July 8, 2006

Morning Coffee - The Unrealistic Expectations Edition

Summertime, and the living is easy.

It rained for the first time in 6 years I believe today, so I may as well throw a post out before the end of the world. Lots of things to piss me off this weekend, so where do I start?

- Can somebody tell me why every redneck within 500 miles of me has to blow up some sort of explosive on the 4th of July to show his extreme patriotism? Don't get me wrong, when I was a kid I liked to blow shit up with the best of them. But the problem is, it's not kids who are doing it. The guy down the street from us had enough firepower in his driveway to supply a small rebel army in South America. And unlike past years, the fun and games lasted until the wee hours of the morning. You would have thought that after that kid in Ralston nearly got his guts blown out by falling explosives people would lighten up. Guess not.

- What in the HELL is going on with the Royals? On pace to lose 130 games at one point, the R's have now won 15 of 21 and have the 3rd best record in baseball since Father's day. What the hell? Dayton Moore may have been the savior people thought he was. Damn, I guess that lying Peter Gammons was right about something after all. (Hope he's recovering well)

- Allez Les Blues!!! Viva la France a Cup du Monde

- It's mid July and you know what that means...HUSKER MYOPIA is in full throttle, picking up steam like never before during the Clownahan administration. Listening to talk radio or reading Husker boards is something I would recommend to anyone who has not already done so.

Gone are the days were fans just hoped the team played well and fans just hoped for progress and (God forbid) a win over teams like K-State. You know...like last October? Somehow these freaking people have taken 2 freak wins into a trip into the wayback machine to 1995. Nevermind that they had the #100+ running game in the nation with NO returning running backs. (I refuse to call them I-backs or any other made-up bullshit name Husker fans invent for their players like "rush end" that makes them sound more like the hick geeks they already are.)

No, this is no time for rational thought, as some Husker fans have already gone out on a limb and predicted a WIN over USC. Not South Carolina...but USC. You know USC don't you? That team that came within 30 seconds of a National Title last year and won it the year before that? The team with constant top 2 recruiting classes since Joe Paterno could see? Remember that? Doesn't matter though, because with a new RB and QB, Husker fan is convinced that USC will be just as a vastly overrated Michigan team was in the Alamo bowl, or the CU Buffs were just as they quit on a coach that quit on them.

Yes, this season is going to be a doozy, because unlike any season since that jackass AD of your fired a 9-3 coach, the ugly cloud of unrealistic expectations hangs over this team like plague of locusts. And when your head coach is a guy who destroyed a Super Bowl team full of Future Hall-of-Famers....(After only getting to the Super Bowl beating powerhouse Tennessee and the mighty NY Jets)...then you got problems coming.

I've never anticipated a train wreck more in my entire life.

6 more weeks.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wont approve this,it is very obvious you are so jealous of Nebraska Football Team, Now I too don't think NU can Beat USC especially at home but it could be closer than you say, Why do you Hate NU so much,if you are a true fan of Football,you have to know how great the Big Red was,They were the envy of every other program in the Country, and they are on there way back ,get used to it.and stop all of the hate,before it turns on you and consumes you,you already may be sick.Go Big Red..

1:59 PM  

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