August 7, 2006

**SPECIAL REPORT** Harrison, we hardly knew ya

(Edit note, for loss #4 in the countdown, see below this special report)

We interrupt this top 10 list to bring you a special bulletin.

Harrison Beck has left the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I Repeat, PLEASE STAY CALM! Harrison Beck has left the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

All day, I've been getting messages like, "Hey asshole, why don't you kick us while we're down and comment on Beck leaving" (Once they leave, they're no longer "Harrison", as if all 2.1 million fans were on a 1st name basis with them.)

My answer....Sucks for you. This is the problem you get when you are faced with a situation Callahan was in a few years ago. You people were not going to tolerate 5-6 seasons, so he had to make a big splash recruiting wise to let people know he was serious. So what does he do? He promises playing time to big-time recruits that he isn't prepared to give. Harrison Beck saw through the bullshit, and figured he'd already wasted one year on the Callahan Express, why waste another.

What really rolls my eyes is the COUNTLESS parade of Husker fans on the radio this afternoon, bashing the kid (and his mom) up and down the dial, including Omaha World Herald columnist Tom Shatel, who basically called her an unfit parent. (or at the very least, responsible for Harrison's "immaturity") Look, you people got a great recruiting class overnight. Do you HONESTLY think that Blake, Callahan and company didn't stretch a few truths to get these kids here? And to people consider yoursevles the smartest fans in all of sports. Do you honestly think you're above all that? Your coach was the leader of the fucking RAIDERS for God's sake. Think about it.

Good luck to him wherever he ends up, and shame on all of you hypocrites who claim to be so high and mighty, yet turn on your own in 2 seconds when they don't pan out. (Thunder Collins anyone?)

As for the other loss of the weekend, tough break for the Bowman kid who got hurt and blew out his knee. Look, I may be a prick and bash on the Huskers, but I would never wish an injury on anyone. I was actually impressed by his improvement last year, and wouldn't wish a horrible injury like that on my worst enemy. I hope he can come back full strength in a year. (And no, you'll never EVER see me cheer an injury. Ever)

I may be an ass, but I"m not a monster.

Back to the countdown tomorrow.


(Edited note - #4 on the list is listed below. Unfortunately, I had saved it before the Beck post, so it's actually below this. Sorry bout that)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are softening


Jon in Lincoln

8:33 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Come on Jon...I can't blast a kid who blew out his knee. Unless you're speaking about Beck, who...pardon if I'm skeptical, could have been just another over-hyped product of the Husker propaganda machine.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how many meth addicted single moms with beat up john deeres in the yard of their trailer park are crying

2:42 PM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

Hell hath no fury like a Husker fan scorned? Anybody want a souveneir Beck helmet?

8:00 AM  

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