June 29, 2007

Neighborhood Explosives and the Mid-Summer Classic

I had no idea it was close to the start of July until the shock and awe campaign began outside my house last night around dusk. I've said it before, and I'll say it once again....why you need to celebrate the birth of our great nation by having your 12 year old kid hang out outside my driveway with 12 pounds of gunpowder is beyond me. Again, I'd be a hypocrite if I said I didn't do the same sort of thing when I was a kid....but if I remember right, we weren't blowing up 1/2 the neighborhood a full 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the 4th.

And aren't fireworks illegal in the city anyway? Why does the Nebraska State Patrol have to setup a roadblock on the I-80 bridge to catch mini-vans full of fireworks enter the state, but yet you can't send just one patrol car down any city street within 100 miles, and make about 85,000 arrests of people setting off small IED's in the street. Pretty flippin stupid if you ask me. Just make them legal and be done with it. (Then again, don't. I enjoy 500 billion dollars a year in Omaha GDP being spent over the Missouri border. If there's any other way we can figure out to bilk these idiots of their hard earned money, I'm all ears.)

Anyhow, sorry for the short delay. Seems Tuesday's top 50 list made the rounds of the message board circuit, so I thought I would leave it above the fold for an extra day. It always amazes me when I throw something like that out there, how a vast majority of Husker fans who read it lose their collective minds that somebody could be that disrespectful of God's favorite football team.

I'm not sure how many essays I have to write...how many blogs I have to start to get my point across. Perhaps the day you guys actually do get it, I'll stand down. In the meantime, nothing is really going to change, nor should you expect it to. I'm also amazed at the reaction from other fan bases, as they are as shocked as anyone that somebody could hate the world's greatest fans. But alas, YOU don't have to live with them. YOU don't have to listen to sportscasters breakdown the new, improved and EXTREMELY talented NU secondary (ie-Freshman) in June. (Meanwhiile, every other state in the union is talking about normal things like baseball. Hell, even Wyoming and Montana TV stations probably mix in a story about fishing or rodeo now and then)

But alas, the thundering heard of red-clad, myopic fans continues to roam the plains, and I will continue to sit here and report on them.

In other news....

Still no official word on Mo Purify's "punishment"? If anything, you can always count on the swift, vengeful and often maple-syrup-esque hand of justice to come down on anyone who dares defy the Lincoln municipal code. For the love of God, what the hell are they waiting for? I know he's going to get a slap on the wrist. You all know he's going to get a slap on the wrist. Just get it over with so we can all mock you for having a renegade program, and you can tell us how we just don't understand how Bill Callahan can change young men. (since he's been coaching them a whopping 4 years). For the love of God, I can't be kept in limbo like this.

*** National discussion for the next few weeks will hit on baseball's All-Star game. Much anticipated is the upcoming decision players and manager Tony LaRussa need to make regarding Barry Bonds and his selection for the 2007 All-Star game. Despite you not caring about baseball (except when the Huskers are having a 40 win season, when you are suddenly not only big fans..but experts), let me throw around a couple of thoughts about one of my favorite sporting events to watch as a kid.

First, who cares about the record? Baseball records were "immortal" back in the days when there were 8 teams and they all traveled by train. In fact, since Cal Ripken broke Gehrig's record, everything else has been a wash. Interleague play, crappy pitching and launching-pad ballparks have pretty much diluted any and all sexiness in baseball's record books. Who gives a shit if Barry Bonds is going to break Hank Aaron's record? ARod or somebody else is just going to break his record in a few years anyway. Hell, Prince Fielder will probably have 700 home runs in a couple years. The point is, I love baseball the way it used to be...but you have to get with the times. Just face it...change is inevitable, and you should probably just go ahead and embrace it.

Second, let Bonds play in the damn game. The stupid thing doesn't even count anyway..despite what Fox crams down your throat. So Barry takes the spot of some 3rd string pitcher from the Mets. Big flippin deal. Give him his one damn day and let it go. Bud Selig? Seriously.

Major League baseball is nothing but a spectacle built around the greatest sport ever created. Unfortunately, charging fans 8 bucks to download a screen saver is more important to them than actually sitting back in the summertime, and watching the chess match unfold between two teams that are the top level of that sport on a global scale.

