February 11, 2007

The Dog Days of February

Is there any worse time of year for sports than right now? Football is done, March Madness is a month away. Hell, even spring training (the only time a Royals fan has hope), is still several week from even having anybody report to camp. So what to rant about during that time? Ehhh..not that much.

* Some people have taken my lack of venom toward Nebraska basketball as some sort of arrow to the chest. Apparently, NU’s 3-6 Big 12 record is supposed to have stunned me in my tracks…causing this blog to completely shutdown, as I devour a plate of crow so big it would sent Mark Mangino running for a doggie bag. Apparently that and my own favorite university’s struggles this season have staggered me in such a way that I’m completely stunned and nearly at a loss for words.


I’m not sure what Doc Sadler’s team has done this year is anything more than ho-hum basketball played in a rapidly improving league. On one hand, I do think he’s done a pretty good job. Other than getting anal raped by KU at home (ahem…), the Husker basketball team has definitely improved over last year. Gone are the Barry Collier hold-game and perimeter stall tactics that would result in a missed three pointer every 33 seconds. The Huskers decent guard play in Charles Richardson, but Maric is pretty tough to stop at 16 ppg. I will give them that.

On the other side of the coin, Eric Piakowski is nowhere to be seen, and this is probably as good as you’re going to get. (Which I'm not sure if you realize this...isn't that good.) I mean..let’s face it…all the shit you people give me about my team in football, you can say exactly the same (or less) in basketball. Nebraska is one of a few dozen teams (and I think the only BCS conference school) NEVER to win an NCAA tourney game. Let me reiterate that for those of you with a reading disorder. NEVER in the history of the school have they won an NCAA basketball game. That should tell you something, because at least Tiger football went to an Orange Bowl as an undefeated team in the last 60’s. Let's keep some perspective here.

So is it even worth it to get that fired up? OK, so you’re better than last year…you’re still looking at an NIT birth MAYBE, and even with improved play are still head and shoulders below even sniffing the top 1/2 of the conference. Is that to say Doc Sadler can’t put together a very Danny Nee like season down the road? Maybe. But until he starts acting like Nee and starts scheduling Delaware State and North Carolina A&T …You can expect more of the same ho hum. Yes, it's funny as hell when you get ass-throttled by triple digits at home....but what the hell do you expect? Of course I'm going to mention it...don't be a dumbass.

* To the rest of you (ie- those Husker football fans who have zero shame and call themselves Creighton fans)….I’m about sick and tired of hearing about the mighty Bluejays on their way to more NCAA glory. (Apparently one win over Florida can take you a long long way.)

When you’re bragging about your top 25 RPI, and yet your biggest win is a road victory over mighty Missouri State, I have an issue with it. And here’s the bad thing..it’s not just the fact that Creighton always feel like they have to prove something, but it’s the sheer annoyance and arrogance on top of it. The snotty bandwagon-fueled attitude that permeates from the pores of every CU fan is why I even give a rat’s ass about them. When the Civic was 1/8th full, I could care less. Now with the Qwest Center bursting at the seems with arrogant "uber-fans" who sport their blue while dining on Orange Ruffy....you'll get no respect from me.

* Question of the week: “How come you’re not popping off about your own team blog guy? You have nothing to say, that’s why you haven’t mentioned them? "

No, I said this long ago, and I’ll say it again slower…this is not my sounding board to tell you what a great fan I am and how great my team is. If I discuss them, it’s because I have a lot of Missouri readers and Big 12 fans in general. I’m not mentioning them a whole lot this year because they’re finding out how tough it is to compete in a new system with no athletes. (Sound familiar Husker fans?) Funny how when Husker football is going through a rebuilding process like that, they’re simply “restoring order” in a few years. Yet, if another team does it, they’re completely ignorant to the suckiness of their own team.

Perhaps Mizzou can beat Colorado by 2 on the road next season and make some t-shirts?


* Finally, will you people leave Anna Nichole Smith alone already? It’s bad enough she was famous for…umm…famous for……uhhh..something. (Besides having double implants and a 70 IQ) But do we really need 24/7 coverage on E!, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, Headline News, The Discovery Channel, The Gameshow Channel, The Sci-Fi Channel and soon Animal planet? For the love of God stop already.

