June 13, 2007

Mid-Week Ramblings

Can we just get this whole CWS thing over with? I often forget how much I hate the circus that this event creates. However, watching Dennis Poppe's smug-grill on my TV last night reminded me how much I really loathe the fact that the people of this town..with the help of the most corrupt organization on earth...have ruined one of the great events in sports. (And for those of you who accuse me of being a Mizzou homer...tell me where Poppe served as an assistant AD?)

The gaul of this guy to get up in front of TV cameras and say, "We love Omaha and Rosenblatt are synonymous with the College World Series....but......we may leave if you don't do what we say." Absolutely amazing that nobody else (except for Mississippi State coach Ron Polk) sees through these people. Why is it that nobody sees the greed and the double standards behind their every move? Why do you people shoot down the notion of the CWS moving if they don't get what they want? (As long as the Old Style Light is flowing..what do you care anyway?)

Hopefully Mayor Fehey can convince people that spending 36 million dollars on "improvements" to an already rusted out dump is nothing but a colossal waste of taxpayer money. If you have the foresight to build something..then fuckin do it. Don't sit back and wait 10 years, when the NCAA has you by the sack and it'll cost 3x as much. I'm sure they'll screw it up some way. We shall see.

**Nice article in the World Herald this morning discussing a conversation the paper had with Bill Callahan regarding Mo Purify. Although he certainly sounded a bit more harsh than Tom Osborne's lame excuse in 1995....it still reeked of a 3rd grader being busted for chewing gum in class. As I said earlier, I would respect you people so much more, if you would just come out and say it: "We need Mo for the Big 12, and DUI isn't that big of a deal anyway...so we're going to suspend him for a few games until you forget about it."

Again, hasn't happened yet, but every single bit of that article sets up for a nice short suspension and the realization that Purify is in fact a good guy who has every intention of turning his life around. In fact, the tone of the article almost asks you to feel sorry for him. Seriously, I was waiting to see if Callahan was going to roll up a paper, swat Purify on the ass a few times and rub his nose in a bottle of Bud Light.

It's unbelievable how predictable this whole situation is.

** On a different note, I want you to print this screen and remember the date. Today is the first day you will ever hear these words from me, so I want to make sure you're paying attention:

I agree with the University of Nebraska and Steve Pederson.

The Huskers are going to be playing Oregon in basketball at the Qwest Center in Omaha it was recently announced. (I know, I'm with you. I had no idea NU still had a team either). However, the full-scale hissy fit that many Creighton fans (and most notably Creighton homer/radio personality Matt Perrault) was completely expected and in many cases delivered.

Look, I think you can probably figure out by now that I don't like Nebraska very much. (Perhaps the website didn't give you that impression enough?) However, Steve-O and the Hick basketball team have every single bit of right to play at that arena as Creighton does. It's a PUBLIC FACILITY. The fact that Perrault and people like him are crying about that fact is completely destroying their credibility in the argument.

It's a public building, built with public money, paid for by the people of Nebraska....not some retired dentist from Millard. I would like nothing more than the Husker athletic department to be told to go take a hike by just about anybody...but the fact that Creighton is arrogant enough to think they own the place is completely hysterical.

For the last time..it's not your HOME FLOOR. You RENT the building. When you RENT the building, you have to play by the landlord's rules. If the landlord wants another team to come in and get beat by 50 points by an Elite 8 team...so be it. This whole nonsense about boycotts, and protests and everything else Perrault is calling for is a complete and total joke...although not too unexpected from a Red Sox fan; a group of people who have spent their lives telling you how downtrodden they are..meanwhile racking up NFL and NBA titles by the fistful.

You'll never hear me say this again..but I'm glad Steve-O is getting over on this. If anything, that should just show you what a jackass Bruce Rasmussen and the Creighton Athletic Department is becoming...all because they can sell out a large arena by providing lobster, Orange Ruffy and Cheese Soufflé. If Creighton wants to rent out the Pershing Auditorium and play Duke...only to get beat by 50 points...have at it. In the meantime, you people come off as being exactly the overbearing, arrogant snobs that you apparently already are.

I could write a novel about the idiots who inhabit this town.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we need Mo for the Big 12, and DUI isn't that big of a deal anyway...so they should just suspend him for a few games until everyone forgets about it.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Elite 8 team you speak of beat Doc Sadler's very thin, undermatched team by only 12 points at Portland, Ore. in the Rose Garden. Sadler was suiting up a ballboy for God's sake and some other kid from Lincoln High School no one ever heard of.

The writing is on the wall Creighton fan.. You'll be 2nd (basketball) fiddle in Nebraska soon.. Just as it always should have been and should be. Hope you enjoyed your run while it lasted.

HuskerDork (Mike) calls you brie eaters.. That would be funny if it was even remotely original. All I know is Creighton and Notre Dame fan can both blow me. Especially, that moron Seth on the Average Joe Show on Lincoln radio. Are those douchebags still employed? I sure miss listening to that show.. NOT!!!


3:45 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Let the record show, this is twice now I'm giving you credit...this time for being the only NU basketball fan left on earth willing to talk shit.

Very impressive.

Concur with Creighton fan. They suck.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the Nubbie fan base that far out of touch with reality that they honestly think DUI is no big deal. Tell that to someone who has lost loved ones or someone who has a family member in a comma because they got into an accident with a drunk driver.

Glad to see a return to the glory days of Bugeater football ala Peter's brothers and company.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that's profound Captain Anonymous. Did it hurt you as much to write as it did me to read?
Egads.. Grow a brain, numbnuts.

6:11 PM  

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