And steroids? Of course they ruined the game and made records obsolete. But aren't there bigger things to worry about. More important things would include say, some 17 year old kid in southern Missouri who the Huskers are about to pick up because Jeremy Crabtree likes his "size and skill" as well as pictures of him with his shirt off? Pretty soon, baseball is going to go the way of hockey anyway, and the only thing worth discussing from February through August is going to be high school recruiting. At that point, the 8 bucks Major League Baseball wants from me to buy a Royals screensaver download will be dwarfed by the twenty bucks a month I would have to spend to send Phil Steele's kids to college.

Kick my face in when that day comes.

Enjoy your pre-holiday weekend. Try not to blow your hands off in the process.


Anonymous bigredfred said...

Hey AJ good stuff. BTW, doesn't Mo Purify have a June court date?? Also, everyone is coming out with a prediction for the season, you care to try?? I honestly don't think the record for the year even matters any more since Bill and Steve and the change of the old guard. Seriously, after seasons of 6 losses, 4 losses, and now 5 losses, Husker fan just parrots back the same lines, 'we're getting there' , ' the talent level is finally coming around ' , ' we need to give Bill 3 to 4 years for him to get his program going ' , and one of my favorites, ' we are making much more progress than our record shows '. I think the huskers could go 7-6 this year and Steve would step up and say ' we are making steady improvement and that is what it is all about , not wins and losses '. Everyone in Nebraska would jump out their seat just to repeat his words...

9:18 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Fred, thanks for stopping by. Apparently you get it. I wish others did.

My official predictions are coming out very soon. I warn you though..I picked ISU to win the North last year.

I would not be calling up bookies if I were you.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like how when someone agrees with your backward logic they 'get it' but when you get an honest actual rebuttal on a topic you denounce it as 'not getting it.' Care to explain?

1:29 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Go back and look at any example. I've seen many an argument to my points where I will say..and I quote. "I see your point, but you're wrong".

If you'd like for me to cite the "not so nice folks who don't agree with me", I'll do so.

Also...I'm pretty sure this is my blog. If I rejected every comment, you'd bitch then too.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Husker fan here. I actually enjoy reading your blog. The funny thing is, you dedicate as much time on the topic as the most hard core of fans you claim to hate so much ;-) And, I'm sure you are just generalizing, since the Husker fan base is just a cross section of every other fan base. If your target is the small percentage that expect nothing but undefeated seasons and National Championships, fire away, the greater percentage of Husker fans feel the same way about them (by the way, Tiger fan has them as well, go back at look at the ESPN Mizzou board the first 5 weeks of last season, if you want to see a fan base that doesn't get it). If not, then you might as well also blog as YankeeH8ter, CowboyH8ter, RedWingH8ter, LakerH8ter, SoonerH8ter, etc.. Or, is that only because you don't live in New York, Dallas, Detroit, LA, or Norman? Blog on, it's entertaining, but instead of spending all this energy trying to change something you never will, why not try to influence change down in Columbia so that one day, you can enjoy having someone dedicate his existence to hating you for having a tradition of excellence.

Go Big Red

PS. If you are making assumptions about geolocation and fan base, your 2,400 Sooner readers could just as well be Husker fans checking in from Oklahoma for a good chuckle... We are everywhere, baby!!

4:44 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Few things here:

1)Thanks for stopping by

2) You don't get it. I've tried to explain it..but you still don't get it. I like to write. It's fun for me. I can express myself by writing way better than speaking. I've always been good at it, and for several decades, I've always been good at disliking my Husker friends and co-workers who have given me shit over hte years.

This isn't something I just started. I"ve been doing it for years and years and years. It's like taking a breath to me. I spit out that top 50 list in less than 45 minutes. (I'm not kidding) And Blogger makes it pretty damn easy to set up a blog. (The graphics and URL were donated by people who hate you as much as I do.

So no, I"m not like them..and I'm not like Redwingh8er or whatever...because NOBODY is as good as NU fan of patting themselves on teh back. Why? Because the Wings have the Avs. The Yankees have the Red Sox and every other semi-decent team has another rival to call them out. You have NOBODY because you live in the middle of NOWHERE and NOBODY gives a damn about you.

If I lived back in Missouri..I probably wouldn't care either. So you see..it's quite different..as I've explained in this blog over and over and over again. This isn't a job. This isn't a bet. This is fun for me. I enjoy calling you and your fellow soybean growers out for being who you are.

3) Oh and by the way..those were OU fans, because I was sent the link from the message board where they all came from.

