April 21, 2007

Random Anger on a Lovely Spring Day

The sounds of spring, pollen and Husker myopia are in the air. The dog days of spring football (yawn) are behind us…with nothing ahead by month after month of baseball. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball and spent a good portion of my life in and around baseball…but I can really only take so much of ESPN and their 18x annual Boston/New York slobber fest. I completely understand that everybody in that area only cares about those two teams…and I understand ESPN is located right in the middle of all that….but does ANYBODY outside of the I-95 corridor really give a shit? Good lord, give it a rest already.

Speaking of unbearable baseball…nice to see the Husker baseball bandwagon slowly coming back to life. My God, when they were slumping you had to actually look around to find it. Now, after a win over an extremely uninterested Texas team last night…you’re going to see more and more climb aboard the SS Bandwagon, all the way up to playoff time. Hopefully, some other baseball powerhouse (such as Manhattan) will put a stake through the heart and put an end to it quickly. But then again..as lame as college baseball is, the NCAA will probably give them a regional bid with lame teams…just because they love the 8$ a pop that their loser, nothing-else-to-do-on-a-spring-Saturday fans will bring in.

* Still seeing a lot of fallout from the whole Steve Pederson-hate’s-the-old-Huskers story. Why do I get the feeling that this will never ever end? Much like conservatives and liberals, you are never going to get the Steveophiles and the Solich apologists to see eye to eye. Why even try? I still stand by my original position, which was that you people asked for this. When Byrne left, you wanted a guy “from the family”, who would come in..stick his tongue in your ear..and tell you how great you are. Now he’s built himself a nice little castle in which to lob down instructions, all the while pissing the rest of you off in the process.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…this is NOT a make or break year for Steve-O. He will live and die with Bill Callahan, and unless you go 4-8 (which could happen)…I don’t see Harvey Pearlman stepping off his state-funded personal jet long enough to pull the trigger on that deal. So unless you people storm the Bastille…and you won’t…nothing is going to change. Meanwhile, the rest of us will laugh at you, as you watch a guy who YOU brought in..destroy one of your most important resources…your “Husker family”. Boo…hoo.

* Talking about people getting what they deserve just reminded me….Hope you enjoyed your 5-game playoff run Penguins fans. All this talk about Cup this and Cup that…all to flame out in one big giant pile of crap on one of the half-dozen or so National TV games that the NHL actually has. If anything the whole “Kansas City Penguins” saga taught me, is that Pittsburgh fans deserve every bad piece of fate that God could throw at them. It’s called Karma you assholes, and it’s something you’re going to have to live with now. Who cares if 10% of your population has escaped that armpit in the past 10 years…I’m sure the people who are left are going to love paying a few thousand more in taxes, just so you can watch your shitty team fall short of expectations.

Couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of jagoffs.

* I’ve mentioned this a few times in other places, but it’s worth repeating here. Now that spring is here, and good ol’ fashioned open window sleeping weather has arrived, I am reminded of a guy who deserves his own spot in hell. An assclown so lame, so pathetic, I can hardly put it into words. I’m sure you have them in your neighborhood as well…I’m sure you’ve heard them at 10-11pm at night. The guy I’m talking about?

Middle-age Harley guy.

I understand you’re in your 40’s or 50’s and you’ve gotta have something to make you feel 21 again. I understand you make enough money now that you can afford something that goes with your Top Gun bomber jacket that you got in 1986. But what I don’t need is you reviving up your fucking engine at 10pm at night, as you squeal your tires out of neutral, with your fat, helmet-head wife clinging behind you like she was on Space Mountain. Here’s an idea…take that bike and actually GO somewhere. Go to Sturgis. Join the Hell’s Angels, Go to some convention somewhere. GO ANYWHERE. Just stop going around in circles as you rattle the pictures off of my wall, just so you can get off on your past youth. Jackass. He’s now right up there with naked guy at the gym, and stupid bitch at Subway who has to read from a list 3 miles long, instead of calling ahead.


(NU photo courtesy of the Daily Nebrakan)


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