July 21, 2005

I Still Don't See the Resemblance

Anybody else NOT see the resemblance here? Ever since Houston Nutt told Steve Pederson to piss off, I've heard NOTHING but blathering drivel about how Bill Callahan is the greatest coach since sliced bread, and could probably pass for the decaying, rotting corpse of Vince Lombardi.

Can somebody tell me ONE THING this guy has done? (Besides ruin a 40 year winning/bowl streak and get beat 70-10 by a team that finished 3rd in their division?)

Oh wait...I know...he went to the Super Bowl. Can somebody tell me what winning the AFC Championship game (at home) correlates to you being a good coach? And never mind that he went 4-12 the following year, and his players PHYSICALLY had to be restrained from killing him. (Literally.) Yet the Big Hick Nation is 100% convinced that this man...the 5th choice for their job is the guy to lead them to the promised land???

I'm going to throw out one HUGE reason why he's not: Bill Walsh. A while back, Bill Walsh became the head coach at Stanford, after winning a shitload of Super Bowl rings (not just getting there) and pulling in TONS of recruits his first two years. But a funny thing happened in the few years he was there: He suddenly found out that COACHING and RECRUITING are two different things. (Having Joe Montana and Jerry Rice on your team doesn't hurt either.)

That's why I don't buy all this bullshit about what a great recruiter. ANYBODY can promise the world to high school kids...but if they get here and find out he's a fucking idiot..they aren't going to stay long. (See Stanford). Besides, you tell an 18 year old kid that he's going to start for a (formerly) successful program like Nebraska and OF COURSE he's going to jump on it. But wait til he realizes that instead of South Beach, 6th street or Hollywood, he has to deal with Barry O's and -10 degree weather while he's here. Good luck with that. (At least in the old days, you had local kids who knew what a shitty place Lincoln was.)

It tickles me like a French dildo that Husker fan has dumped ALL of their hopes on this assclown. Because unlike other programs, Husker fan's ENTIRE LIFE hangs in the balance on a guy who did the exact same thing that Bobby Ross, John Fox, Ray Malavasi and John Rauch have done...get their asses waxed on pro football's biggest stage.

So two weeks before fall camp opens...let the record show that even though my own team sucks...even though my own coach has more holes to fill in his program than Paris Hilton on a first date....at least I don't have my entire life riding on the back of a guy who had to have armed guards to protect him from his own players.

I for one look forward to watching the fireworks.


Anonymous deron said...

isnt it ironic that Pete Carroll, who was shit as a NFL head coach has built a tremendous program at USC? I credit Norm Chow as well but Petey is the HMFIC(Head Mother Fucker In Charge)

12:11 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

But for every Pete Caroll, there is a Frank Ganz. He is the exception, not the norm. Time will tell very quickly if Bill C is that guy.

I'd say after 1 year, the potential is there..but no results have been made.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Rumor has it that Billy C and Steve-O were seen walking across Capital Beach Lake the other day...awaiting photographic evidence...

9:44 AM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

Not every Husker fan thinks that Billy C is the second coming. Many of them are openly skeptical of the new regime.

Now, if you hang out at websites like HuskerPedia, you'll get a different perspective, but that's where all the kool-aid drinkers hang out.

12:20 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Good point.

10:08 PM  

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