I may be crazy..but I'm not dumb.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I do get it. I can tell this is fun for you. I am a Husker fan, therefore I am a soybean grower, even though I live and work in one of the top high tech regions of the country (huh? I thought Husker fans only lived in Nebraska) and you hate me because I live in the middle of NOWHERE (ah yes, sunny California really sucks, 20 minutes from the beach, 3 1/2 hours from the slopes, a real wasteland) and because the Huskers have NOBODY for a rival, which means you've only hated me since the formation of the Big XII, since we all know about the epic Husker/Sooner battles of the Big 8 (okay, it was really the Big 2), and because NOBODY gives a damn about me, which is why you're blog title is "A HuskerH8ter's view of the world", because it's very common to find blogs dedicated to hating things for which NOBODY cares about, which means your very existence counters this assertion, but I digress.

I'll definitely keep reading your stuff, it's very entertaining and on a completely serious note, you do write well, it's got a nice edge. Keep up the good work and Go Big Red (I know you love 'em ;-) )


11:25 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Meh...to each their own. Thanks for reading either way. If you check the archives..you can see a couple of times where I explain why I write this blog in detail.

It all goes back to a bunch of asshole co-workers of mine who simply would not stop. Therefore, I had to get creative.

10 years later..here we are.

Oh well...forgot what my point was. Too sleepy. New post tomorrow.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BigRedFred, you are fucking moron. Plain and simple.


12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm one of the Husker fans living in Oklahoma. You would probably fit in here. The Okies spend more time hating The Longhorns than they spend liking the Sooners. Your blog is mildly ammusing.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well AJ, I have to admit myself (huskerfan) and my co-workers (mizzou fan) here in Southwest Missouri enjoy your blog. Keep the one-liners coming....we're amused at your literary skill. There are some things I've been wondering. If you hate it so bad up there, why don't you move away? It baffles me that you could hate someone so much that in no way could you be happy. And you say "It's what I do" as if it comes natural. That level of anger and hatred would take alot of effort and make me completely miserable! How do you stop from killing yourself?

8:26 AM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

To anonymous JP: I must have hit a nerve huh?? Why not leave a little more of your thought process to validate your anger? Is using too many words that difficult for you? And you say that I am the moron?

I just happen to believe that it is ok to support a team that you like , ie NE Huskers, MO tigers, etc.. Just don't do it blindly without any kind of intelligent thought of the reality of the situation.

The reality of the Husker situation is that the Huskers are truly MEDIOCRE, UNRANKED, and AVERAGE 5 LOSSES per year under the current regime.

I happen to feel Husker nation got what it deserved when it turned on it's own coaches and fans back in 2003 and canibalized itself. The tradiions are gone, the coaches who were truly Huskers are gone, everything we stood for has been shoved aside for one or two people's ego.

Why isn't an NFL coach who was kicked out the NFL, held to the same standard as the previous coach who had given most of his adult life to the Husker program? Seems he had a bad year in 2002, came back with a 10 win season the following year, and was still fired! He had a RANKED team at the time.

Bill CAllahan teams have finished UNRANKED in 2 out 3 years! Enjoy your 5 loss seasons- in my opinion you got what you deserved when you turned on your own!! Even animals have a better sense of loyalty than you do.

2:18 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I don't "leave", because moving because you don't like a group of sports fans is pretty stupid. It's kinda like how I look at terrorists. If you go about your daily routine...the Husker fans won't win. I leave..they win.

Besides...somebody has to inform the rest of the world what complete freaks you all are. Seriously. Everybody here roots for the same team. The Media all have their tounge in the ear of the university. Who's going to do it if I don't?

It's pretty simple really.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey BigRedFred,
Thanks for making my point for me. If you don't get it that the process is unfolding, then no amount of 'splaining will do any good. Change don't happen overnight. Ask your wife. I bet she'd agree with me.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Husker fan here. I'm more than happy to jump in and use a few words. I'm really tired of the fairweather "fans" like you that were probably sticking your fingers in people's faces when we were putting up 9,10, and 11 win seasons and getting numerous shots at NCs, but now that we're going through a rough period, you step aside and sling arrows at your team (I pray you aren't in management and if you are, I feel real sorry for anyone under you, unless of course you are with a competitor of my company, in which case it's just tough shit for those poor bastards). Here's a news flash, Frank isn't going to be coaching here anymore. I don't care for the way it was handled, pretty classless, however, as a fan, my dedication isn't to the coach, his staff, the AD or the university President. It's to the kids that put on the "scarlet and cream" (ok, in all honesty, that was just to get AJ's goat, it's red and white to me) and bust their asses representing MY state (well, the state I was born and raised in and even though I don't live there any longer, it's still home). You are exactly the type of "fan" that we don't need (and, in a funny twist, you have more of the characteristics of the type of Husker fan that AJ blogs about). I think you meant even animals have a better sense of loyalty than YOU have. Let me know if you need me to slow down and explain it to you.


