February 27, 2007

You Say You Want a Revolution

Although I mock the Dog Days of February, there are times where I truly love it. Not because of the ice, or the cold, or the fact that there is absolutely nothing really going on…leave it to Husker fan to battle that boredom with a good ol fashioned scandal.

Of course, gone are the days of real scandals, like a running back climbing up a building, only to grab a girl by the hair while she’s servicing a back-up quarterback. Those days are gone. But why are they gone? Has the true values of Husker athletics actually IMPROVED under the watch of Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan? Are today’s upstanding youth more likely to turn down that hit of weed at a party? If Miss Nebraska is sitting next to them at a bar, are they going to turn the other cheek and NOT shove their hand down her pants?

Or is it just tougher to get information out fortress Husker?

Enter my favorite wordsmith, Tom Shatel. Apparently, Mr. Shatel sent shockwaves through Husker nation this morning. Not by anything witty or newsworthy, but by doing what Tom does best (next to backstab his alma mater)….stir up trouble.

Apparently Typing Tom tried to swing by the NU athletic department this morning, and was met with more security than camp Victory in Baghdad’s green zone. After being led upstairs by a security officer like a common Husker football player, Mr. Shatel decided to further shake the beehive by testing the waters of access and security at the Governor’s mansion and office of UNL President Harvey Pearlman.

Upon further review, Typing Tom decided that for some reason, Husker nation has officially been shut out of their own Hotel de Ville. Yes, gone are the days where Gomer Tuckleberry from Scribner can waltz into Tom Osborne’s office, sip some lemonade and chat it up with T.O. about the dangers of pornography, and the power I formation. No longer can Velma Snoot from Valentine swing by the football offices, and drop off a homemade Cherry pie to Charlie McBride on her way to see her cousin Beatrice in Ashland as she’s passing through town.

So as I’m reading this story, thinking of one or a thousand ways to make fun of it, the clouds parted, and a white bright light beamed through atmosphere. Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, the wave of understanding and consciousness hit me like a ton of bricks. This, like many other answers to questions left unasked by Husker fan, is very easy to explain:

You did this to yourselves.

People are losing their minds over Steve Pederson, because he is a creation of you, gone completely overboard and totally mad. For YEARS and YEARS and YEARS, the pinnacle of your existence was not revolving around how great your team was. That was easy to see thanks to your play on the field. No, the reason you people brought this upon yourself, is because you went out of your way to tell others how DIFFERENT of a program you were.

Your coaches stayed on for years
Your walk-on program was second to none
Your fans were united in love toward their favorite team
Your support was pure and divine.
When players got in trouble, they had a wiley mentor to guide them.
When anybody questioned you, they were out to tear you down.
Your tradition
Your facilities
Your love of winning
Your dominance

Little did you know back then that your quest for even more would prove to be your downfall. Much like emperor Zeno drove the Roman’s into the ground in 480 AD, emperor Pederson is in power, because you put him in power. The walls around Husker Castle are now as high as ever, shutting out the very kingdom that put them in power. The Romans collapsed in the first century AD, because they didn’t know when to quit. And just like Zeno, the Husker empire is collapsing before our very eyes, brought fourth not by any foreign army, but by a leader installed by the very people who now chastise his name.

This isn’t that hard to figure out. Look at any failed empire in history, from Zeno to the Third Reich, and you will see classic examples of power gone overboard. Weather a civilization pulled itself from the ashes as Germany did in the mid 30’s, or the Romans tried to hang on to power as long as they could, it’s very easy to see that all empires fall eventually. Even look at the French Revolution to see what happens when Kings get greedy. (Yeah, I just compared you to the French. Suck on that)

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and nowhere is that more evident than in Lincoln. Is Steve Pederson a sniveling weasel? Of course he is. Is Bill Callahan simply a “bad PR person”, or is he a buffoon that lost control of his team the only other time he was in power? Of course he’s both.

Who the hell cares if some sports-hack can’t waltz into the football offices? Who gives a frog’s fat ass if some long-time trainer gets the shaft and gets fired without so much as a “thanks a lot”. Who cares if Steve-O promised you the world, and all you got to show for it was some Order Restored t-shirts, an Alamo Bowl ticket stub and a pretty red waterfall?

This is big time college sports. Whether you think it’s your God given right to keep things the way they were is completely irrelevant. This is the way things work now, and no matter how bad you want things to work out..they don’t always do.

I for one applaud Steve Pederson for keeping the windmill’s at bay with his plastic sword and his garbage can lid for a shield. Makes more so much more interesting drama than simple domestic assaults and sexual battery.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.

(Photo Credit of Steve-O - Daily Nebraskan)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though I applaud your references of Husker nation to historical events, such as the downfall of Rome, and make yet another WWII Nazi reference, I have to disagree on the fact that you claim we choose Steve Pederson as our AD. Not true. Harvey Pearlman was the one who hired him therefore not elected like a town official to office. Although I don't think many were upset at the hire in the beginning, in fact he did do some quality things in his first couple of months, he and Husker nation hit a rift with that whole firing of Solich which leaves us where we are at today.

Also, could you give some insight on how our program is collapsing all around us since I'm not seeing that one either?

