January 7, 2007

Husker Tom and more Dead Horses

Some quick Sunday notes as we get ready to close out another football season.

* Am I the only person that sees the complete and total disaster that is Tom Shtael? Was it just me, or was it completely necessary to fly to the BCS Title Game, walk around at media day and start asking questions? Not questions about Troy Smith, Urban Meyer or the like. No, Husker Tom traveled over 1,000 miles to ask the REAL hard-hitting question that each and every media member in Phoenix this week wanted to know: Are the Huskers back?

Now, I understand that Tom’s readers want to know this shit…but what do you think the poor reporters he asked thought about all of this? And worse yet, how uncomfortable was it to read the endless canned answers that he managed to get? “They are much improved, but not back to the level of where they were”

Wow, ya think?

That’s part of the problem you people need to understand. You will NEVER be back to that level. Nobody will. Isn’t it completely pointless to ask yourself “is Nebraska back?” when they just got done pissing away a Cotton Bowl and lost 5 games for only the 3rd time since 1961? Does anybody else find it odd?

This completely ties in with the J.C. Keller situation and the delusion that not only are the Huskers on their way back, but they’re pretty much there already. Both of these statements are ridiculous. What Husker Tom is doing, I do not blame him for. He has the easiest job in the world of walking around and telling you how great you are. However, you’d think he’d try to avoid embarrassing himself around his colleagues, as well as realize that you shouldn’t dedicate an entire column to something that is so butt-ass stupid, everybody on earth knows the answer but Husker Tom and his readers.

And yes, I’m as sick of reading this crap as you are hearing about it.

* Nice going Chiefs. It’s bad enough you have to embarrass yourselves in front of the entire world…but would it be too much to ask to at least try? I mean, we all knew the Chiefs sucked and shouldn’t really have been in the playoffs. But good lord, you’d at least think they would put out some sort of effort. I’m sure you’ll agree that those were two very old and poor football teams out there yesterday. One of which should have never been there, the other about to get their asses kicked in Baltimore next weekend. Oh well, Chiefs fans should have come to expect this kind of performance in January. It’s not like it’s new.

* Husker basketball fan is starting to get a bit lippy these days. Never mind their bench is injury depleted, but they’ve actually managed to win a game or two. (Even though they lost to SIU-French Lick or whoever the hell that was back in November.) I never doubted that Doc Sadler wouldn’t be a step up from Barry-Ball, but you gotta give the guy credit for doing a half-decent job. Then again, I haven’t seen them on TV more than once, so I’ll have to hold back some judgment until then. Don’t get me wrong, they’re going to get destroyed in Big 12 play, but I don’t want you people to think I don’t give out at least an ounce of Husker credit when it is deserved.

* Can Creighton shoot any more 3 pointers? Seriously..I thought Dana Altman was this Ghandi-esque genius of college basketball. I could find 4 friends at work who can pass the ball along the perimeter and chuck up 3 point shots from 22 feet all day. Second biggest fraud in Omaha sports if you ask me.

* Finally…I know it was scoffed at before…but I’m dead serious now. Mike Kemp needs to go and go now. UNO hockey has fallen so far off the radar that it’s completely unacceptable that it’s taken TEN YEARS to play this bad. They have a leading Hobey Baker candidate and can’t get above .500 by January? Are you kidding me? Freshman goalie, tough schedule….whatever. I completely understand the connection to Mike Kemp, because he’s a great guy and built the program. But it’s been TEN SEASONS and we are actually going backwards here. There is no way in hell a team this talented should be playing this crappy.

It’s become completely obvious to me that the players no longer get his message and the team would be better off going in a new direction. It’s a tough decision..and one that probably isn’t even logical with his contract status. But as a 10 year season ticket holder…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. How long am I supposed to wait for some frickin results here? Thanks to a gift Chiefs-like back-in to the playoffs last year, the Mavs have done absolutely NOTHING but beat Bowling Green at home in 1999 and Michigan (when they were sleeping) a few days later. Other than this, this program has hit a plateau the size of Leonardo De Caprio’s career. For the love of God…somebody save this program before it gets passed up by Gymnastics and Frisbee Golf for interest around the UNO campus.


Have a good week.

(Thanks KC Star for the Chifs pic)


Anonymous bhg said...

Tom Shatel and Jim Rose, both working for the "man". I hope you're not hoping to make fun of the fans that believe Tom Shatel and Jim Rose tripe.

Think this through, if a fan believes and cares more about what Tom Shatel writes, and Jim Rose says vs. what is happening on the field, are they really going to know that they're getting slammed, probably not.

I was cheering for good ol' K.C. to beat those Colts to a pulp, not because I'd like to see K.C. win a playoff game, but I'd like the easiest path for my Chargers to go to Miami. Anyway Chefs lose (as it should be).

2:24 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Tom Shatel is a blowhard-- a mindless, hopeless, toothless moron. Not only does he have the easiest job in the world, he does it poorly. Nothing he says outside of "Huskerdumb" has a shread of truth or realism-- and I'm beginning to wonder if what he spews about Hick-nation is true.

The Kansas City Chiefs sucked. They were lucky to make the playoffs, and they showed it last night. No first downs until the third quarter? You, me, and a dog could've gotten a first down in the first half-- even if it was by penalty.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Randy said...

You and I agree more than we disagree, AJ, but I want you to seriously think about the Kemp thing. I'd like to hear some serious suggestions about who you think would replace him. It's easy to say he should go; much harder to find someone better than him to take over. The danger of replacing Kemp is that if you replace him with the wrong guy, you could doom the program. Seriously, the Mavs can survive at a mediocre level hoping for that bolt of lightning combination to propel the program to the next level. What they can't afford is to hire someone who's inexperienced and starts to LOSE year-after-year. It would be particularly hard to recover from that in a place like Omaha.

Personally, I have some ideas for candidates, but I'm not sure the right ones can be lured away from where they are at. I'd like to hear your ideas here or unofficially in an email.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

I understand your frustration with Kemp, AJ. If it wasn't for all of the interim titles in charge at 60th & Dodge, I'd be getting close to joining into your call. Should have been a 4 point weekend.

9:07 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

It's been 10 years people. 10 years, and the pinnacle of the program was a runner-up finish in year #1 of the conference. Since then, the highlight is just 2 other trips to Detroit and zero wins.

The trip to Boston was a completely fluke, and we played accordingly.

The longer this goes on, the harder it's going to be. Mike Kemp did a great job launching this program, but it will never ever accomplish anything until something changes.

It sucks to say that..because of all he's done..but it's how I feel.

10:41 PM  
Blogger Big Head said...

Come on AJ...you know Tom Shatel is awful. By the way, now that I work for the Omaha media, I've notice how bad of an interview he is. Stuuuu-stuuuu-stuuuuttters. Nice job jagoff. Still not as bias as Lee Barfneck.

1:37 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

I don't mind the stuttering, he probably can't help that. what I do mind is the non-stop, Husker slobber that drips from his pen...when it's blatantly obvious that he's sucking up to the masses.

Writers like Jason Whitlock, Woody Paige and Skip Bayless are complete assholes..but at least I respect them for sticking to their guns to make a point that may or may not be popular.

12:55 PM  

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