August 16, 2006

2006 Opponent preview - Louisiana Tech

September 2nd
Memorial Stadium - Lincoln, NE
Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

2005 Record: 7-4 2nd Place WAC
Last Bowl Game: 2001 Humanitarian Bowl
Returning Starters Offense: 7
Returning Starters Defense: 2

Official Huskerh8er Odds of a Husker loss: 22%

Gotta hand it to the Husker athletic department for at least scheduling a D-1 team to start off the year this season. (Not that mighty Maine was a pushover in last season's opener when they trailed the Huskers by one score with 9 minutes left in the game.) Sure, Louisiana Tech is no Nichols State, but playing a mid-level team from a shitty conference to start the season is a bit bold for Steve-O and company. So kudos in that department.

Looking over the specifics of this game, you can kinda see the whole thing breaking down like any other first game of the year in the post Osborne era. Perhaps I'm wrong...perhaps I'm a bit cynical, but here's what's going to happen:

- Both teams struggle on offense early
- La Tech offense will light up for a bit
- NU will be up by < 2 TD's at the half.
- La Tech will commit a big turnover midway through the second half.
- Huskers will pile on a late score or two.
- Husker nation will brag for a week what a monumental win it was, while trying to shrug off the off-season cobwebs. (Never mind the fact that the OTHER team is playing their first game as well.) However, pretty stupid to think a bunch of swamp rats in baby blue are going to walk into Lincoln and be in anything but awe that 80,000 people with white hair can all wear the same color and yet make so little noise.

No way am I going to call the Husker upset here, but there is a reason the Harmon forecast only predicted a 27-10 win for mighty NU. La Tech has a pretty decent offense that specializes in throwing the ball around. However, pretty easy to see their inexperienced line backers being able to stop the run. Look for Tim Ratay to test the Husker early and for Troy Edwards to have a huge game.

Oh wait a second...that was the 1998 game preview when the Huskers had come off of a National title.

Bulldogs may win by 30 over this piece of shit group Callahan is trotting on the field this season.


Jokes aside, La Tech is kind of a mystery in the WAC. They had a huge win over Fresno last season, but failed to propel themselves to a bowl game. Teams like this normally trot into Lincoln and buy into the whole history and hype of it all. I really don't see a team with 8 road games on the schedule to make much noise, but it wouldn't shock me if it took quite a while for the low octane Husker moped offense to get into gear.

Tomorrow: Excellence Personified - Nichols State.


Blogger Sam said...

The Huskers have had 8 years to learn how to defend the pass-- think they have it figured out yet?

1:23 AM  
Blogger Dr. Buffenstien said...

AJ, glad you are out there fighting the good fight.

Husker fan already has a shot at the National this year, I am sure you have heard them talking about this around you as well.

I am rather new to your blog, it was posted on a CU fansite. Have you made a post about how the greatest fans in the world are also great at property destruction?

8:37 AM  

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