January 19, 2007

Bad basketball, Bad Decisions, Bad Citizens

So I sat back last night and did something I don't normally do...and that's just sit on the couch, remote in hand, and take advantage of channel surfing on the greatest HDTV set money can buy. (Shameless Sony plug here). Anyhow, I was surfing around, and hit the Creighton vs. Bradley game in spectacular HD. Obviously, I'm preaching to the choir here and I'm sure you agree with me. It should be mandatory that every sporting event shown in the U.S. should be shown in HD, under penalty of death. I realize I don't make many kudos on this blog, but kudos to NETV for putting sports on television in spectacular HD. Especially when they are a not-for-profit outfit. Hell, it even made listening to Kevin Kuglar bearable.

However, while watching the glory of 1080i, I noticed something that eagle-eyed reader OHF noticed this week as well: Creighton sucks. For a team that is supposed to be coached by the greatest basketball mind since John Wooden...they sure as hell shoot a lot of stupid-ass 3 pointers. Seriously, it got to the point where it was mind numbing:

Pass to left wing.
Pass back to point.
Pass to right wing.
Pass back to point.
(repeat 5 times)
Lob into Tolliver
Pass back out to point.
Shoot 3 pointer.


I have quite a few other problems with Creighton basketball as well. First of all, who in the hell decided that the Missouri Valley was a "power conference"? The readers of this blog were correct...Tom Shatel is a complete idiot if he thinks Mo Valley teams could compete in the Big 12 or ACC week in and week out. I'm all about being proud of your league...but this goes beyond stupid. What's that you say? They always have a team or two in the sweet 16? Yeah, that's because the good teams are always a 5 or a 6 or a 7 or some dangerous seed, playing a struggling BCS conference school in a game they usually blow off. It happens every....single...year.

As you know, I don't bash on college athletes...but somebody needs to tell Nate Funk to cut that fucking mop. Good lord...it was nearly unwatchable.

And worst of all? Creighton fans. It's worth repeating and I've said this many times. It's very difficult to take a fan base seriously when less than 8 years ago, 2,500 people attended those games. I counted FOUR students at the 1999 Creighton vs. SMS game. FOUR. (I went with an SMS grad, and we counted them.) Absolutely pathetic to see 16,000 bandwagoners, filling an arena to claim they are "great fans", when the only reason they are there is to sip wine and nibble on smoked salmon. It's absolutely astounding to me that my hatred for this team has risen to the near-level of Husker athletics. Yeah, I know...you're supposed to be "rivals" or something. However, when 16,328 fans out of 16,500 there last night are also Husker football fans...you can shove the "rivalry" thing up your ass.

* Fire Mike Kemp

* Speaking of hockey, it's starting to look like the Penguins may stay in Pittsburgh. What a shock. A league that fucked up their labor deal so bad that they actually lost a season an a half, has suddenly jumped to the forefront of traditionalism and decency...and cried for the Pens to stay in Pittsburgh. Boo fucking hoo. The media is acting like we're talking about moving the Maple Leafs. The Pens are NOT the Maple Leafs. Hell, they're barely even the Panthers. Just another example of arrogant fans, thinking they are better than they are when the chips are on the table. Congratulations Pen fans...your boy Mario fucked you over for a new building. Hope you saved some of it.

And Kansas City is not immune from this rant. Why are they being so passive on this? If I was trying to land and NHL tenant, beyond offering them free rent, I'd be on TV every single day..bashing the shit out of a crappy organization and even crappier politicians in Pennsylvania. I told you not to fuck this up...and you pretty much have. Nice going.

