spring afternoon

Tom Shatel has a column of random musings called "First Downs and Second Guesses." I'd like to wipe away the stench of Husker homerisms and give you my own:

- Tom Osborne LOST?!?!?! I'm speechless. I have absolutely nothing to say other than the fact that it must have killed many of you to vote against him. (if you voted at all.) I guess that goes to show that if you're going to run for office, and the other guy isn't some better have an opinion...about ANYTHING. I'm not sure it does any good in modern politics to stand up there in your commercials and go, "I'm here to change the way Nebraskans feel about their government." Uhhhh...OK. By doing.....?????? Unbelievable. I guess some of you aren't as dumb as I thought. My apologies.

- Caught a few minutes of the Husker Homer hour on KFAB on my way home the other night. Caller after caller dials in, bitching and moaning about a foul ball in the Husker baseball game that they didn't even see. First of all, if you're going to make a statement like "I've watched baseball for __ years and I've never seen a call overruled"...then you're a friggin idiot. It happens all the time. Hell, it happened to our over-30 league team twice last weekend. Secondly, if your team is 40-3, gets to play regional games at home against Doane, College of St. Mary and Hoskins Indian nation college of the plains...AND get to play your super regional at home against some big name school who is having a horrible year AND get to play in front of 27,000 of your home fans for every game of the national tournament...then I don't think you have a reason to fucking bitch. was ONE game. You didn't even see the fucking thing. And yet fan after fan after fan start bitching about the umps...about how poor sports Oklahoma State's players were...etc etc. Despite my boy Krutov being a huge Husker baseball fan, things like this make me wish NU was back to where it was when I played...losing to Peru State and getting 10 runned by Creighton every year in front of 40 fans.

- Mega Props to ABC last night for running a movie on Bird Flu where EVERYBODY dies. Yes, the Bird Flu, that magic black plague du jour that is going to kill us all...and thus, we should spend every waking moment worrying about it. I have a few questions about this: First off, we're a rather prosperous country...and aside from poultry industry people..who I'm sure take precautions now there really THAT big of a risk of me touching a swan? I was in France this spring when a case of bird flu hit there. It was some dirt farmer in the sticks who lived in a hut and had 600 swans and geese walking through his yard. OF COURSE he's at risk...HE LIVES WITH FUCKING BIRDS. I on the other hand live in a house, with a yard and all the luxuries that I'm lucky enough to receive because we won the wars we had to. So if Marcel in France isn't dropping dead from bird flu by now...why am I to think it's going to ramp up and kill me too? If you spend your whole life worrying about this shit, you're going to die miserable you may as well die of the damn bird flu and get it over with.

- Sweet Jesus, is it Football season yet?

- Zebrahead is playing 4 shows with Guns and Roses this summer...apparently Slash and some other guy from the original band is joining back up as well. I'm one step closer to my dream of hanging out with Axl. That would kick ass.

- What the hell happend to White Lion?

- Bombers lose in Over-30 baseball last week 6-4. A noble effort from yours truly, going 1-3.


Blogger Adam said...

I thought Slash was playing in Velvet Revolver? Am I missing something here? Did Weiland OD again?

2:29 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Reports are that Slash is joining up right after the European festival shows in June. Can't remember where I read that..I'll try and find the link.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Sam said...


Fucking right!

4:55 PM  

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