April 2, 2007

Approaching a Milestone

We're nearing a seven-digit milestone on this little site. With that I think it's time for my every-so-often explanation as to why I decided to take my hobby of hating all things Husker into the cyberspace. (Since it obviously affects some of you deeply) Despite what you may think, I often have to explain myself, and answer some basic questions that you probably have.

First, some background. This whole thing actually started about 10 years ago at one of my first jobs. I worked long hours with a group of guys about my age, and every single one of them were of course, big Husker fans. I of course was not, but my disdain was more of the eye-rolling variety...not the full-course "classless" ball of hatred you see today.

During the day, while at school...these guys would bombard me with Husker propaganda. Recruits, stats, stories...it didn't matter, as long as it was Husker related. Remember, this was 1997, the year of "the kick" and the most undeserved national title in college football history.

This goes on for a couple of years, and the banter goes back and fourth to the tune of 100-200 e-mails PER DAY. Most of which were all five of them, ganging up on me to tell me how great the Huskers were. Then one day, I had an idea: A Husker Hating website.

I was too busy to e-mail them back 5 times each over and over...however, if I could put together a website to express myself, they could just click there, and not swamp my inbox with what Scott Frost had for lunch the day before. A friend of mine was in a band, and was building his own site on geocities, and told me how easy it was. 20 minutes later, the Husker Hating movement had been launched.

Things went by fine for about 3 days, until my buddies decided that the addition of polls, pictures and guestbooks were a bit too much ammo to deal with on a regular basis. After a heated argument on the possible firing of Danny Nee, one of my friends made good on his promise and linked the websites to one of his many Husker message boards/nerd gatherings. After logging back on, I had noticed the error, "Unable to access due to maximum usage." "How the hell can that be?" I asked myself. Only 5 people on earth know it even exists. So I went to the site meter and checked.

The final tally was 15,893 hits in 24 hours, which I'm pretty sure has to be some sort of record. Granted, this was a do-it-yourself website that took about 20 minutes to construct via simple HTML, and was being swamped by a Husker loving feeding frenzy, which in 1999 only had a handful of message boards to choose from.

It was around this time that I received my first death threat...followed by a couple more, including a guy who insisted he was Zach Weigert's brother, and he was going to be waiting for me at my place of business after work. It was about this time I realized that I'm not dealing with a normal group of people. It also dawned on me that Nebraska fan was absolutely, in no way able to comprehend the fact that somebody out there actually DID NOT LIKE them or respect their "traditions." This was even more blasphemous because it was somebody who actually lived within the state lines.

To my friends' delight, the fun lasted about 5 days before I was shut down by Angelfire for excessive bandwidth usage, and the great Husker sociology experiment was over. My buddies claimed victory, as did I...since I managed to piss off 15,000 of them or so in one fell swoop. Regardless, the Huskerh8er website was offline for good.

Fast forward to 2005. The e-mail list of trash talk continued through various milestones of Husker history. The Frank Solich saga, the inevitable first loss in Columbia in 2005 were just a few of the many subjects argued back and fourth with venom. By this time, blogs were becoming the rage, and it was easier than ever for any random crackpot with a keyboard to throw their thoughts out on a screen. Via the complete ease of blogger.com, I resurrected the old Huskerh8er website theme, and began to indulge in one of the things I love best...writing. And yes, contrary to popular belief, I studied journalism in high school and college, and I'm well aware that I'm a wannabe columnist. I don't deny that. In fact, if I won the lottery and could devote more than 15 minutes every 2 days to maintain this blog...I'd try to make a living out of it.

And yes, there is a market. 2 years and several hundred thousand hits later, the rage and hate continues, to the distress of Husker nation. Which leads me to another point. Why do you guys take this so seriously? Why does it distress you so much that somebody could have another opinion, different than your own? It's all fun and games when other programs mock each other, but when I do it, I'm some kind of monster?

I write this blog for several reasons. First of all, it's therapeutic. The same reason people keep journals for years, I like to throw words out to express thoughts and feelings. I'm a fan of a "rival" college sports team, living in one of the most concentrated rival areas in the Midwest. That team has been relatively successful over the years, while my own team has sucked donkey balls during that same time.

It's a natural fit.

I've said it a thousand times, and I'll say it again: I write this blog because it not only pisses you people off, but it allows fans of other teams to see some of the ridiculous things that Husker fans do and say when supporting their team. Barely 50% of my hits come from Nebraska IP's and links, so therefore the audience is vast. Sometimes I linger on with subjects many of you don't care about...but again..it's my blog, and I try to keep it rather up-to-date.

I never bash players personally. You'll never see me mock an injury, post a player's phone number, or comment on some other personal issue. But that's not to say I won't poke fun at the team a lot of you support to the death. When you wear your fandom on your sleeve, and tell the world what great fans you are (hell, it's on your front door)...you're bound to make some enemies.

I am your enemy.

