May 24, 2006

Movin on - Daily rant

Trying to move on after a sad weekend.....

- I've bitched about the Royals for years, and them sucking isn't exactly new news. However, what is going now is butt-ass ridiculous. Seriously...10-33? TEN wins? It's May 24th. TEN wins? Hell, there are some pitchers who are pushing 10 wins. The worst thing is, when David Glass "demands" that things change or "drastic moves will be made", what happens? Absolutely NOTHING. Well done old man. Way to drop the hammer down and show them who's in charge. Good thing the draft isn't coming up. Not that it would matter anyway. (Have you seen their #1 draft picks in the last 10 years? Jim Pittsley, Jeff Granger, Colt Griffin to name a few.) The ONLY explanation to this is the 'Major League' school of losing. Perhaps he's trying to be SO bad on purpose, that he can pack up and move to a place where he can get new life and new support...perhaps say...Montreal? Just sickening. In the meantime, check out this website that pretty sums up what all of us feel as Royals fans:

- What's the big freaking deal about the Dixie Chicks? Look, I like arguing about politics, and I love the music biz even more. But this whole polarization thing is really starting to piss me off. Look, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with expressing your opinion about a public figure. (And the president is the most public of them all.) It's fine when Eddie Vetter does it. It's fine when Green Day does it...and both of those groups kick major ass. However, when hillbilly twang girl says it, people freak the hell out. This is another case of bipolar political gang-mentality at it's finest. Conservatives (and rednecks within that group) are so quick to jump on ANYTHING they see as "anti-American", that they'll suddenly throw people in with Jane Fonda, Mike Ferrell, Tim Robbins and other psycho famous whack-jobs who are famous at spouting their leftest opinion. This is not helping the problem of political bipolarism, but actually hurting it. You can't scream and moan about Michael Moore hating America, and then freak out and hold public record burnings because some ditzy redneck girl with a middle-school education says something dumb. HOWEVER, the only thing worse is when celebrities get all upset when there is a backlash to their comments. Uhh...HELLO!??! Your core audience is 80 million subscribers to Good Housekeeping, what the hell did you think was going to happen? Idiots...all of them.

- Summer and late fall is shaping up nicely. Trip to Mexico later this summer will be a great diversion from the crappy start we got. Plus, September 9th is our annual tailgate/drunken festival in Columbia. This year, the mighty Tigers take on Ol'Miss in a clash of 1960's era powers. Hopefully the game won't start at 11:30am again this year, because I'm not sure how we can top last year when we left Omaha at 11pm. My liver still hates me for that. Either way...look for more updates later on this year.

- Like a bad stomach flu, the College World Series is coming. And just as that gentle rumbling and loose stool reminds us....bad things are coming. Not sure if the mighty Hick Nation will be making an appearance at the Blatt this year or not. (Choking already in progress, but we shall see. The NCAA loves their 8,800 fans a game and in baseball as with other legit doesn't matter how good you are, it's how many fans you can get to pay to see the game) Anyway, not that I'd step foot in the asylum that is Rosenblatt at CWS time, I will be subject to the countless THOUSANDS of stories, video, audio and all-around slobber flying that seems to hit everybody during that time of year. Yes, we are great. Our tournament is great. Our fans are great. We are great. Look how great we are. If you all knew the type of scum and arrogance that ran that tournament, you would have an inkling of what I'm trying to say. More to come there as well I'm sure.

- Tough night on the mound in over 30 baseball, with the Bombers falling 5-2 on a windy night in Council Bluffs. The line:
L 9IP 6H 3K 0BB 4ER 3HBP - 0 for 4 (K, ground out, ground out, ground out)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are you so angry? No need to work yourself into a lather.

Take a chill pill buddy.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

Ewing Kaufmann and Dick Howser are rolling in their graves at what Glass has done to their franchise. I read last month that the Royals made nearly $20 million last year, so Glass' "Wal-Mart" strategy for the Royals is profitable to him.

8:50 AM  

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