I mean..just stop at the fact that she’s dead. The Western media machine of building somebody up for no reason, only to tear them down later can take all the time it wants. Now you’ve got Zsa Zsa Gabor’s nutty ass husband chiming in? Somebody broke into her estate? There are guys fighting for this country, who are throwing themselves on grenades for a living, and yet we need to hear about this whole episode (and other's like it)over and over and over again?

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times: The media in this country (and worldwide for that matter), is the most vile, corrupt, dishonest, and evil individuals this side of the NCAA Baseball Committee. But the worst part of it is? They wouldn’t put this crap on the air, if millions upon millions of people didn’t demand to see it. If she was still Vikki Lynn, the giant breasted stripper from Houston…would people still be talking about her? Probably not. Just another story to tide over the general public until the next runaway bride or American Idol broadcast. Ugh.
If anything, at least it pushed that lame astronaut story to the back page.

Coming up….a Valentine’s Story.


Anonymous tb said...

i can say as a Creighton fan that i don't expect NCAA glory, i only want my team to make the field and have a chance to win a few games. the MVC is a solid conference that can produce teams capable of being competitive in the NCAA, but it harbors no illusions of producing a national champion. march madness is all about getting a chance, and i think the MVC has demonstrated this year they have 3 teams capable of competing in the tournament.

by the way, i've been meaning to ask you this for a while (from a previous blog entry)...how does KU football players wearing red socks equate to calling every woman in Missouri a whore (i'm paraphrasing here). just curious...

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First let me say that is one ugly mutt,(shoot it and throw it in a raven). Second thing as bad as it hurts I have to agree with you,THIS TIME OF YEAR SUCKS, even college hoops sucks. At least spring ball is right around the corner if the HUSKERS can field the coach's to coach the team. as aways Eat a mile............. GBR

4:25 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

1) The eat a mile of my corn laced shit guy is my new favorite poster. Seriously.

2) Has to go back to the Civil war days where the outlaws that called themselves "union men" (who were no more union men than Jefferson Davis) wore red leggings to represent the raping and killing of women. (I'm paraphrasing here as well) Anyway, Mizzou fans were all pissed off at KU for wearing long red socks....because to the, that's a 140 year insult that still lingers to this day.

But OHF doesn't see a rivalry, so it probably doesn't exist.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous obsessed husker fan said...

yawn at that last comment aj. i do think there is a rivalry, but the chokehawks currently own your ass... you still skipped around the subject matter in this blog, but at least you did somewhat address it by mentioning that you are obligated to mention a huge husker loss. i can deal with that. just dont bitch when i call out missery as the shitty ass team they are(in all sports) is all i ask. and by the way, how do you feel about alex gordon a born and raised husker as the saviour of the kc royals? i love it, and have recently jumped on that bandwagon as i have no pro loyalties other than former huskers teams. have a good one. GBR.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice looking dog! Is it yours?

This has to be the first and probably the last time I agree with just about everything you wrote.


6:48 PM  
Anonymous tb said...

ohf is about as much a rivalry expert as the huskers are a national title contender...

8:12 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Not my dog...just chased me on my trip to the mailbox. heh.

OHF....I'm a bit skeptical of calling him a "savior". Dan Reichert, Jeff Austin, Ken Harvey, Jim Pittsley etc etc.

Do you know how many "saviors" have come down the pipe to KC? A lot. I think we'll have to wait and see...but no...it doesn't bother me that much. Just a scarlet A he'll have to wear in my eyes, but nothing too deep rooted.

Once they go pro, I'm more worried about the player performing. Case in point..Will Shields...great gaurd..great Chief. Eric Warfield? Complete idiot..completely sucked every time he came close to the field.

Ya see?

11:58 AM  
Blogger pre-mud said...

Just an fyi, Mizzou played the Orange Bowl in 69 with a 1 loss record, having lost to the buffs in Boulder that season, before sucumbing to pissed state.....keep up the good fight.......

4:37 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

My mistake. I follow a general rule that if it happened before I was alive..I really don't care that much. Just making a point.


7:15 PM  

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