March 18, 2007

One Snoozing Moment

I had to take the time out to throw out a few paragraphs in between naps. Apparently this year’s NCAA tourney is conducive to slipping in and out of consciousness through the first three days. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a couple of nice games…even a few in double OT. (Or was it one? I dunno, I was asleep). But for some reason, there is some serious pizzazz missing from the dance this year. I can’t put my finger on it, but I think it might have to do with not only higher seeds holding true to form, but it seems to be the same old “storied” programs in the mid-seed area that’s causing my boredom. Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan State…all have pretty good histories, but pretty mediocre teams this season.

The other thing is, and perhaps you’ve noticed…but are the atmosphere’s at these games kinda lame? I’m not sure if it’s corporate involvement, or the fact that you have to have some cash to drop down $160 bucks a ticket in order to watch these things…but whatever it is, it’s making the tourney feel more like an NBA playoff game than anything. It’s a disturbing trend, but perhaps it’s just me.

* Nice to see the World Herald in full-scale football hype mode this morning. Not only did they break down every position of the upcoming Huskers…but they also ran the most ridiculous story I’ve ever seen, talking about JC Keller doesn’t have the QB position locked up. Uhhhh…yeah.

I’m not about to get sucked into the hype that this kid brings. He has some decent numbers (in somebody else’s system in somebody else’s league), but I think to say the jury is still out on his one year in the red spotlight. But to think that some career backup even has a prayer in knocking him out of the #1 QB spot? Does anybody else find that to be an insult to the intelligence of anyone who reads it? What kind of absolute crucifixion would Bill Callahan go through if he didn’t start J.C. against Nevada on 9/1? Oh don’t get me wrong, if Keller goes down, you’re even more screwed than you are now…but that’s a discussion for later on.

Oh, and nice to see Maurice Purify hitting the buffet table at Valentino’s a bit heavy this off season. Not many of us can talk about putting on weight during college, but most of us aren't saviors on a defending Big 12 North Championship team. (they even have a trophy to prove it!!!). Apparently Tommy Frazier set the bar rather high when it comes to Husker players throwing down cheeseburgers and eating giant tubs of Crisco for breakfast. But at least Tommie did it after his playing days are over. I’m sure Mo will be fine, but nice to see that vaunted Husker strength and conditioning program back on top where it belongs.

* As well as Kansas is playing right now, is it just me, or do you see a complete implosion coming up in the later rounds? Something tells me they may be the most athletically gifted team in the tourney, but something in their heads aint right. Perhaps it’s their buffoon head coach or their douchebag fans? Dunno, but I can see it coming a mile away.

* I was SO THANKFUL to Creighton Athletic Director Bruce Rasmussen for NOT allowing me to “waste $70 on an NCAA Regional ticket lottery”, that I went out and bought an SIU sweatshirt. I am so grateful that the AD of a private institution, with no public money support whatsoever, can help me and my family plan out my financial future. I’m not sure where I would be without him. If only Bruce could be there when my wife and I are hanging out next time at Nebraska Furniture Mart, trying to choose between a sensible dining room table, and one that is made out of pure mahogany, weighs 5000 lbs and costs $15,000.

Thank you Bruce. I don’t know how I’d support my family without you.


* Major League Baseball opens in 15 days, and the Royals are nearly mathematically eliminated. I’ve written in this space several times that I’m cautiously optimistic, and for the most part, I still am. Sure, the hopes and dreams of an entire franchise’s return to glory rests on the shoulders of a 23 year old ex-Husker from Lincoln. But that’s the type of sacrifice I am willing to take. I forgave Will Shields long ago, I’m sure I can do it for him to.

One nice stat I saw was that only 2 pitchers remain from last year’s stellar staff who had a miniscule 5.40 ERA. If you’re not a baseball fan, let me tell you that that’s difficult to do, even if you’re actually trying to lose games. I have no reason to think that Dayton Moore is any bit the train wreck that his predecessors have been. However, when hope is all you have, I guess you take what you can get.

That will most likely be the last two paragraphs you see me write about the Royals this year.

* Finally, I had a lot of positive (and negative) feedback on my Top 10 Losses in Husker History last summer. I’m looking at doing something similar in a few weeks. If you have an personal favorite Huskers you’d like to share with me, I’ll be taking ideas and suggestions on my own personal All-Time Husker football team. More details to come.

I’d type more, but I’m hung-over, and I’ve got a giant blarney stone I gotta go deposit.



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