But that's not to say we can't have rational discussions and heated debates. In the end, we're all sports fans from the same area, and for that we need to separate these debates from life and death issues. Yeah, I may throw out a few things that perhaps are a TINGE insulting. But it's banter about a sport..a sport played by kids even.

Thanks for letting me share some of my thoughts with you. Despite your feelings toward me or my team, I hope to piss you off, make you smile, shake your head, or make you fear for the future of the human race. Regardless of all that, it's still better than watching the depressing images on the 6 O'Clock news.

Thanks again for the support, enjoy the off-season, and try to keep your players out of jail.



Blogger TB said...

inability to comprehend dissent seems to be a nebraska thing, extending to a lot of different areas. a lot of people i knew back there were shocked...SHOCKED that there were people who actually accepted the theory of evolution, or didn't think two men getting married was the end of the world. but of course i really saw it full-blast when i left the state to go to school at one of their most hated "non-rivals" (of course nebraska has no peer). just for comedic effect, aj, tell some random husker fan you grew up a husker fan but went to (random big 12 north school) for college and now you cheer for them. you'll have some great new material.

keep it up aj.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“It also dawned on me that Nebraska fan was absolutely, in no way able to comprehend the fact that somebody out there actually DID NOT LIKE them or respect their "traditions."”

Uh, newsflash AJ, we are all well aware that those fanbases within the original Big 8, and especially in the North now, pretty much hated our guts for all those years of beating the crap out of them. Why do you think those games were so big for you guys back then? Everyone hated us and wanted to bring us down.

“Why do you guys take this so seriously? Why does it distress you so much that somebody could have another opinion, different than your own? It's all fun and games when other programs mock each other, but when I do it, I'm some kind of monster?”

There is a difference between mocking a fanbase with humor and satire and saying shit just to “piss you people off.” When I say check out other blogs that do it with class refer to EDSBS, Bearmeat, Sunday Morning Quarterback, and many others to see how it can be done. In fact I believe you are taking a step in the right direction with the J.C. Keller fake article. It was funny, made a jab at our expense, and didn’t include “myopic inbred overall-wearing dipshits.”

“I write this blog because it not only pisses you people off, but it allows fans of other teams to see some of the ridiculous things that Husker fans do and say when supporting their team.”

What makes you their beacon of light that allows folks that probably haven’t even met a Husker fan see what we are “really like.” It really wouldn’t be that much of a problem with me besides the fact that 85% of the stuff you write is total BS and senstionalized like a mother fucker.

“But that's not to say we can't have rational discussions and heated debates. In the end, we're all sports fans from the same area, and for that we need to separate these debates from life and death issues.”

And then you have to go all civil on me. Yes rational discussions and debate would be ideal probably for everyone, however it seems sometimes you come off as irrational when displaying your points about the Huskers. Yes, I know this is coming from a fan part of a fanbase that is teeming with hysteria but if two irrational entities collide with one another then what ground is gained?

“Yeah, I may throw out a few things that perhaps are a TINGE insulting.”

Yeah, that’s the fucking understatement of the year.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


I can find out if Zach Wiegerts brother ever threatened you if you want?

Probably just some guy that said he was something that he wasn't so people would think more of him than he was.

You want to hear a funny one, my cousin went to a big 12 school (because of programs), actually played a team sport (other than cheerleading and chess) against the Huskers, but wore his Husker gear in their student section when the Huskers came to town. With all he "accomplished in sports" how sick and demented was that?

(I'll beat this was huge conspiracy on behalf of the Huskers. Maybe my cousin was a mole. I'll beat that's why he was never arrested.)

11:10 AM  
Blogger AJ said...


No worries. The conversations and e-mails I shared with those guys over the years were FAR more offensive and disturbing than ANYTHING I've ever posted here. And yes, all of them I still consider friends of mine.

It's just a part of sports and the information age that makes life a little more interesting.

I'll also add this: Before I had a family, I took these kinds of things way more seriosly. I would throw things after losses...let them bug me for days. I'd be more worried about what my co-workers were going to do to me over a game than I was the actual outcome.

Whether you think I'm serious or not..whether you believe me that I was actually an athlete at one time doesn't really matter. What matters is that in a pretty crappy world, we can pretend that things like sports and the like really matter....they really affect our lives. (And for MANY people..they still believe that, as I once did).

But in the end, it comes down to you and your family and your role in life. Not who is playing QB for NU.

In the past few years, I've seen three co-workers return from Iraq safely, and not one but TWO co-workers lost their children to accidents. After listening to them and hearing with how they cope...my annoyance of Husker fan really is put into perspective.

You're still a bunch of inbred hicks though. ;)

12:30 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

PS - By the way...

Cutting and pasting comments, and then commenting on those comments is my NUMBER ONE pet peave in the world of message boards.

You can call me whatever you want...just have an original thought. That's all I ask.

Lazy ass.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


First off, I'm glad you don't take this seriously, because I don't.

