March 2, 2007

Today's Post - Postponed Due to Snow

Today's blog posting has been postponed do to the 2-4 inches of "light snow" we got yesterday. (or were "supposed" to get just before 16 inches fell on us along with the 60mph winds to help move it along) All of that "light snow" was a bitch to move, and even with a snow blower took close to 3 hours. I feel like I've been run over by a truck and have lost any and all creativity.

Perhaps will I get back full functionality of my arms, I will post again.

Stay safe to all of you out there affected by this television meteorological blunder of epic proportions. As for the weather casters in this town: Quit your jobs, go work at the DMV or Dairy Twist or somewhere else that might be a little more your speed.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

To defend the meteorologist in this region it is exceptionally more difficult to call the weather in this area compared to others. They aren't calling San Diego's forcast for instance (although some sense of "omg blizzard of teh century!!1!11!1" would have been helpful).

I blame this whole thing on Al Gore. After he won that Oscar for enlightening us on "global warming" we get dumped on for two consecutive weekends. Thanks ass.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Corn Nation said...

We got 17 1/2" at the same time... was the second huge snowstorm in a week or so.
Maybe you should do something besides lift 12 oz at a time, you big wimpy boy!
As for me, well, I married a wonderful and strong Nebraska woman who shovels snow very well. :)

9:46 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Hey...I drink 40oz from time to time. Besides, teh beer at the hockey games is 20oz.

You owe me an apology. ;)

10:41 AM  

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