May 21, 2007

Monday Follow-Up

I figured the whole recruiting argument would keep us going for a while. (And probably then some.) Nice to see Husker fans in mid-season form in terms of spinning, exaggerating and completely missing the point on pretty much everything. I would further clarify my comments that "losing" some 17 year old kid..even if he's an outstanding player..isn't quite the high or low that many of you delusional freaks make it out to be. For the last time, the point is..he MAY turn out to be great. He MAY NOT turn out to be great. The whole song and dance of taunting others over some guy who hasn't even hit voting age is a bit weak...UNLESS you've got the next LaBron James or Carmello Anthony. Freshman very seldom make huge impacts to programs in college football, so you're looking at quite some time before the final score can be counted for this. Then again, with your horrible record in predicting greatness for possible recruits, you're batting about I wouldn't hold my breath.

With that being said..a few random topics that I missed out on while everybody was freaking out over a kid who just got his drivers license not too long ago.

* Still waiting for word on Mo Purify. Apparently I am very lucky, because 85.2 percent of my audience just so happened to be at the SAME BAR as Purify that night..and apparently I missed "the real story." Just because some guy named "HuskerDave842" told you he was there...doesn't mean his story is accurate. I love it when people accuse me of distorting "facts", when I'm getting information directly from the police report. Look, I know you people never admit to being wrong. I know you wouldn't know the right thing to do if it jumped up and bit you in the face. But at what point are you going to admit that this is a BAD thing? (Some callers on the radio actually applaued him for "standing up for himself")

Even if the guy "didn't mean to" punch the girl in the face...which I'm sure he "probably" didn't...doesn't mean he doesn't have some serious issues to deal with. Namely attacking some guy in front of 800 witnesses. (64,000 witnesses if you believe the readers of this blog)...resisting arrest and being really really drunk. Now again, I won't lie and say I was some sort of saint as an athlete in college because I wasn't. However, I wasn't carrying the hopes and dreams of 2.1 million hayseeds on my shoulders as well. Regardless of what "really" went down both with Purify and with Keller's mutiny at Arizona absolutely can not deny the fact that these two guys have got some issues. I'm not some sort of math wizard...I'm not Mel Kiper...Hell, I wasn't even at that bar last month..but I can tell you if your top QB is demoted because his teammates hate him...and your top WR is being wrestled to the ground by four cops on a Saturday might have some issues.

Whether or not you want to believe that or not is your problem.

* The AkSarben Knights are leaving? I didn't even know they got here yet. Actually..this is what happens when you don't do your homework, and obviously Calgary didn't. Better yet, they hired an a-hole ex-goalie in Doug Stoetaert who didn't know his ass from the Civic Auditorium. Walking around the arena...acting like you're Barry Melrose in a tweed jacket isn't going to get you liked in this town. (Nor is demanding to your staff that they "play more country music" to get the fans involved.) While I'm sure he knows his stuff on the ice, the guy didn't know a damn thing about the Omaha community or the people that support it. I only got to meet him once, and he was a complete jackass to me. Nice going ruined two hockey franchises in one decade. Congratulations Dickhead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:30 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...

Blaine Gabbert=Husker.
And yes recruiting is the backbone of a program, so dont even try to spin it as not a big blow to Mizzou and not a big deal for Nebraska.

Ive been gone to Florida for the last week, so I wasnt able to read your shitty blog and comment, but something had to be said, also where is this piece of shit podcast Ive been so anxiously waiting for??? I volunteered to debate you dont forget so we dont have to listen to you and "Husker" Mike go at it.

6:26 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I knew you'd be back. ;)

Yeah, the guy backed I thought he would. And no, it's not Mike. He's level-headed and realistic. I wouldn't last 3 seconds with that guy.

I need a myopic know-it-all with a false sense of reality to really make my points. What are you doing Thursday?

7:08 PM  

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