January 9, 2007

The Off-Season Begins

College football has been over for not even 24 hours now, and I'm already bored. (My personal New Year's resolution is not to mention JC Keller or Tom Shatel in every single post this year. I'll see if I can last one.)

Can somebody explain to me why the season is so short, AND there is a 50-60 day gap between the last game of the regular season and the bowl games? Is it too early to start my rants on the evils of the NCAA and their communist regime that would make Mao se Tung spin over in his grave with delight. Seriously, how can a group of (supposedly) intelligent men fuck up something that is so great? Of course it's money, but the bastards don't even pay taxes....how the hell can they be greedy enough to force feed us crap like the BCS, and just watch us as we sit back and take it?

I can go on and on, but I'll stop there.

* When does Husker baseball start? Seems like just yesterday, that over hyped band of corn-fed underachievers were splattering themselves on the proverbial concrete that is the NCAA baseball tournament. Now, I'm not about to go preaching about what a great sport college baseball is, because it's not. (This coming from a guy who played it.) What was my point? Oh yeah...just because your team is good, doesn't mean it's an entertaining sport to the rest of the 10 billion or so other humans on this planet. More to come on this monstrosity I'm sure as the season grows nearer.

* For the love of all things good and holy....TAKE DOWN YOUR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! It's the 2nd week of January and the temperatures are about 20 degrees warmer than normal. Get your fat American Idol watching ass up on that roof and get those low-wattage tributes to our Lord and savior down before you embarrass yourself further. Damn rednecks in this town....

* Funny how just a year ago, Steve Pederson, Bill Callahan and every buck-toothed redneck from here to McCook were sporting "Order Restored" t-shirts after a victory against a tough and battle-tested Colorado team. (Who in turn has won 2 games since.) Does anybody else find it ironic that those t-shirts came out of the box...and the team went on to lose 5 times in 2006...only the 3rd 5 loss or more season for Nebraska since 1961? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're going to be LAME enough to make a fucking t-shirt about being "back where you belong", you might want to be sure and actually beat somebody worth a shit the following year.

Did I mention the Hicks fell out of the season-ending top 25 yet again today?

Order Restored indeed.




Blogger Husker Mike said...

From a religous perspective, the Christmas season didn't end until Sunday. Christmas lights in October and November bug me more than Christmas lights in January...

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...

its been awhiie, but i enjoy reading about your man crush on sam "jc" keller. just come over and come out with your love for all things red aj. i know its there. one more thing, losing 5 games because we played 14 isnt as bad when you look at who we played and i doubt over the years we ever played 14 games in a season including a conference championship game and a new years day bowl game. i guess mizzou and nebraska must be equal since we both have 5 losses. oh aj, you are truly a funny guy. enjoy your offseason of masturbating over chase daniel and his yummy booger while wearing your gary pinkel visor. i find it hilarious, but please no pictures. and for your sake, i hope mike kemp gets a gary pinkel like extension for their brilliat coaching. i dont even really know or give a shit who mike kemp is, but i hear you babble about him, so why not reward the man for being graced by your blog. im fucking tired and off to bed. go big red and may sam "jc" keller deliver us a natl title next year, which of course will happen. have a good day. ohf.

2:21 AM  
Anonymous Grover said...

You played college baseball eh? Well then who better to call bullshit on the NCAA's "We dont want to take our athletes away from class." excuse. Do college baseball players even take classes in the spring? It just seems that it would be difficult with a 750 game schedule.

Also interesting, the day of the football championship game was Florida U's first day of classes after the winter break. So they would have missed no class if they had been participating in some form of a playoff and by extending the season under the current system to Jan 7th, they are now actually causing players to miss class. Only someone with as much money as the NCAA could get away with this BS.

8:02 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Leave it to Mike to be the voice of reason on religious issues. My mistake. :)

OHF...that was a weak effort..especially for you. Were you drinking when you posted that? I expect a lot more from you than re-hashing some of my exact lines and nicknames.

It's not my fault you lost 5 games. And no, I'm under some delusion that Missouri is better. If you've read my stuff for any amount of time, you'll see that I have absolutely no faith in Missouri football what so ever.

