March 16, 2007

Get Your Green Lips off of Me.

You know what I'm sick of?

I'm sick and tired of everybody wanting to be Irish on Saturday. I'm not Irish. I don't want to be Irish. I know people from Ireland, and even they don't want to be Irish. Oh sure, this "holiday" gave us green beer, redheads and that Lord of the Dance guy, but aside from that, when the hell did this become such a big freaking deal? How come there are 3 people in my office who decided that they needed time to "rev up" for the weekend?

Don't get me wrong...when I was in college, we drank our weight in beer, acted stupid and stayed up all night. But we didn't need a stupid ass holiday to do it...we called it Saturday.

Let this be known that St. Patrick's day is just another overblown holiday pimped by enough people in a certain group that it has now gotten out of control. Just like Greeting Card companies overdid Valentine's day...just like Fireworks has gotten so out of hand that the 4th of July sucks too...leave it to another group of people to over-use St. Patrick's Day, and turn it into an over-hyped, over-blown, over-marketed ploy to get you and your loved ones to leave your house, go out and spend money. (Who is the group pushing this? Frat guys. Who else?)

I hate St. Patrick's Day. I hate people telling me what nationality to be, I hate anything touching my beer other than a glass, I hate Michael Flatley, Notre Dame and that guy who used to sing that annoying Irish Spring soap jingle on TV that has stuck with me since 1981. Need more proof why St. Patrick's Day sucks? Four words: Corned Beef and Cabbage. I'd rather eat the a raccoon whom I hit with my car while driving down a country road in the rain that eat that shit. Absolutely horrible.

If it wasn't for the NCAA tourney and slightly warmer would be at the bottom of my list. (Right next to Halloween, just above Earth Day.) I will give the Irish credit for one thing, they did invent Kilkenny beer, which is the closest man can get to God in a liquid form.

* Nice to see that bitch Cinderella stay home so far from the NCAA tourney. 16 games in, and only Virginia Commonwealth stands as an even reasonably disregarded 11 seed, and that's only because Duke sucks so bad this year.

Let this be a lesson to all of you who fell for the hype of George Mason, Wichita State and every other shitty flash-in-the-pan Mid Major who did nothing more than get lucky in a game or two. Those teams may win a game or two here or there...but over the long haul, they simply do not have the talent to run with the big conferences. It's a matter of what you are used to, and apparently teams like Albany, Wright State (thanks for blowing my 1 upset pick assholes) and Weber State should have scheduled up a bit more before they got embarrassed. Oh well...I'm sure today, some lower seed will surprise, and suddenly everybody will hop back on board. Ugh.

* Checking the Big 12 baseball that Nebraska I see in last place? I think it is. (OK, they've played one game and nobody else has..but it's still funny.)

* Can somebody tell Matt Perrault on 590 to pipe down when opening his mouth about the Creighton/NCAA Tourney ticket situation at Qwest Center next year? He can have his opinion, but he and his station are paid by Creighton University. Of COURSE he's going to take their side. The last thing I need is unbiased crap out of his mouth stating that 95% of this town are full of "idiots" because "Creighton did the right thing".

Uhhhh, no. Bruce Rasmussen's lame-ass, sorry, pathetic excuse was complete and total bullshit and Perrault doesn't even realize it. The reason why, is because he was in high school, when EVERYBODY in town used the NCAA tourney as a reason to build the Qwest Center. Creighton was drawing 3,000 people per game and had like 4 season ticket holders. Of course nobody thought of it then. So instead of working with the city, Rasmussen, and the arrogant and pompous pricks at Creighton decided it's better to cater to their big donors than work with the people who actually built the arena.

If you want to be a prick about it guys, that's fine. But don't act all surprised at the outrage, because for 3 solid years, we heard about this event and how it would make Omaha a better city. Instead, it will make the lives of 10,000 West Omaha doctors and lawyers better and leave everybody else out in the cold....LONG before they even had a prayer to get those tickets.
Screw Creighton and screw spin-laden public explanations coming from a paid mouthpiece.