* Speaking of NET earlier...Kuglar and his BFF Adrian Fiala are going to have Rivals.com guru/smartest man on earth Jeremy Crabtree on their Big Red Wrap up show on February 8th. (Thanks for the 900 commercials about it NET) And when I call him the smartest man alive..I mean it. How else can somebody take GUESSWORK and turn it into a multi-million dollar industry. Granted, getting Husker fan worked up about anything is like shooting fish in a barrel. Hell, this blog alone was the primary topic on Husker message boards the day before the season started this year. Therefore, as you can see, it's not that hard. Anyhow, Rivals and their collection of "experts" (ie - dorks turned broadcasters who like to watch film of 17 year old boys all day long) will be on more TV's and radios in the next two weeks than Brittany Spears. Boy, I can't wait. (And first douchebag who writes in here and says, "You're only saying that because Mizzou sucks" is going to get it from me)

* I like to call this next rant the, "Pussification of America". Somewhere along the way during the last 20 years or so, the mindset of this country has changed...drastically. Somewhere along the way, the country has gone from tough and prepared, to weak, feminine and metro. And no, I'm not talking about the war per say, nor am I talking about people who truly believe in their cause. But when I say American Idol, The View and Desperate Housewives and the like are killing us, I really mean it.

We've turned into a nation full of complete and total pussies.

I read somewhere that only 15% of World War 2 veterans are still alive today. Can't we at least wait another decade or two as not to embarrass these men with our actions? Is Xbox and the Internet the reason nobody wants to actually follow real events anymore? Did anybody notice China knocked a satellite out of the sky yesterday? Did anybody notice sectarian violence has now spread to Turkey? Has anybody notice that the president of Iran MIGHT be a bit off his rocker? Can 95% of the nation name the current secretary of defense?

I'm not saying we should act like the bullies of the world many accuse us of being. Not at all. Actually, I blame the current U.S. administration for tearing us apart more than at anytime during the last 30 years. (ironically during a time where we were the most together in September of 2001) However, when the new congress promises "close bi-partisan working relationships aimed to bring us together"...only to pass meaningless paper resolutions on a war that they have no power in stopping...I get a little pissed.

You want to change the world? Vote in different leaders. You want to make your voice heard? Go work at fundraiser for your party of choice at election time. Volunteer for a candidate you agree with. Start a blog. (Worked for me). What I'm trying to say is....we look like complete and total fucking morons to the world because we bitch about our leaders...yet we are the ones who elected them. Of course we're not the only country in the world that has issues. However, we are the most watched group of 300 million people in the world, and the vibe we give off is one of fat, lazy, indifferent, whiny, bitchy, piss-and-moan douchebags that ever walked the earth.

Wake up and smell the coffee...educate yourself...listen to both sides of issues...and please...for the love of God...STOP BITCHING unless you truly feel you're so oppressed that you can't take it anymore. Either that, or inform the rest of us what Halle Berry was wearing at the golden globes last week.

I'd call you all idiots...but I'm too afraid you'll yell at me.



(Top photo credit:Creighton University)


Blogger Adam said...

I had something I thought was witty. It wasn't so I deleted it.

Fuck me.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

Heh heh heh... your comments about Rivals makes me want to pimp my latest blog entry about Tom Lemming and the Rivals Freaks admitting it's all nonsense.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...

I am priviledged. That is all I can say. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

11:59 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I will give you credit Mike..you posted that before I said anything. Props to you for thinking like me.


7:46 AM  
Anonymous tb said...

gotta disagree with you about Creighton. look at the stats, they don't even rank in the top 100 teams in the nation in 3-point attempts. Altman's no Wooden, i won't claim that, but they actually run a decent offensive system. i think MVC games are often ugly because the teams in the league generally play tougher defense than teams in some other conferences.

just my opinion.

11:41 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Fair enough. Perhaps it just seems that way. I've now watched two CU games in 3 weeks, and both times, it seems like there was nothing going on but passing along outside the key and heaving up shots.

I'll try to pay attention more next time to see if I'm wrong.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

"However, when 16,328 fans out of 16,500 there last night are also Husker football fans...you can shove the "rivalry" thing up your ass."

I don't know if you've noticed, but Creighton's football team leaves a bit to be desired... like a team.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ, Im with ya on this one. I hate creighton basketball, its a shitty product. I cant stand their fans, 95% are bullshit. Also im glad you agree that kemp needs to be fired. He simply cant coach hockey. He reminds me of the coach from the waterboy...

1:34 PM  

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