Do we have to go over booger smack again? I will reiterate...I don't pay the kid to teach manner to the kids...I pay to watch him win football games. Don't give a shit if he embarasses himself. That's his problem.

8:26 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Oh..and about baseball...no, we never went to class. In fact, I could tell you some stories, but I'd rather not get my former university in trouble.

I will say this though...in college, it's much easier to get your assignments ahead of time and get them done. (Not that anybody does them.)

My wife's best friend is a former tutor for NU athletics back in the day. (I'm not kidding) I could tell you some stories there as well, but I'd rather not get sued.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Onsessed Husker Fan said...

ya i agree it was a weak effort on my part, but your blogs lately have been pretty weak also. the whole frank vs. callahan argument is long past used up. i guess now youre talking about jc so i like it. doc gets big 12 play starting off nicely tonight with an ass kicking of iowa state on the road. go big red.

1:02 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

It's been "weak" because football is over.

Luckily, the NU basketbal team doesnt' suck as bad as people think..so I'll have some ammo for that. Good thing too.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

According to my cousin, who pitched, the easiest way to get a college education was to throw off-speed junk and have an 82 MPH fastball.

I had a friend that had class with Eric Piatkowski (sp?), said Eric showed up on the first day of class (September) and then showed up for the final. My wife atteneded the NU, and said that football players actually showed up and participated in class in comparison to basketball players. How many academic All-Americans does Nebraska have again?

From what I have been exposed to, you have four segments of kids. The ones that want to learn and motivated, another that wants to learn but not motivated, another wants to learn and needs help, and lastly, one the doesn't want to learn and believes he's Gods gift to the game because his high school coach, mother, siblings from multiple fathers, pastor, and girlfriend & mother of his children tells him he's going first round in the professional draft.

How hilarious is it that self-proclaimed law background is afraid of the truth, that is too good.

3:24 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

To be fair..it's like life. You have some people who are slackers...and others who are smart and study. On our team, we had guys who turned out to be doctors and one guy who is now like the #4 Bishop in the Mormon church. On that same team, we had a guy who now lives in a box (literally) and another guy who is in prison for rape.

So you see...it's a pretty broad brush.

Except for Husker football players. I'm sure they're all sharp as tacks.


7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't let that last statement slide by me without comment. Although there probably is a fair amount of dolts on the Husker team they also have some smart ones too. Dane Todd has a 4.0 in Biological Sciences. Not Underwater Basket Weaving, Biological Sciences! Even if you are not on a sports team that would be tough to accomplish. Others of similar note are Lance Brandenburgh, Kurt Mann, J.B. Phillps, and Brandon Rigoni.

Conversely, I have taken classes with some other football players in the past for History of Jazz and they would either sleep, play with their cell phones, or be MIA. It's History of Jazz for Christ's sake (not Keller), all you have to do is show up! But I'm sure Mizzou athletes don't have that problem.

11:01 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

Nothing like an educational post from the guy with the worst grammar I've seen in recent memory.

Hey BHG, it's "The ones WHO want to learn.."

Sheesh! Please save us from your academic critiques.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...


I heard this one this morning, reminded me of the Tom O. and Cheerios joke.

Bill C. postgame after the Cotton Bowl:
Question: If you had to do it over again, would you have run that fake punt?

Bill C.: No, I would've found a different way to lose.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


For about the thousandth time, that's why someone else is paid to write my letters for me.

I have gladly admitted that I am ignorant about the ways of grammr, and apparently you have missed that point despite me saying it over and over and over again. So what does that say about you?

10:25 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Ironic, a guy who hasn't been able to grasp any point, (other than the one he's holding in his hand), is willing to critique another.

Sorry, I'm not offended when a retard calls me, "stupid".

12:18 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

Nice try, BHG. You know you're an idiot. I can hear it in your frantic double response.


Your post is still disjointed and nonsensical, even if your secretary does clean up the grammar.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Remind us how again the 2006 campaign was so much better than T.O.'s campaign of 1979, and Solich 2003. The reasoning that JP uses is exactly what AJ makes fun of. "It's because I say we're great, that is what makes us great, despite the evidence to the contrary" arguement that AJ is constantly blasting.

