October 24, 2006

Somebody Woke up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Am I the only person that has noticed a considerable crabbiness falling over the Husker Nation this week? Don't get me wrong...it's bound to happen when you are seconds away from a "program turning" victory over a top 10 team, only to piss it away like calling the prom queen the wrong name. If that were me, I'd probably be a bit agitated as well.

But thank God I'm not. What we do have creeping into the psyche of Husker fan is a slow, steady diet of reality. Let's go back to this summer when radio call in shows, newscasters, fans and "experts" alike were all saying the same thing about Bill Callahan's bunch. Let's go back to those horribly long days in July, where everybody and their mom was going through the schedule of every Big 12 team. Let's go back to the comments on Big 12 media day in Kansas City back in August. Do you remember that?

"Anything less than the North title is a failure for this team."

Well, where are we now? We are now 2/3 of the way done with the season, and the mighty Huskers are in a dogfight for the north. Granted, nobody (except for a few crack smoking idiots) thought NU would beat USC. For the most part, nobody thought they'd beat Texas as well. But for the most part, many people would believe that late October would be just about the time Herbie Husker separated himself from the rest of the pack. Hasn't quite worked out that way? Not only have the Huskers run into a Missouri team that won't go away...they now are looking at a pretty rough stretch to end the season. Meanwhile, their biggest threat to the North title still has pathetic Iowa State and Kansas on the schedule, as well as a home game with an Adrian Peterson-less Oklahoma Sooner team.

Why the pessimism? Because suddenly, a trip to Stillwater doesn't quite look like the slam dunk it once was. After the Missouri clash on the 4th, the Huskers waltz into one of the toughest environments in sports against a 7-1 Texas A&M team that promises to be a trap letdown game if there ever was such a thing. Even the Colorado Buffaloes, who started the year with six straight losses, look to be vastly improved by the time they walk into then giant red nursing home on 10th street the Friday after Thanksgiving.

So why is Husker fan suddenly so pissed off? How come off-hand little comments to me have turned more and more aggressive? How come Husker fan is so nervous? Oh don't get me wrong...many, MANY Husker fans have already made their plans to head for Kansas City on December 2nd. And now that Texas had their struggles in Lincoln last week, many are even now throwing around the "B" word...as in "BCS" should they get their much anticipated rematch at Arrowhead with the Horns.

Despite four tough weeks that lie ahead, Husker fan is pissed off because he is staring down the barrel of a completely pissed away season and a trip down mediocrity lane. The best part is...it may not even be of their own doing. Even if they do beat Missouri on 11/4 (which they very well will be favored by 7 or more points), they still have two extremely difficult road games that didn't look so tough back in August. If Missouri were to beat Oklahoma this weekend, even a loss in Lincoln wouldn't be enough to destroy the Tigers' hopes of a North division title, because of their games against North cellar dwellers to end the season. Therefore, the key to the Hicks' season may not lie against the Tigers in early November. It may be decided a week later on the plains of southeast Texas, as 85,000 screaming and swaying Aggie fans scream down the world's most unimaginative offense. Needless to say, Husker fan is in a bit of a pickle.

So will Steve Pederson's vision of another Corn dynasty come true? Will Husker fan spend the first weekend in December frolicking on the plaza, taking in the lights? Will the Huskers have that rematch that Mack Brown guaranteed this past weekend?

Perhaps. Perhaps Husker fan isn't scared of all at a "mediocre" Okie State team and an "overrated" A&M team that "hasn't beaten anyone." Perhaps Husker fan is just pissed off because the world still hasn't recognize his greatness? Perhaps they didn't see Nebraska fans CHEERING...yes CHEERING their own team after a 2 point choke to Texas? Isn't that worth a few AP votes right there!?!?! But despite all of that, the road to restoring the mythical order is a bit rougher than many Husker fans predicted just a few months ago. How else would you explain their panties in a proverbial bunch this week? How else would you explain the unusual venom that Husker fan is throwing around over the last couple of days? Should the Huskers slip this weekend in Stillwater, look for Joe Husker to be more uncomfortable than Richard Simmons judging a Hawaiian Tropic bikini contest. And isn't that what we all want to see anyway?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beat OSU this week and Mizzou next week and its on to KC. Not that hard to imagine.

BTW, whats with this fascination with Zebrahead?

Long live Wilco

1:19 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

It's just that easy. And that's assuming you can beat CU, which may be a completely different team by the end of the season..never know. (Then again..Mizzou has to beat ISU as well)

Don't get me wrong...of course it's going to come down to MU-NU. I'm not denying that at all. I"m just saying this weekend vs. OSU and/or the game @A&M is now part of the equation. Had NU beaten Texas...it wouldn't have mattered at all.

PS - I own a record label in my spare time.

1:25 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

You heard it here first. OU beats Mizzou in Columbia.

2:44 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

JP - That wouldn't be a shock considering OU is favored. Either way...oh well. Unlike certain fan bases I know...I'm pretty sure I know how to deal with my team losing.

PS - In case you're new here...how many games you win determines how "good of a fan" you are.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous WYOHUSKER said...

