January 27, 2007

Trouble in Paradise?

Well well.......

Lots of people came up to me last night, asking my take on the latest Husker coaching defection. Now that Jay Norvell will be calling plays for UCLA, how will King Raider and the nation of Red move on? You may think I get ultra worked-up over these kinda things….dancing in delight as I envision another rock crumbling out of the Husker foundation.

Not really.

Fact of the matter is, your foundation has been falling apart for a long time. Although I’m sure Norvell has some nice credentials, what good is an offensive coordinator to a power-freak head coach who calls his own plays anyway? To me, the John Blake defection was way more important. Not because he was worth all that much to the program, but because he was the guy you guys drooled over every year at this time…salivating at another Rivals100 branded FOUR STAR recruit that coach Dudley landed. (Probably because he delivered a hand-written note, or ate Apple Pie at the kid’s mom’s house or what have you.) To me, that is much more interesting, because that was a focus of many of your arguments.

Hell, just listening to the radio on the way home yesterday, caller after caller pointed out that Norvell was good for nothing anyway, and obviously didn’t have the loyalty to stay, nor the common sense. (Of course, this is because of the upcoming Heisman season of J.C. Keller and the waterfall of wins that will accompany it.) The reaction was pretty much exactly like I thought it would be. “We don’t need him, because he wasn’t that good anyway.”

Yes, the same age-old Husker mantra that has been tagged to one-time superstars such as: Curt Dukes, David Horne, Joe Dailey, Harrison Beck, DeAngelo Evans, Thunder Collins and the like…this is no different…only on the other side. By that I mean, this is exactly why me and others don’t take you seriously. We didn’t take it seriously when Marlon Lucky signed on and you told us he’d rush for 2000 yards in his freshman year. We didn’t get excited when Zac Taylor signed on (even though apparently you can have mediocre numbers and still be considered the best offensive player in the Big 12). And I’m not going to get excited when people like Norvell and Blake leave. I’m not going to get excited, because I knew they weren’t that good.

So sorry to disappoint you. In my eyes, it’s a complete non-event. You could stick pretty much anybody in that job right now, and 99.99% of you people will crow about how great he is, how he and J.C. are going to dominate the Big 12 next season blah blah blah. Then, when that person leaves…you’ll be there to tell me he was never that good anyway, and I’ll be right back here…rolling my eyes.

It’s as predictable as gravity.

What I would be a bit more concerned about is the story that Mike discussed yesterday involving Jordan Congdon and what’s going to come out of his mouth soon. Again, I’m not going to be TOO excited, because you’ll just say he sucked anyway. (You already have). However, it would seem to me to be a disturbing trend that players are leaving at an alarming rate, all talking about the coaching staff in the same way.

Need I remind you again that the guy in charge of your program once ran the Oakland Raiders? What the hell did you expect?

More to come as details become available.


Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...

At least our coach isnt considered a God at Toledo. Congrats on all the success at Missouri. Youre so bitter Aj over your shitty Chiefs and crappy Missouri. Thanks for the laughs.

1:24 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I see I've struck a nerve.....


Are you going to take your ball and go home????

5:47 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

I find it fascinating Nebraska's new Offensive Coordinator was calling the plays on "Black Friday" in Boulder. The day the paint began to peel away.

This coaching change will be negligible at best and potentially could help Nebraska by having a fresh set of eyes in the booth.. Eyes with college Offensive Coordinator experience.

Yawning here again.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no...what you are really seeing is the same revolving door policy fully enacted in every major university.....

we've joined the status quo.

6:13 PM  

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