March 23, 2007

It's Christmas in March

Before I start on this, let me begin by addressing a few key elements here. Yes, I know it was just a ticket. Yes, I've gotten a ticket before, although I've never been an asshole enough to actually attract the cops after arguing with a girl. No, not everybody is out to get you. Believe it or not, there are many people in this world who could give a rat's ass about Husker football...even in Lincoln. But is this overblown? Is this something to make light of, as many Husker fans have online in the past 12 hours or so? Is it just another example of how ESPN hates you and all they want to do is tear you down because of your greatness?

Let's look at some facts here:

After having a steady but vastly overrated offensive leader graduate last year, your QB of the future left to play somewhere else...or join a boy band or whatever else Harrison Beck was going to do. Anyhow, in your moment of despair, a QB who actually had moderate credentials fell out of the sky and into your lap. (Are you with me so far) People are now talking Heisman in between hits of acid and forwarding tracks of their favorite Cyprus Hill CD. People who are normally completely irrational and without reason are even more completely irrational and without reason. Fans on the radio are demanding a BCS game, 11 wins or more....all because a QB fell from the sky and landed in Lincoln.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "If something is too good to be true, it probably is" ?

Do you think there might be a reason why this guy's teammates didn't want him to lead their team? Have you ever thought of the possibility that something isn't quite normal for a college football team to vote on a demotion for a QB that has started for a few years and put up some good numbers? Do you think it's safe to put your entire program's future on the shoulders of a guy who would quit on his teammates just a few weeks before the season?

What J.C. did yesterday happens all the time. Kids do stupid stuff, act like assholes and throw temper tantrums because some chick pulled into a parking spot he wanted...probably has happened 10 times since I started typing this.

So why is it a big deal?

It's a big deal, because it's all a part of a pattern. It's a big deal, because this is EXACTLY the reason he got demoted at Arizona State. It's a big deal because if his temper gets him into enough trouble that he would somehow get arrested or kicked off the team (yeah, Callahan would do that), then Joey Ganz is your quarterback...with USC, Wake and Texas on the schedule. Good freaking luck with that.

So let's do a quick review after the first 3 or 4 days of spring ball:

- Your best Wide Receiver came to camp so fat that he not only was asked to move to Tight End, but he has also taken up bowling. And we all know how fit bowlers are.
- Your only good running back was rushed to the hospital due to a mystery ailment that is rumored to be either drug or emotionally related. It may have been nothing...I don't know...but starting running backs being on the brink of death is not a good thing.
- Your starting all-world QB has a run-in with the police after going apeshit and threatening a GIRL.

Did I miss anything?

This is why I do what I do. Without me, you all would band together, circle the wagons and not only mock an altercation that involved the police, but actually go after the girl in the car who took his spot. You may think this isn't a big deal, and the incident itself is not. But when you have a guy who is the second coming of God, when you have a guy who has been labeled a cancer before, when you have a guy who has already been seen screaming at teammates...I'm guessing this isn't anything to chuckle about.

Oh, and for those of you thinking, "Boy, this must be like Christmas for you"...I give you something even better. Not every day you have an ex-husker get busted for improper relations with a child. Props to this story getting swept under the rug and congratulations to Husker fans for cheering on true scumbags like this.

Happy Friday.

(LATE EDIT - For those of you who think I'm making light of the situation, save your fucking breath. The "Christmas in March" theme has to do with Keller making an ass of himself, and not some sick fuck going to prison who used to play for your team. I'm simply stating a fact that was reported. I'd be less worried about me, and more worried how Tom Osborne found this guy. If I'm "Making light" of anything, it's the fact that the local media is completely ignoring this story)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ...who was the ex-husker that got busted. They really did keep it under the rug.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please enlighten us all on the reasons why Keller demoted at ASU. Im not sure how you have the privleged information, but Id love to know the details.

Oh wait. You dont know anything. Its pure speculations. Nevermind.

1:14 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

You're completely ignoring facts. The fact is, J.C. was a semi-accomplished QB at a Pac-10 school, and he was demoted. That is not speculation, that is fact.


Was he hurt? no.
Was he underperforming? no.
Did he have a drug problem? no.

So what is it? I'm guessing that starting a fight with a chick in teh parking lot is a symptom of possibly being an asshole.

Just a guess though.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous OHF (yes im going with an acronym now until i finally sign up for an official account) said...

you have hit a new all time low. you are a sick sick bastard. christmas in march for you huh? i bet you go to bed at night praying that some former husker football player molests children so you can write about it. that is sick and disgusting. i dont care if it is a former buffalo, tiger, cyclone, etc. i would never wish such a horrible thing to happen to a child, while you relish in it when it does occur. i know you didnt write a complete blog about it, because of "cupgate" (which yes, is stupid, and not newsworthy), but that you even mentioned it and wondered why more news wasnt made about the child molestation case and writing about it in your "christmas in march" blog shows what a true sick fuck you really are. enjoy your jollies over this, you make me sick.

5:08 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Stop being a drama queen. I write 9000 words on Keller, and 10 on this guy I've barely heard of, and you throw a completely hissy fit. I am simply pointing out that a sick and twisted fuck (a real one) used to play for YOUR football team.

I didn't go into detail about it. I didn't praise it. I didn't mock it. I simply said that this guy used to play for your team...a National Championship team at that.

This is what I get for not personally attacking players. You have noticed that right? Of course you haven't. When Marlon Lucky had his event a few months ago...did I mock that? Do I ever personally attack any player? (and no, calling Purify fat is not personally attacking. He's a WR, he should not come in at 230.)

Your over-dramatic, holier-than-thou, fake moral character is transparent. Yes, I'M THE SICK BASTARD, because I AM SIMPLY POINTING IT OUT. And by the way...I didn't even see the fucking thing til one of YOUR FUCKING fans pointed it out.

If I make you sick...if you're SO MUCH MORALLY above everybody two things. 1) Don't read this blog and 2) stop claiming to be morally superior than everybody else. And don't even fucking pretend to not know what I mean.

"Christmas in March" refereed to Keller and nothing more. Don't be appauled at me...I'm not the one who did it. I'm simply pointing it out.

Stop being a dumbass.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ.....who the hell was the ex-husker that got busted? I can't find a thing on it over the net and I'm sure hell not going to find anything thru the Nebraska media. Speak to me!

8:46 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

I've talked to a lot of Husker fans who don't know who the hell he was. Apparently he was fairly good on the 94 team, because he was honorable mention all Big 8. (Which isn't saying that much, because teh entire all-big 8 team beack then was all NU and OU)

What's more amazing is how little you hear about it. Other than that posted Journal Star story..there has been nothing.

Which is probably good, because it's a disturbing story. (and not the only NU player of that era to get charged with that I might add.)

10:09 AM  

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