January 30, 2007

"I'll take National Humiliation" for $400 Alex"

Uhhhhh....What the hell was that?


Look, you'll NEVER EVER see me praising the Kansas Jayhawks in any way shape or form. Usually, I root for the tornado when the Jayhawks and Huskers tangle in anything. However, what went down at the Devaney Center on Monday night in front of 15 million people was nothing short of hilarity at it's finest.


The best part of it for me was not the team, floundering around in the water, drowning before our every eyes within an endless array of KU dunks, jumpers and three-pointers. No, the best part was the classiest fans in the nation..who had gathered at the Devaney Center to cheer on the group of strangers dressed in red and white on the floor below. Not only were they sarcastically cheering another KU bucket as the carnage and bloodshed carried on, but they actually jumped to their feet in mock celebration after NU stopped a 27-0...yes 27 to fucking ZERO run.

Do you know how hard it is to get caught in an 27-0 run? Like you, I would have anticipated this sort of thing at the dump that is Allen Fieldhouse. But the Devaney Center? A 27-0 run? And its' not like this is the 91 Duke team with Laettner, Hill and Hurley. This is the same group of Jayhawks that melted against Oral Roberts...tanked on the road at Texas Tech..and BARELY beat a mediocre Missouri team AT HOME.

So as the Bud Light commercials say...here's to you, last-place big 12 team. Way to show the nation that intramural sports are alive and well at the state sponsored university in Nebraska. But look on the bright side....at least 70-10 won't look so bad anymore?

Good stuff.
(Photo thanks - Lincoln Journal Star)
(Thanks to the KC Star for the "Creamed Corn" idea)


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