June 14, 2006

Back in the saddle again

Sorry for the delay, but I had to build up some real anger for this week. This could get ugly.

- Good God, is it College World Series time already? As stated last week, I was under the dangerous situation of rooting for my home state at the event I truly hate more than anything this side of a Saturday in Lincoln. Luckily, Cal-State Fullerton is ridiculously good, so I don't have to deal with that polarized set of emotions. However, despite Mizzou's typical Mizzou loss just short of the big prize, I'm left to still deal with the monumental circle jerk that infests itself in my town 10 days a year.

Let me say YET AGAIN, that I think the event itself is good for the city. The revenue and exposure is obviously good for the city, and you can't get that type of publicity this short of having Paris Hilton move in and open a whorehouse.

HOWEVER, let me clearly state again that it's a great event for all the wrong reasons. Nevermind that it's way way WAY too long. Nevermind that local media gets SO bored by session three that they're interviewing the Honeycorn Popcorn guy for the 10th year in a row. No, I have to have Dennis Pope....the Czar of greed and all things evil in sports, preach to me about how the NCAA is above such vices in sports like scalping, beer and pretty much anything fun. MEANWHILE, when asked if the CWS will stay in Omaha, he'll skirt the issue like a seasoned politician. Why don't you say what you REALLY mean Dennis? Why don't you tell them why you fly back and fourth to Indy every day because you hate Omaha? Why don't you tell them how much the NCAA makes off the CWS and keeps for itself? Why don't you tell us how much that cherry desk in your press box suite (that you use 8 days a year) cost? How bout the liquor cabinet in there? Whoops! Sorry..shouldn't have spilled that out.

Bottom line...I don't care if you go ape shit over the CWS. When I was a kid, I did too. But once you realize what a bunch of jack-offs run that joint, you'd understand how I feel. If you stepped away from it for a bit, you'd see how ridiculous it is to warship ESPN cameramen and treat them like kings. If you stepped away from it for a bit, you'd realize how boring 21-14 games really are.

Enjoy the CWS, but I will choose not to pay attention. (Hey, somebody has to stay at home while the rest of the city is drinking beer at Zesto's, preaching what a great "family" atmosphere 10th street is.

Nice going U.S. Soccer team. Way to look like crap so the rest of the world can laugh at us. Congrats on doing in 5 minutes what it took George Bush 6 years to do.

Real football season is two months away, and already the Husker hype machine is in full swing. The great thing is, the more I think about it...the more this year's Husker season is a trainwreck waiting to happen. Nevermind the fact that all of their "improvement" came in the last 2 games of the season. (They looked pretty shitty to me prior to that.) Nevermind their big "comeback wins" came over a Colorado team that completely quit on a lame duck coach (unless 70-3 the following week didn't clue you in) or that the win over Michigan (which was a home game in front of 50,000 hicks in San Antonio. Sounds like a home game to me) was called by most sportswriters as one of the worst officiated games in the past 20 years. No, this year is going to be a trainwreck because of the mighty weight of something underrated and deadly....

Unrealistic expectations.

The next big game Bill Callenburger (Enter late 80's OU reference here) wins will be his first. The AFC title game win over juggernaut Tennessee? Wow, real tough when you have a bunch of future hall-of-famers on your team. And who did Wild Bill's team to get to that point? The Mighty New York Jets.....Defending Super Bowl III champions. (Insert snicker here). And none of this even touches the fact that Jon Gruden built the team, and Clownahan destroyed it the year after when players had to be physically restrained from killing him.

And yet, after two wins, Husker fans are willing to stick out their necks and predict a Big 12 title? Are you people fucking insane? When you need two missed short field goals against KSU at home to win a game in November...you are NOT ready to play for a national title 10 months later. I'm sorry...you just aren't.

More on this impending meltdown as it gets closer.

Over 30 league stats are suspended this week due to the author's poor performance and 0-11 current hitless streak. *#$)@#&*$


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