March 10, 2007

Quick Hits on a Getaway Saturday

Real quick as I’m running out the door to head out of town for the weekend:

- The Big 12 tourney in Oklahoma City is a joke. Now granted, I’m not there…but I’ve seen enough of the tournament to see enough empty seats to call it as such. Sure, you can pack it in when Okie State is playing a #2 seed, but how hard is that? From what I’ve heard, the arena is nice, but nothing spectacular.

I can see the Big 12 moving the tourney around a bit, and I have no problem with Okie City getting a shot. But when ESPN pans the crowd during a Texas vs. Baylor game on a Friday night, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s completely unacceptable for ½ the arena to be empty.

I remember going to the Big 8 tourney at Kemper as a kid, and yeah there is an extra day thrown in there now…but that place was jammed even in 1985. I would be interested in seeing what Omaha would do with a tournament like that. I have no doubt attendance would be much better for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Omaha sports fans love ESPN cameramen more than Rosie O’Donnell loves lunch. I mean hell, if you can pack the place to watch DRAKE of all teams, couldn’t you pack a bunch of fans in there to watch Big 12 games? Especially tourney games?

I dig on Omaha fans a lot, but I think the city would do an excellent job hosting that gig. It will be interesting to see how the city does with the NCAA 1st and 2nd round next year. Then again, when you’re spoiled with Tuesday night Creighton vs. Drexel games…how much better can it get? Honestly.

- I’m going to go out on a limb that some of you are logging into this website from your laptops as you sit in line for the spring game. You all are complete losers.

- Nice to see UNO hockey one step away from completely pissing away another season. I will save this rant for another day, because the season is technically not over…but after another last second choke job, (Following a valiant comeback) it’s pretty clear that this is part of a long-standing pattern. Once again, there isn’t jack shit anybody can do about it since UNO is broke and has the marketing savvy of a third grader, I’m not exactly optimistic about the future.

Before the season ends, just let the record show that this team waltzed into this season with a ton of firepower, and now is one more loss away from missing a trip to Detroit yet again. As a fan and long-time ticket holder, I find this completely and totally unacceptable. But then again, you already knew that and I’m not going to go any further with it. Let the record show it pisses me off to no end.

- And speaking of hockey…fuck you Penguins fan. I tried to be nice before, but the constant bitching and complaining about my hometown has nearly sent me over the edge. YOU PEOPLE are the ones who elected incompetent idiots as civic leaders. YOU PEOPLE were the ones who were handing out stadiums to the Pirates and Steelers like they were growing on trees. YOU PEOPLE are the ones who live in a city that has lost 10% of it’s population since 1990. (While Kansas City has grown 5.5%). I’m sick and tired of taking shit because you people fucked up. I’m going to stop there, because something tells me I’m going to go down this road again a time or two in the next few weeks.

Either way, to hell with all of you. I hope after this is over, the Steelers move to Knoxville. And take that fucking Terry Bradshaw with you too, I’m sick of listening to his shit.

Have a super duper weekend, I’m getting out of Dodge.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a moron! OKC is doing an awesome job at hosting both the men's and women's tournaments. I have been to Kemper and American Airlines areana and this OKC tournament is most definately on par with both. Omaha couldn't host a highschool tournament!

3:02 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Does "awesome" = shitty?

Attendance for non-Oklahoma teams was a complete joke. Thursday was a joke.

And by the way..Omaha DOES host a high school tournament and it outdrew the Thursday session in Okie City.

Piss off.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous tb said...

the tournament needs to get back in KC, where it belongs. i almost guarantee the sprint center will set attendance records next year when the tournament comes there, esp. considering, ku, ksu, and mu should be pretty solid next year. and even in games those three aren't playing in, the attendance will be better simply bc KC loves that tournament and shows up to support it.

6:38 AM  

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