JP Anderson:

OU may beat MU this weekend, but it really doesn't matter. If MU beats NU, they both have 2 conference losses and MU would own the tie-breaker. This is where the loss to Texas really stings for Husker fans. AJ is right, it is all going to come down to the game on the 4th (barring upsets afterwards). The winner essentially gets a two game lead over the other (with the tie-breaker).

4:05 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

In theory...whomever wins the NU-MU matchup has to win at least two of their games. (the week before, and the two weeks after). Therefore, he's right..OSU is a huge game this weekend for NU..MORE so than Missouri over Oklahoma.

If Mizzou were to lose to OU, and the Hicks beat OSU...Mizzou can still make up that margin with ease because their last 2 games are cakewalks. (on paper)

The good news for Missouri fans is this. Of course I'd love to win the north and beat NU. That's a given. But regardless, they're still looking at a 9 (or 10 if they beat OU) win season..which for Mizzou is an incredible accomplishment.

At the same time, the Cotton Bowl has shown a LOT of interest in Mizzou thanks to the Chase Daniel story, and the fact that Mizzou hasn't been to a 1/1 bowl game in like 40 years.

Even if Missouri loses the North to NU, it's still an outstanding season. For Nebraska on the other hand...a loss to Mizzou and/or losing the North is a complete and total failure. (in their eyes)

4:38 PM  
Anonymous WYOHUSKER said...


How does the Mizzou DE that broke his hip (& I believe is out for the year) impact them the rest of the way? I thought I read he led the team in sacks, so obviously the pass rush may suffer? Does it affect the rush defense much?

Honestly, with NU's pourous line, it probably won't mean much in that game.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Husker fans are the greatest! Just check out "ANY" University of Texas message board after the NU UT game.

You really are a lost sole..........

Ride the wave while you can.......the missouri kittens will pay the price in a few weeks


8:45 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

First of all..it's "soul" not "sole". I'm not a grammar Nazi, just saying if you're going to bash me, at least double check what you wrote.

As for the Missouri "kittins" "paying the price" in a couple of weeks...maybe. I'm not stupid enough to guarantee victory or anything like that. Winning on the road in the Big 12 is a dicey proposition no matter where you are playing. Thanks for not paying attention though.

As for the question regarding Brian Smith...it was really a freak accident how he broke his hip. Some people say he got hit by Freeman on a pick, but Pinkel said yesterday that he was barely touched. Not really sure how it happened..but it's a big loss. The guy is their best pass rusher...just ask Zac Taylor, who still has his number inbedded on his chest from last year's trip to Columbia.

One thing people AREN'T saying is the return of Ziggy Hood to teh lineup after being injured for a month. Hood had an outstanding couple of games to start the season before he got hurt, and will definately increase the ability to stop the run. (He's not the rusher Smith is, but does much better on holding his ground and stopping rushers)

So it would be nice to have one of your best pass rushers in there...but such is life. Injuries happen...gotta find a way to win without him.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is everyone just taking for granted that kNU is going to stroll into College Station and rattle off a win against a one loss Texas A&M. I know A&M has a history of disappointing but that is as tough a game as NU has left, and all these posts about who wins the North and no one is mentioning it from Husker land.


8:57 AM  
Anonymous WYOHUSKER said...


I for one am not counting on the A&M game as a win. I told some of my friends at the beginning of the year to watch out for that game. A&M is a tough place to play & even when they were struggling, they always seemed to knock off a ranked team at home late in the year. It would not surprise me to see NU lose down there.

That being said, that game most likely will not determine the North Division. Let's say MU beats Oklahoma, but loses to NU...with the tie breaker going to NU, MU would need NU to lose to A&M & either OSU or CU. Or if MU beats NU, then NU pretty much would have to run the table & hope for two upsets by ISU & KU.

The A&M game will be tough for NU, no doubt about it, but chances are, but barring some upset's along the way, it will not affect the North Division.

I stand by my earlier post, that I agree with AJ, it is all going to come down to MU-NU. Should be a hell of a game!

12:12 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Good points WH.

Teams are somewhat unpredictable this year. You look at A&M, and they struggled with Army of all teams. Yet they played very well against Mizzou...almost the perfect game actually. (Minus the bad snap for a safety and the blown coverage on the 3rd play of the game which Franklin fumbled).

Nebraska would be getting a lot more serious exposure I think if they hadn't let KU..one of the worst offensive teams in the conference...put up so many yards on them. (Gratned Cornish is damn good...but 400+ yards by Adam Barmann is unacceptable. Period)

Because of games like that..anybody has a shot. Granted I'm not counting on Missouri for anything because..well...they're Missouri. But as I've stated, this year's team has a completely different feel thanks to Daniel. (Something Mizzou football hasn't had in my lifetime)

Lots of things could happen. Should be fun to watch.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one is talking about A&M because if Nebraska can win their next two games, an A&M loss won't keep the Huskers from KC. Win the next two and NEB can afford one more loss. And, there is no way in hell Colorado beats Nebraska this year. So save your breath.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous drecar said...

Husker8er: all I can say is you are fucking awesome.

11:36 PM  
Blogger drecar said...

aj: you are fucking awesome!

11:37 PM  

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