May 9, 2007

Top 10 Husker Things to Watch in 2007 - #9

Leave it to your team to interrupt a perfectly good spring top 10 rundown with an assault incident. I find it interesting that absolutely NOBODY is talking about this thing. No Callahan follow up statement. No Pederson statement. There's not even any discussion on the call-in shows. Isn't the 2nd best player you have spending the night in jail a rather big deal? Isn't smacking a woman in a public place and attacking another man a big deal? Did I miss something here? More to come on this I'm sure.

Where was I?

Oh yeah...things to watch for this year.

#9 - The QB battle

For some reason...perhaps boredom, the Nebraska coaching staff felt that this spring's practice was just too boring. JC Keller had just gotten a slap on the wrist for throwing a hissy fit in a parking lot, and the usual tools sat in a 1/2 full stadium to watch a scrimmage. No biggie. But what started right before that was intriguing, namely the "battle" going on between JC Keller and Joey Ganz.

Please re-read that last line.

Forgive me if I'm a bit ignorant on the subject, but isn't J.C. Keller a Heisman candidate? (Your words, not mine) Isn't he a proven high-caliber quarterback who "shredded" Pac-10 defenses before his teammates had had enough of his crap? Did he have brain surgery or something? I only ask because now he is mentioned in the same breath as a guy who threw 13 total passes last year.

All-world and guy who throws for tons of yards vs. USC and LSU.....and Joey Ganz. But then again...Ganz WAS the 2004 scout-team player of the year for who am I to judge this outstanding talent?

So if this is the case...if this is a true "quarterback controversy" that has erupted in spring camp...that only leaves me with 4 conclusions:

- JC Keller is really really overrated
- JC Keller is so good, he may get drafted in mid-season
- Joey Ganz is on steroids
- Joey Ganz has nude photos of Bill Callahan at a donkey show in Tijuana.

Am I the only person on earth who thinks this is a bit odd? Why would you bring a guy in with actual credentials (although a 'questionable' personality to say the least), and then announce to the world that he may lose his job to some career bench-warmer with 13 whole passes under his belt? However, if you think about it, there is really only one reason they would truly be doing this: To soften the blow if/when the inevitable mutiny takes place.

Think about it..he's not injury prone. He's obviously not THAT bad of a player (although far from the biblical figure you people make him out to be). He's obviously not in danger of leaving. Even a moron who once coached the Raiders can figure out that a guy who had one of the best arms in the Pac-10 (your words, not mine) can beat out a career bench-warmer. If you have a better explanation why a coach who makes over $1,000,000 per year would say something so dumb that it defies logic...please let me know.

Perhaps it's just a ruse? Perhaps it's just a way to keep J.C.'s ego in check? Perhaps Callahan really IS that stupid? Regardless of why he's doing it, it's pretty easy to see that no matter how it ends up, the faux "QB controversy" will be something to watch in 2007. (Well, until Keller quits or is demoted by his teammates)


Anonymous ohf said...

sound and logical reasoning used as always. A+ work.

5:25 PM  
Blogger AJ said...


Why is there a "QB battle" going on?

And no...Joey Ganz is not as good as Sam Keller.

(this should be an interesting reply)

PS - Happy with your thug this week?

8:22 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...

no reply necessary as you are the husker sports authority. thanks for all your hard work.

1:35 AM  
Blogger JGerardi said...

Well lets see, a few things....
If there really is no controversy and they are just fucking with JC to keep him in line, methinks this aint a great idea. I mean the guy did quit ASU after he got demoted, I would think that shows a bit of an adverse reaction to negative reinforcement. Granted that was a very ugly demotion, but still. And he left his school and sat on the bench for a year to .... sit on the bench for a year? That is going to be one ugly scene if there is some sort of real fight for the starting position. Do you see him being interviewed if he loses the job and going on about he is "100% behind Ganz" and "I just want to prepare and be ready in case the team needs me"? Me either.

I obviously haven't seen the two of them play so don't know if Keller is mediocre, they both suck or they both are just balls to the wall fabulous, but I have a hunch that Keller probably isn't as awesome as everyone thought (something a lot of people in Tempe could have told them last year.) Funny thing is with as poorly as Carpenter (23Tds, 14 INT, 7-6, both hands broken) played last year at ASU, Keller could very well have won his job back had he not been such a baby.

8:29 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

OHF, you've got nothing. I will take your complete lack of reply as your official consiliation.

You are humble in defeat, as I knew you would be.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous ohf said...

not quite aj. its just i have decided you are too big of a dumbass to waste my time replying to.

5:22 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I can just not pulbish anything you say. That way nothing will come through by accident.

Either way, just let me know.

Sorry to hear about your new found vagina.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Silence on the MO fight is not that surprising. I can see this playing out in this manner. The official response from the athletic department is that they are waiting on resolution from the courts to decide on internal punishment. Lets see, this is May and football season, and Mo's eligibility is up in December, 7 months from now. Surely any good attorney can tie this up in court until the season is over.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I witnessed the Purify incident...

I was at the Alley the night of the Mo Purify incident, I was there for a sorority graduation party. I didn't want to get to involved but I'm tired of people bashing Purify when they don't know the whole story. Me and some friends were talking to Purify earlier in the night for about 25 minutes and he is a really nice guy. After we talked to him for a while, Purify went out to the beer garden when we went to get a beer, and when we came out the bouncer that had denied him entrance at The Rail the week before and Purify were talking and it appeared as though they were friends. As we approached them we could tell it was starting to get heated and they were talking crap to each other. The Bouncer from the Rail(Josh Bjorkman of FIJI) was definitely egging him on trying to get a reaction out of him. A short time later they started pushing each other and that is when Purify pushed him onto his back onto a picnic table, and was holding him down and yelling at him, not punching him like reported in the papers. Bjorkman was kicking at him trying to get him off. This is when his girlfriend (whose name i wont say) stepped in trying to defend her boyfriend and it happened so fast but Purify just kinda pushed her out of the way and it is possible this is why the girl claims Purify hit her. In no way did he intentionally go out of his way to hit her, he meant more to get her out of the way so she wouldn't get hurt. I also know the girls who are friends with her and the next day they said she had no marks or bruises on her face that resemble getting punched in anyway. They were very surprised when they learned she was pressing charges. So the papers have been claiming that Purify just saw the man and started to beat him up, Purify and Bjorkman actually talked for I would say at least 5-10 minutes before the incident occured. When the cops came Purify was now outside the bar and he did resist arrest on the first time, but its not like he tried to run. then about 3 or 4 cops grabbed him and put him in the car. This whole thing was provoked by Bjorkman talking smack to Purify, and in no way did Purify mean to injure the girl, she never should have stepped in the middle of it."

From a message board. May be BS, but he did call out Bjorkman.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its not Bjorkman or the girl who are pressing charges, its the city - the two have nothing involved with the case, other than they both want it to go away. The only reason why MO had two assault charges is because the cops saw the redness on her face and took pictures that night. Also - when MO is saying "I'm a Husker, I can get in anywhere" and Bjorkman actually not being a husker humper like most, says "If your buddy's not 21 I can't let him no matter who you are...." .... Is that egging MO on? I dont think so. MO is the one that was calling anyone names.

8:43 AM  

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