2:55 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Ahh yes, but that is part of the civil war. YOU may not claim Steve Pederson, but MANY MANY of your fans do. It all goes back to the fact that during the Solich years, you people wanted better than 9-3 and a Rose Bowl. The fact of the matter is, you get what you deserve.

The rest of you think you were just fine back then, and battle back..people like Mike. Regardless, you are collapsing, because you are so far beyond what you used to be, you have nowhere to go but down. Coaches and players quitting, mysterious illnesses, security gaurds etc etc...it's not an overnight thing.

This has been coming for a while, and will continue to spiral downward.

Your problem is..you still have hope...and that's dangerous.

PS - There was no Nazi reference, only Germany's attempt to pull itself back up after the post world war 1 era. It's very much a metaphor, because the people looked to anybody to help them..and they chose wrong.

I'll give you the Ann Frank stuff..even if that was PC and lame. However, I'm strictly speaking from a historical standpoint. If you choose to make it ultra-sensative..then fine.

The Romans weren't exactly fun guys to hang around with either.

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you mean by claiming to Steve Pederson? They idolize him? Think he is our savior on earth (outside of J.C. Keller)? They will follow him endlessly into the unknown like lemmings with a death wish? I think he has done an OK job so far, minus a few major gaffs in logic, but as of right now we are stuck with him as our AD. The only way for him to go away is either him fucking up royally and getting fired or quitting. Also, we get what we deserve from wanting better than 9-3 and a Rose Bowl? Isn't the end goal of college football is to be the best? The one with the title at the end of the year? Granted, and I have said this before, I feel Solich might have been taken out at least a year early, but what do we deserve for striving to be the best?

"Regardless, you are collapsing, because you are so far beyond what you used to be, you have nowhere to go but down." What kind of logic is that? I've heard of being rock bottom and having no where to go but up but this saying doesn't make any sense. If I was at the top of my game and declined a bit does that automatically force me to the bottom? Not necessarily. Also, Coaches and players leaving, mysterious illnesses, and security guards are a sign of downfall? By this thought half of all Division 1 programs are collapsing.

How is having hope for my COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM dangerous? We are not talking my country you're disrespecting here; it's just a football team. If Nebraska doesn't go to the Big 12 Title game next year I'm not going to flip out and go to my nearest mall/school/workplace with a gun and start shooting.

Which leads to my next point. Yes, mentioning the Third Reich is Nazi reference, however I'm not taking it in a sensitive matter this time (although you do have to admit the Anne Frank comment was a little insensitive). I was just trying to poke fun at you for the mere fact that you like to portray Nebraska being as evil as Nazis (and Romans?). You (Anne Frank) hiding in the depths of Nebraska (Nazi Regime) while trying to tell your story to whoever will listen. It's kind of cute.

5:35 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

With all due respect, about 500 people a day read my story about being trapped here...2,000 during the football season..but that's neither here nor there.

(And yes, I apologized for the Anne Frank comment).

The overall point is...YOU might not have problems with Steve Pederson..but many many many people apparntely do. I hear it from all sides. I have friends who swear by his very existance and warship him...then we have people like Mike and the guys at billmustgo.com who hate him with a passion.

I think you have to be outside this situation to truly understand it. And what I see is that despite you wanting your football team to be "better", firing Solich..or the very least, hiring somebody outside the Husker "family" was a big mistake.

It wasn't a big mistake because Solich didn't suck..because he kinda did...however the promises and assumptions that followed Pederson and Callahan were, and still are, completely out of control.

And I agree with the part about firing him. Pearlman, Pederson and Callahan are all joined at the hip. It will take a full fledged revolution to get them out of there....which is the whole point I'm trying to make.

Shit, Football season is 6 months away..cut me some slack here.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both groups need to get over it. There is no "one side" that will win this "civil war". If Husker Mike and others have a problem with this man then don't give money to the university. Oh wait, that's already happening since there is a slow down on fundraising for the renovation. Outside of that its the boosters who have more control over the situation then Joe Huskerfan. And it would be funny to see them overthrow Steve P. in office like some government in a South American country.

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow you really suck at this don't you? You live in Nebraska and hate it, yet do not leave the place huh? I guess I should figure as much from someone who CLAIMS to like punk music, then lists crap like:
Green Day
Less than Jake

in your profile. Wow. Guess you may only be about 13 years old and just hate everything. What about the Pistols, Crass, Nosebleeds, or heck even Clash.

Why not move if you hate Nebraska so much, why just whine and complain?

2:30 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I "whine and complain" because it's my job to rat out hypocritical douchebags such as yourself. I'm too damn old to go moving my family, house and job because I don't like a football team. That's just fucking dumb.

Oh..and I used to get posts back in the day from "punk" fans who claimed they loved the Clash etc etc.....usually from their parent's IP address in upscale Millard. One guy even ripped me for being a "punk wannabe"...only to find out he worked at a bank adn wore a tie. VERY VERY PUNK.

I don't bash what you ate for dinner. Who gives a fuck what I like to listen to. Get your own fucking blog and talk about what a great "old school" punk you are. Tell everybody down at gas station I said hi.

You're all the same.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zebrahead, Green Day, NoFx may not be the 'godfathers of punk' (if you even consider them punk now) but their music isn't crap. I dislike it when folks get all uppity/snobbish about certain things in life especially kinds of music, beer, & women.

10:49 PM  

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