October 31, 2006

Day 2 of Hate Week

Day 2 and the silence is deafening. The radio shows have been a joy to listen to this week, as callers argue about just how long it should take to "rebuild" a program. As of Tuesday, the focus hasn't even really touched on Saturday's opponent, although I have seen growing signs of confidence.

However, this is nothing like years past, where my fellow co-workers have made my life difficult to say the least. I think they know that if they do lose...I will not only have 3 of 4 years of bragging rights...but I will also be a fan of the team who pushed their football program into oblivion forever.

As for the game itself, I don't really have a feeling about the whole thing just yet. The Missouri fan in me tells me that God has and always will hate the Tigers. For that, he will never let their fans taste victory over the most evil form of filth on the planet. However, the temptation is always there for hope..espeically when looking at what the Huskers bring to the table this weekend.

Their secondary is now not only pathetic, but now pathetic and banged up. Fans who just 8 days ago touted their linebackers as some of the best in the country, now clearly admit that guys less than 100% such as McKeon or Octavian (I don't care if I spelled them wrong) will have a bit of trouble covering 6'5 Martin Rucker and 6'6 Chase Coffman. If Missouri coaches were smart (and needless to say the jury is still way out on that one), they will throw the ball deep and often..just as Kansas did last month. There is no possible way on earth that the Huskers secondary can keep up with Mizzou's receivers.

At the same time, Mizzou is going to have a difficult time keeping Brandon Jackson and company in check. It's no secret that the Missouri front 7 have taken some beatings lately, but their numbers aren't horribly bad. A&M, Colorado and KSU all got yards because the blitz packages took away the pass. Just as the Hick secondary is a positive for Mizzou...the loss of Brian Smith and a constant beating on the line is a plus for the Husker power game.

But the question is...will Clownahan keep pounding away at the Tiger defense with the run? Unlike ISU or KSU, Missouri can score quickly and pretty consistently. Even against a salty defense like Oklahoma, K-State and Colorado, Mizzou still racked up over 380 yards against each. The Tigers will move the ball against the Hicks...but how many mistakes will they make? If Mizzou jumps out in front, will Callahan have the nuts to start airing it out? (And take on the Tiger rush, which nearly killed Zac Taylor last year.)

There are so many twists and turns in this game...there's no clear way to call it. Vegas has put the Huskers as 7 point favorites...which is pretty ridiculous to me for a team that gave up tons of yards all season..and is now facing one of the most potent offenses in the Big 12. And unlike against Texas, where the elements took away from the Horn's ability to move the ball..the forecast calls for 60 degrees and sunny.

I'm not ready to declare victory or defeat in this case...but as I've stated all along...I will not go down without a fight. The beast may be taking his last breath this weekend. Will he get up off the mat? Or will he melt under the stress and die?

We'll find out in 4 days.


Anonymous Popcorn eater said...

Where is the hate!!!? I'm very disappointed. I expected more. You've really let me down.

4:08 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Where's the hate? Jesus, give me a chance here. I have to rely on self-produced hate rather than reactionary hate. It takes a while to build it up to a level of white-hot fire that is what you are used to.

But rest assured....it is there. It is coming in waves and you will not be dissapointed between now and SAturday.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Section96 said...

AJ is just like a big boiler. The fire is lit, but it takes some time for the steam to rise to the top and produce heat.

It will come out eventually. Trust me on this.


5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is not the killer attitude and hate I have come to expect from this blog, utterly disappointed. C'mon AJ, they have spent the last 40 or more years kicking Mizzou and others around and patronizingly saying thanks for coming. This is the state that reveres harvest as much as wife-beaters and other petty-thugs. Nebraska sucks and I have come here to read the gospel, I feel let down. Good luck tomorrow, I'll be back.

12:19 AM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

dear anonymous

your name suits you well

8:36 AM  

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