February 7, 2007

AJ's 2007 Recruiting Spectacular

Did you really think I was going to talk about recruiting? Did you think I was going to be like every fucking radio host in America, and blather on and on and on about high school kids you may or may not have a homo-erotic mancrush on?

If you spent more than 5 minutes reading your team’s recruiting list this morning, you are a complete and total loser. Nothing I can say, no program I can send you to can help you. The fact of the matter is, many of you did much more than that. I actually know people who took OFF WORK to read Jeremy Crabtree blather on and on and on about some 18 year old kid and 26 of his new teammates.

Seriously…get a life. Watch American Idol. Read online gossip columns about what Paris Hilton did last weekend. Watch Husker basketball. ANYTHING but devote American productivity time on a Wednesday afternoon other than obsess about some kid who is still 3 years away from drinking age.

You’re a complete and total waste on this planet, and the sooner you’re away from the rest of us…the better. Yes, I understand that it’s February 7th and there is nothing to look forward to here in football land but that complete circus you people call a spring game. (Which should be fun to watch people cream their overalls when J.C. takes the filed). Anyhow, Rabid inbred Husker fan or lowly not-good-enough-to-breathe-your-air San Jose State Fan, this covers the entire spectrum. I hate to even guess how much bandwidth was wasted on that crap today.

Yes, recruiting is important. Yes, there are can’t miss prospects who may help your team. But it’s an 11 man game. Many of those kids will never even sniff a field. Many of the kids who are listed on some crumpled up piece of paper under Tom Lemming’s car seat will be All-Americans.

The point is…We could probably cure cancer in about 3 days, if every recruiting dork put as much energy into something useful, rather than waste away worrying about something that is nothing more than organized Keno…without the monetary payout.


PS – What’s that? Husker basketball won a game or two? Uhhh…in case you didn’t notice, it takes more than a couple of road wins in February to impress anybody. Win an NCAA tourney game…oh I dunno….ONCE..and maybe people like me will take you a bit more seriously. More to come this week.


Blogger Adam said...

Check this out....


Thats slightly sickening...

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recruiting would depress me too if I was a Misery football fan such as yourself. LOL.

2:55 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

"Recruiting would depress me too if I was a Misery football fan such as yourself. LOL. "

You missed the point. I'm not "depressed"...I'm calling you a giant loser.

Read the whole thing next time Gilbert.

8:04 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

Has beens like Adam and never beens like Husker Mike find recruiting so appalling, but I gaurantee you if they were that kid getting recruited or their own kid was getting recruited they'd be peeing their panties from the excitement.

Get over it pussies. Recruiting ain't going away.

10:52 AM  

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