May 2, 2007

It Sucks Being a Kansas City Fan

Good Lord, I forgot how much summer sucked in terms of things going on. I love to go to the lake (if I can find one), go on vacation, spar with idiot Husker fans...but the problem is, I'm just too damn lazy. I apologize in advance and thank those of you who continue to drop in, despite the fact that nothing really is going on. I'm hoping we'll get a good steroid scandal or police episode that will spice things up a bit. In the meantime, I'll hit on a few things.

* Nobody around here really cares for baseball of the major league variety. Hell, I dedicated most of my life to the sport, and even I don't fallow the league as much as I used to. With that being said, it's nice to see the Royals (the only team I really care about) sitting 9 games out on May 2nd. What a glorious thrill it is to watch a team full of rejects and overpaid bums throw up gopher ball after gopher ball, blow save after save, and whiff at the plate like a 5 year old girl swatting at a bee.

The scary thing is...the one part of the team that hasn't sucked this season, was the one part of the team that sucked the most in recent years. Starting pitching has been a plus, and four of the five starters (minus the crappy has-been at 23 Greinke has become) have thrown several quality starts in recent days. But now all of a sudden, nobody can hit the damn ball. And so help me God, if I ever become GM of that team for one second, I will yank that damn, lame-ass "C" off of Sweeney's jersey and throw it down the toilet myself. I don't care if he's up to .270 now...if you're getting 55 million dollars, you need to hit a bit better than .270. (At least Gil Meche is trying).

I guess it's not a big deal, considering they'll be 25 games out by the end of June. Oh least there's the Chiefs.

* Speaking of decrepit franchises with zero hope, nice to see the Chiefs completely throw themselves under the bus after the recent draft. Bowe is a great wide receiver and a good #1 pick for them. But no offensive linemen? And you want BRODY CROYLE as your new QB next year? Are you serious? And I thought things were bad when perennial loser Herm Edwards came we've got to come to the realization that Chiefs management no longer gives a crap how they do on the field, as long as 78,000 people show up and pay $25 a pop for parking.

The NFL moves in cycles. It's a proven fact that all teams go through dry spells, and become good over time, and then back to sucky again. The Chiefs meanwhile have been mediocre since 1989, and the two times they were actually pretty good..they flamed out in the playoffs. At least if you have a few bad years, you can re-load in the draft. But when you're forever between 7-9 and 9-7, and your top picks are complete busts like Ryan Simms or Junior Siavii, you're bound to fail. At the very least, they'll suck completely this year, and perhaps they could get lucky within the draft? Probably not.

* So let me get this straight: The city of Omaha is going to bid on the Big 12 basketball tourney, which only makes sense considering a crappy town like Oklahoma City got it. I'm fine with that. I would hope they would place a bid, since that's exactly what the damn thing was built for.

But here's the wildcard and my main concern: What is Bruce Rasmussen and Creighton going to say about this? Worse yet, what is Matt Perrault going to say about this? My God, he nearly lost control of his mind when Nebraska wanted to use a public facility for a game with Oregon..who ironically is 9,000 times better than anybody Creighton has played in a long long time at home. And don't give me that whole "It's somebody else's house" BS either.'s my house. I pay taxes on it, and if I want to boo the hell out of the Huskers, instead of eat goose liver pate at a Creighton vs.. Drake game...I will.

It's bad enough Creighton completely screwed the city out of NCAA tourney tickets. For that, they've earned a lifetime enemy in me. However, if they even so much as THINK about screwing up the chance for a Big 12 tourney (which if you have been to it, is one of the greatest sporting events you can go to live)..then I will reach a whole new level of hatred. Look for "" starting up not too soon after that happens.

* As I was channel surfing the other night, I saw 120 seconds of Dancing with the Stars. Seriously....why? No further comment.....just why? Why would anybody watch that? I don't care how much estrogen you have flowing through your ovaries right now, watching the guy from 90210 shimmy to a Tito Puente song is not entertaining. Not even close.

Enjoy your week.


Blogger Husker Mike said...

Creighton fan has one simple request if the Qwest Center gets the Big XII tournament.

The first 13,000 tickets. Save a few hundred for each school, and they'll be happy.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went to the tourney this year. Drove down from KC (4 hrs) spent a great deal of time in the Bricktown area and went to most of the games. Had a great time, had good weather, enjoyed the nightlife, and saw some good games. Don't think Omaha could provide the same atmosphere, especially in March. Good luck though.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You SUCK!!

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude...first off, lol, get a life. Second, I was at the Purify incident. He did not in any way shape or form "crack a girl in the face" He threw the dude on the table and his g/f got in the middle and he shoved her way with his hand (no force at all) I know some of her friends, she didn't have a scratch on her face whatsoever. The dude had a bloody lip. Don't you think if a 6'4 225 pound man crack a girl or, even a guys for that matter, they would have a scratch on their face the next day???

Moral of the story is get ur facts straight before you go off on your tangents. Which quite frankly are very laughable.

10:47 PM  

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