Tell me again how it's possible for Weiss to be in a BCS bowl with the talent he recruited (per rivals.com), and Huskers end up 9-5. Tell me again why Weiss running the reverse was identical to Callahan. Tell me again how it is that Bill Callahan has to have numerous "full recruiting" classes in order to succeed, but Pete Carroll and others programs don't before order is restored (see Oklahoma, see USC, etc., etc.). Tell me how beating ISU in 06 was a quality win. Tell me again how great the Big 12 North was in 06 vs. how bad it was in 03. Tell me again how Callahan needs time to figure out the college game. Tell me again of Callahans greatness with the Oakland organization. Tell me again of Callahans greatness and the ability to recruit and keep talent in the system. Tell us how great the Husker recruits were with proof of a statement from Watson no less. (And let the list can go on.)

I'm bias, I would love for the Husker football team to win every game. However, the evaluation of the Husker program is similiar to the doctor calling a broken arm a bruise. Prior to patient getting better, you need to properly define the problem. (Calling Callahan a wizard with a clipboard, Cosgrove a genius, and a 9-5 record "good" is not looking objectively at the problem.)

I seriously hope I'm totally wet about the program, and Callahan proves me wrong in 07, but until play improves on the field, Callahan is still the joke that left Oakland in disgrace, and Pedersen is the one that hired him.

11:14 AM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

This is bullshit and an outright lie:

I seriously hope I'm totally wet about the program, and Callahan proves me wrong in 07

You Solich lovers won't be happy until Callahan fails and Pederson is on a slow boat to China.

SUCKS TO BE YOU.. Bitterman!

4:01 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


If you look at the program objectively (a quick trip to the dictionary should help you with that), it has not progressed in three years. What did Pedersen promise us, that we would not slide into mediocrity, and who did the search committee of one find, Callahan.

It was preached from the mountain top that Callahan would bring in NFL talent, which Brandon Jackson is, and now he's leaving, and the reason he's leaving, is that he may not get as many touches next year at Nebraska. (It appears that even when we have NFL talent, we're not willing to utilize it, see Cotton Bowl 2007.) We still don't have a quarterback in the program, and given our track record, the future is not promising.

You've made repeated statements with specific information, and try to pass them off as a general fact. Wouldn't you agree that AJ makes broad statements about Husker fans, when in reality they are only a segment of the fan base? Your arguement that paints anyone that disagrees with your perception of the Husker program as pro-Frank, and anti-Pedersen is similiar to calling AJ on his general statement. If you actually believe what you have stated then it is evident that you're limited to the people with whom you interact. I on the other hand, visit with people that think Pedersen walks on water, but that Callahan was a poor choice. I've visited with people that think Frank was the bomb, and Pedersen was a jerk. I know people that think Pedersen is a jerk and Callahan is great. I know people that think Pedersen is a jerk, Callahan is great and Cosgrove is an idiot. I know people that think Pedersen was stupid not to demand Bo P. stay when he hired Callahan. I know people that think Pedersen should have fired Cotton, and brought in Callahan. Hell, I got an Oakland Retards fan that laughs in my face everytime I see him, until I point out Callahan must not have been the only problem on that team because they still suck (besides, I'm a Chargers fan) three years later.

Facts don't prove your arguement, so throwing insults and trying to pass them off as intelligence is what you're left with. I would not call you a liar, but the facts that you have presented do not support the arguements you have made to be legitimate.

12:51 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

Hey BHG.. That's better. A little easier to understand.

Dennis Dodd Senior Writer for CBS Sportsline says, "Steady progress in Bill Callahan's first three seasons." He rates NU in the preseason top 20.

Bob McClennan Staff Writer for Rivals.com says, "Callahan's West Coast offense is taking hold, and (Sam) Keller will be the beneficiary of a solid nucleus of skill players." They have NU preseason #13.

Scout.com has Nebraska preseason #15.

Seems like you're the only one stating, "It has not progressed in three years." Aren't you trying to try to "pass this off as a general fact?"

I too have friends and co-workers who share all of your so (in)aptly described viewpoints, but every one of them has seen steady improvement in our talent pool and in the grasp of an entirely new system.

2007 will prove who is correct.. Me or You.

5:12 PM  

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