If anyone (kool-aid drinkers included) want to make a blanket statement, (if I have the time), I'll call them on it. If you want to make a statement based on conjecture, I'll call you on it.

I get my laughs off reading responses which include conspiracy theories, "hua" statements, personal insults that masquerade as arguements, and the infamous "because I said so". Like I've stated before, I was the kid that liked to corner the snake and tease it until it struck.

How many thugs must be on that Florida basketball team? I'll beat there are dead bodies stacked up in dorm rooms around campus. What d'ya say AJ?

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, I'm not sure how commenting on your comments makes me a lazy ass, but those our my original thoughts on what you said. I thought that is how the comments section works in blogs. You say something either correct or incorrect and people come here to either agree or disagree. The only reason I put the original thought above it was to help you follow along easier. Sorry if this insults your intelligence, but that was not my intent. If you don't like it you don't have to post it.

4:39 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I was semi-joking about you being a lazy ass. Sheesh. (although I do find the whole cut and comment thing lame. But whatever. I approve pretty much any comments, so have at it.

As for bhg...the thug card certainly goes beyond Nebraska sports..and there are certainly other instances. Even at Missouri, there were several factions of fans who didn't care what Ricky Clemmons did at the time...they just wanted to win.

The "blanket" statement was certainly correct though, because the entire country saw Osborne as selling his soul for a title. It's not like I just made this up one day.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Creighton update please...I can hardly wait for this one!

8:40 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Sorry, not Wiegart, my brother is friends with the Z boys.

Back to soul selling? You, the self-proclaimed college sports participant, THUGS=HAPPY FANS, "many division one schools can't compete with other classes", now wants us to believe that you had the pulse of the entire nation and their intentions towards Osbourne and the program.

Hey, give us some more insight, how's the football season going to pan out this year for every college team? I mean with this great and wonderful insight, why stop at nailing Osbourne. Tell us what really happened to Anna whatshername, how about a cure for cancer, an alternative fuel source, and whatever you and your great wisdon can muster up.

Hey, why you are it, tell me to prove a neagtive, and think it's something great. (I get a good chuckle when you think you're going to drown someone, and bring a water pistol.)

9:17 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


You seriously want everyone to take your statement at face value, the one where you know what everyone was thinking about Osbourne and the program.

Why are you wasting this super-intel on little ol' Huskers when you could be using it to find a cure for cancer, tell us who really shot Kenndy, make farts not smell, and find a cure for stupidity while you're at it.

I mean you are the guy that gave us THUGS=HAPPY FANS, great accomplishments in the "college" (in all likelyhood we're talking high scorer in an intramural basketball in community college) game, that division one schools would have difficulty competiting with many lower division schools (so why degrade Nebraska football for putting Maryland school of the blind on their schedule?), and other magnificently orchestrated and logical theories.

I can't see why they don't let you in the "round table of discussion", I mean that whole THUGS=HAPPY FANS is golden, that is as solid a thoery as I have ever heard.

Oh, for the guy that stated a few posts ago, about the theory of evolution. The theory has been in dispute for over 150 years (prior to Darwins visit to the islands), and the scientific question asked 150 years ago has yet to be explained. The theory of evolution talks about gradual change, but evolutinists have never been able to explain the development of a functioning eye due to the complex nature of processing light and information. Darwin himself said that there was not proof to accept the theory of evolution at the time, but that study of the fossil record in the future would prove the theory. To date (150 years later), what has the fossil record shown? (Big Pause for dramatic effect.) The fossil record shows that numerous species of plants and animals showed up at the same time, no gradual evolution as the theory would imply. Maybe Darwin should have stuck with THUGS=HAPPY FANS.

10:06 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Bhg, I respect your opinon, and thus approved the post. But I'm not going to lie to you...I'm bored as hell with your argument and didn't even read it.

I'm sure you made a hell of a point though.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Hugh Akston said...

BHG - Didn't realize you were actually either Jerry Falwell/Ralph Reed/James Dobson. Makes sense since clearly God is a Husker Fan.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Didn't realize that you were such a deep thinker, I'll wait for a logical response. Hey, Hugh, how about calling me a bible thumper next time, that'll really show me. (Wait, I'll bet Hughs all over that THUGS=HAPPY FANS theory, that goes along way to explaining things.) I noticed that after 150 years you didn't have a scientific answer for that whole evolution and eyeball thing, maybe you'll figure it out in say another 150 years, or maybe AJ can make an answer up.


Bored, how can you be bored when you can make up your own facts, and then try to pass them off as fact. Was it the reading part that threw you off? (AJ, you have a theory, that theory is THUGS=HAPPY FANS, it's not backed up by fact, but by feelings.)

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonight, Matt Perrault said to Dana Altman, "Coach, today's my birthday, and I will consider it my personal birthday present to have you back."

Please, please, please....I'm begging you. Include that in some way in your next rant. Thank you.

8:18 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I'm sorry I'm late posting. I've had some things come up at home..but I promise a Dana Altman special by end of day.

9:49 AM  

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