August 2, 2006

Top 10 Husker losses of all time - #9

Top 10 losses in Husker history - #9

November 26th, 2004

Colorado 10 10 6 0 - 26
Nebraska 0 7 0 13 - 20
@ Lincoln, NE
Att - 77661

If game #10 in our countdown (1996 Big 12 Championship game) killed a dynasty, this season-ending kick to the nuts threw it in wet concrete and plunged it off of the Mormon bridge into the muddy depths of hell. It's not very often you get to taunt Husker fan for being sub .500. However, for this glorious off-season, Husker fans everywhere came to the realization that they were now barely better than Baylor. The loss finished the Husker's season in November for the first time since.....hmmmm...since.....???

Not that it mattered, but Joe Dailey passed for a bunch of yards (306). Basically because the vaunted defense of the mighty 6-4 Buffaloes held NU to a whopping 67 yards rushing. (on 23 carries). What's really funny is the fact that the game wasn't even as close as this....with Colorado leading 26-7 with 4:00 to play. A frantic Nebraska comeback fell short, as Colorado committed to playing only Seniors during the second half, and guys named, "Mike".

The BEST part of this game, was AD Steve Pederson, explaining to the Lincoln Journal Star after the game, "I'm as excited as I was the day we hired Coach Callahan, I'm even more excited today."

YOU WENT 5-6 STEVE. What in the fuck are you thinking? You played for a NATIONAL TITLE just 2 years earlier, and now you're one of like 5 teams that didn't make a bowl game. Luckily, not all Husker fans took it as easily as I did. Call in shows were filled with hate and rage for the used car salesman/AD. I'll never forget driving home from Kansas City that day, listening to the post game show, as caller after call after caller sobbed and cried about how it was all over. The bowl streaks...the 548 years of winning seasons...all gone.

For me, this wasn't a particularly satisfying loss...even though in the big grand scheme of things, it certainly was a monumental one. By this time, I had figured out that the Big Red Titanic had hit the iceberg long ago, and this was merely the point where Jack freezes to death. But no matter....when looking back at the worst (or best) losses in the past 25 years of Husker football...this reality check has to rank right up there in terms of that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your overalls, when you realize that everything you had is now gone.

For the end of an era and the beginning a new golden age...the Buffs win in Lincoln on November 26th, 2004 earns a #9 ranking in our countdown.

Tomorrow: "Somebody stop him!!!"


Blogger Husker Mike said...

During the 2nd half of that game, a booster hung a professionally printed banner on the parking garage across the street with a crying "Lil' Red" mascot and thanking Osborne, Devaney, and Solich for 42 year winning streak.

And you are correct, that 26-20 loss wasn't nearly that close.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous kstatehuskerhater said...

I figured you would like this. I couldn't find your email so I figured I'd just post it in a comment.

10:13 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

That image is scary..but pretty funny. Kudos.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous 5fttiger said...

I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your blog! Almost as much I enjoyed sitting behind you at the second NU loss at Farout. We had a fantastic time at that game looking forward to sitting together again.

friends of MCP

7:00 PM  

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