July 21, 2006

Strange Bedfellows

For some reason, I'm getting a ton of reference links from KSU fans of late. Apparently you people hate Nebraska as much as I do. Although I'm not at all a KSU fan, I do respect your dislike for all things Husker greatly. Not many fans see through the red myopia as we do.

As a good-will gesture, I nominate my own game for 'Greatest Husker Loss Ever'. True, I don't wish good luck to your team because we are on other sides of the fence. But I didn't want the hate to go unnoticed.



Blogger Husker Mike said...

If you believe in scuttlebutt and inuendo, that loss was the final straw that got Solich fired and brought Callahan to Lincoln.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

No, I believe there were several straws between Solich and Callahan-- including the famous Nutt-butter incident.

I swear, who needs Days of Our Lives when you have Huskermania at 4, 5, 6, (9 if anyone watches KPTM) and 10?

4:14 PM  
Anonymous chriswildcatfan said...

It is true they haven't won in Manhattan since 1996. Definitely one of the most dominating games I've ever witnessed. When you consider that the one touchdown they scored shouldn't have counted (Lord's knee was down as two of our guys had him wrapped up for a 10-yard loss when he threw the ball) and that the safety was good old conservative Snyder running a punt out of the endzone, they really didn't score any points. Could've easily been more like 45-0.

The reason you're getting more KSU traffic is that a poster on the biggest KSU message board linked everyone to this site. You've become rather famous over there. Keep up the great posts and we'll keep reading even if you aren't a Cat fan. What school do you cheer for, anyway?

1:06 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

That was nice of them. Heh

I appreciate the support and the traffic. I don't get much out of this obviously, other than some frustrations after I hear about how great Callahan is or about how wonderful their fans are. I've lived here 20 years, and I haven't met one person who isn't a native that supports NU football. Not one.

I just try to be their voice.

PS - I was cursed to be a fan of another big 12 team. (search the archives). However, I'm proud to say it isn't KU.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous ChrisWildcatFan said...

well, it must be Mizzou. only a Missouri fan would say he was cursed. I've always enjoyed the sarcastic desperation of the average MU fan.

8:24 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I gotta be me.


9:24 PM  

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