February 25, 2007

Hey Weather Guy, Go Blow it out your Dry Slot.

Maybe you got some snow and ice. Maybe you were pummeled with the "storm of the century". However, at the Husker Hater household, we were spared the wrath of God, and experienced nothing short of a 3 inch dusting that would rival a skating scene in a Berle Ives Christmas special. Hell, that wasn't even the most snow we've gotten in the last two weeks. Why does the word "Dry Slot" ALWAYS come up at the last second? Don't you think somebody would learn after 100,000 storms how to better prepare for that? It would seem pretty basic to me.

I understand it's way way way overdone, and I understand it's nearly impossible to 100% predict...but why even predict snow amounts at all? Why not say, "Some of you are going to get pummeled, some of you won't. Hell, I don't know." I wouldn't mind if it was now and again..but this happens EVERY SINGLE time. Shit, the one time we actually did get 7-8 inches of snow this year, it was out of a smaller system that only supposed to dump 2-3. Uhhh...OK.

I also understand it's a business, and these guys are all trying to beat each other to the punch. But even the National Weather Service's website shifted the snow amounts hour to hour, almost up to the time the "storm" hit. Regardless, I just find it completely and totally lame that these monster "storms" are supposed to blow in with 900mph winds and 12+ inches of snow...and it ends up being nothing. Time and time again...

- NASCAR fan: Still pissed at me.

- Better mention this or certain posters (ahemOHFahem) will get pissed. Mega props to the "Duke of the Midwest", that is Nebraska basketball. In a thrilling OT win yesterday, the Huskers defeated fellow "North Carolina of the Midwest" Missouri in Big 12 play. A big white Australian dominated a Mizzou team that has one guy over 6'8, and even he was in foul trouble. A few thousand people showed up, because there really isn't anything else to do in Lincoln, and the seats in the pool for the state swimming meet next door will already filled.

Regardless, Nebraska's big win now puts them in 10th place (out of 12), and Mizzou slips to 6th. I'm sure this game will send shockwaves throughout the NIT bracketology websites, as I'm sure they're already crashing.

Meanwhile, Kansas is finally playing up to their potential (3 weeks before the inevitable 2nd round loss that even my dog sees coming) and A&M is playing well as well. Why even have a Big 12 tourney? Why even play the other games? Just line up A&M with KU and see who wins. (And give Durant the POY award before the game for good measure)

* Saw J.C. Keller interviewed on the news the other day. Something tells me I'm gonna have a heyday with this guy as the season gets closer.

* On a sad note, former Missouri running back Damian Nash passed away after a charity basketball game. Just another sad instance of a long-running problem that very few people talk about. There are obviously some sort of abnormalities within the heart of many young black athletes. I'm not a medical researcher by any means, but isn't there some research that can be done on this? Is there even a study going on? How many high-profile deaths have to occur in order for some action to be taken?

You would have thought that after Hank Gathers in the early 90's, somebody would have begun a push to make sure that more effort is taken to identifying this problem early on. Is it a social issue? Is it a racial issue?

Maybe it's just me, but somebody might want to look into possibly a way to screen something that is obviously more than just a little problem. Perhaps universities, high schools and professional teams can improve their medical entry process? If one school like Missouri loses 2 players in 2 years to the same issue...I think I consider that a problem. Young, strong and seemingly healthy young men should not be dropping dead at this rate. It just doesn't add up.

Another sad chapter to a seemingly growing, yet silent problem.


Anonymous obsessed husker fan said...

thats right aj. SWEEP. 2-0 vs. missery. spin it how you want it, and i know it doesnt bother you because you only jump on that bandwagon when when missery is "good". typical missery fan. and im glad to see your man crush on sam keller has already begun. should be fun.


4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heart screening being done at Kansas State


5:20 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Mr. OHF..you could at least come up with your own material. Those are two of the exact same lines I've thrown out here time or two or fifty. And you mocking somebody's mancrush with JC? That's pretty funny.

As for the KSU comment...I'm really serious on this. How many times does this have to happen? It's completely senseless. You would think in this day and age we would have the technology to prevent this.

It's beyond sad, and it seems like next to nothing is being done about it. Props to KSU for doing at least something....

7:45 PM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

The truly sad thing was that the charity basketball game was for his brother, who had a heart transplant. You really have to feel for the Nash family.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Heard some of that Nebraska class on the radio broadcast Saturday.

Some 'holer fan yelled "Anderson, get off the court, you dumb n-----" at the 8 minute mark of the first half.

Was OHF at the game?

10:06 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

OHF might be an idiot sometimes, but I don't think it's fair to call him a racist.

However, I did see reports of the same thing. Every state has bigots and some areas fester that more than others. It's a shame it happens anywhere, no matter it Nebraska, Missouri or North Dakota.

A shame if it's true.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous obsessed husker fan said...

thanks aj. i am far from a racist, but i do find it funny seeing a missery fan calling someone a racist as most of southern missouri cant even speak understandable english, and most still fly their confederate flags.


5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for the link to the anthony bates site:


k-state has been doing this for all student-athletes since 2002. i did it when i was there. it takes seriously ten minutes for a heart screening. more people need to do something similar. surprised nash's condition wasn't caught by someone during his combine/workouts for nfl teams.

6:30 PM  

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