* Finally...nice to see bitter, recently vocal Penguins fan found my little blogspace. I would have thought they would have found me out sooner than now, but apparently the internet travels a little slow through western Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, nice to have them here, and nice to see that a majority of their replies were limited to small words and less than 3 sentences each. It's kind of nice to have a new group of fans write in hate mail...It's kind of like getting a new shirt. You wear's's different...but you know in a few weeks you're going to hate it. Same way with douchebag Pittsburgh hockey fan who is looking to take out everybody who bad-mouthed them along the way.

You kept your team...we have to wait. You're still barely literate and your town is still losing people at a double digit % clip. I'm sure the non-sports fans in that state are absolutely thrilled with SIX new stadiums in the last 8-10 years or so, while the rest of the state rots away with bad schools, bad streets and end up leaving town faster than Tom Osborne at a stag party.
I hope either this tournament picks up quick or some Husker gets picked up for DUI. I'm going to run out of things to get pissed at by May if this keeps up.


Blogger AJ said...


Boo hoo.


4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how did your team do in the tourney again? Nice comment on your own post queer.

10:15 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

1) My team doesn't play in a shitty "mid major" conference.
2) I didn't feel like writing a whole new post.
3) It's my blog..I do what I want
4) Nice to see gay-bashing is alive and well in Omaha.

Even fans of a snobby, arrogant institution like Creighon can show their redneck side from time to time.


6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are very right, your team does not play in a shitty mid mmajor conference. They actually play in a conference that was statistically worse than that very same shitty mid major conference. Believe it or not, actually below the valley in RPI. Good call douche.

11:26 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

RPI means jack shit. Creighton's biggest win was over Missouri State, 1 of 3 against SIU and Xavier back in November.

Whoopie fucking doo.

You cannot possibly tell me that with a straight face. Try not to let the bandwagon run you over on your way to type a reply.

you're all the same.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

try not to let the bandwagon run me over? Wow that was clever. The fact of the matter is that I am really not old enough to be a true "bandwagon fan." I was coached by Dana Altman when I was ten years old, and have been a fan of his since. About 11 years. What I can tell you with a straight face is that "your RPI" means dick comment is totally typical of someone who represents a 10th place team in the seventh best conference in the country. The numbers don't lie pal, no matter how you and your "hate" want to spin. You are a complete douchebag who gets his rocks off on attention. Good luck mastering the art of one handed typing while you read this. Stick to what you do best, bragging about how many death threats you get, and bitching about how the penguins don't want anything to do with your home town. Yeah, oviously we are all the same, but it is still much better than being you...

4:40 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Obviously you care what I think, or you wouldn't have fired off a reply, and then went back (more than once) to see what I said.

And don't give me this, "I've loved Creighton since Dana Altman spoke to my Cub Scout den" or whatever lame excuse you have.

Fact of the matter is, CU is 2-7 in NCAA games under Altman, and that isn't going to change anytime soon. (Should we start talking about the time Dana Altman DID spend in the Big 8 and had the exact same problem he's having now?) I stand by my RPI comment for several reasons.

1) Kansas, A&M and Texas are twice as good as SIU and Creighton. (KU and A&M would probably beat an MVC all-star team). Top to bottom you're on crack if you think otherwise. If K-State was in the Valley, they'd win the conference by 3 games minimum.

2) Creighton lost to every team they played worth a shit. (Fresno, Hawaii, Drexel etc etc etc).

3) Spend more than 5 minutes watching this tourney, and tell me that Drake or Indiana State or Illinois State or Northern Iowa or Evansville is anywhere close to Baylor, Nebraska (who beat Creighton), Missouri, Iowa State and Colorado.

The fact that you're fighting this is pretty laughable. The fact that you care enough to keep checking is even better.

Enjoy your Monday.

6:44 PM  

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