10:45 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

anonymous jp: first off I don't see the need to mix sports and what I do for a living. I assume your attempt to do so, is to connect what someone does for a living to their opposing view of Husker football. Why do you want to do this?? Just curious.

Also, JP, if you have ever read very much of my writing, you would know that I am never the one to bring Frank Solich into the subject material. Your case in point. You bring it up and I respond. Frank Solich was a good coach and is in the Husker Hall of fame. He now coaches in Ohio and will never coach in Lincoln again. We can all get our arms around that I think. In case you didn't notice, BTW, Ohio went to their first bowl game in 40 plus years, in only Frank's SECOND SEASON!! We head into Bill Callahan's FOURTH season with 5 losses and an UNRANKED team to work with.

You know what JP? You speak so loosely of loyalty and quickly start name calling and hurling insults when someone doesn't conform to your way of thinking. Are you going to give Dr. Tom Osborne the same treatment? How about Broderick Thomas who publicly calls for a change back to our roots as Huskers? I submit there are no fans any better than others, and either you are a fan or you are not. You decide, no one does it for you. For you to say I am any less of a fan than you because I choose to stand for something, is both conceited and selfish on your part.

Have you not heard of the great divide of the Husker fan base? Do you not know that the overwhelming majority of past coaches and players do NOT support the way things are going in Lincoln? Is your approach to call them bad fans, disloyal, and suggest they go bowling with Husker MIke or whoever? (Husker Mike is most likely a very good fellow by the way)

In looking through your writing and your content, your use of words, and your childish ways of discussing football and insulting others, one could surmise you are still very young and have a very small mind. Just my opinion. I can have one of those too you know.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, not sure if you are addressing JP or me, but since you are pulling quotes off of my last response, I'll assume it's me (no, I'm not JP, and kind of thought that by signing my posts as Randy, which is my name, would clear up that confusion, but clearly over estimated...)

Since it seems you are asking, I will slow this down.

1) Show me where I have called you or anyone a name.

2) Why do I hope you are not a manager? Because part of a manager's job is to protect the resources assigned to him. Based on your comments, you don't leave me with the impression of someone who has got my back when most needed (ie, when things are rough)

3) You are a fairweather fan. Go back and read your posts, for God's sake. You come to an anti-Husker blog (not anti-Callahan nor anti-Pederson, mind you) and jump on the anti-Husker bandwagon. Although, I don't agree with everything that AJ says, I can respect him because he's consistent in his contempt for the Huskers (and, you've got it admit, he's pretty damn funny) and it's not based on who's coaching them. You, on the other hand, were probably washing your nads with Husker soap prior to 2003 and now you are hoping for losses so that everyone else will finally wake up and see that Bill and Steve are evil and we'll all pull together, grab our pitchforks and run them out of Nebraska.

The difference, Fred, between what you are doing and what Broderick Thomas and other former Huskers are doing, is that they are not hoping for losses to prove their point. As a fan, you don't have to agree with the changes, but you do need to support the players. As far as I can tell, none of them had anything to do with dismissing any coaches or staff.

I've read some of your posts, not just here, but on other sites as well and in almost every one of them you bring up Solich and make the same claim that you never bring him up. It's clear from your emotion on the topic, that you are still bitter about it, but let it go. If you are a fan, be a fan, it doesn't mean drinking the Kool-Aid and claming everything is fine, but it damn well should include an understanding of the nature of changes happening in the program and that unless you want a revolving door put into the coaches office (if you want to see a program hit the dumper, let that become your reputation), you need to give whoever is sitting there time to get everything in place.

This post signed by


BTW, I'm not representing JP, I've read his stuff, he doesn't need any help, just tired of seeing your kind of "fan"

3:17 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

After reading your thoughts, I guess the first thing that comes to mind is, why are you so angry? If you are ok with 5 loss seasons and unranked teams, then what is the big deal? Don't take your wrath out on me! If you want Bill Callahan and Steve Pederson to continue to erase Husker history and butcher the program, then you should be esctatic , as that is what they are doing. If you are getting what you want, why would you be angry at people like me? You should be content, knowing things are just the way you wanted them. If you are unhappy with things right now and that is why you are mad, then maybe we have something in common.

I and a lot of others will be glad to talk about Frank Solich if you like , but only in a defensive posture. You seem to NEED to bring it up. Who cares? He is gone, and I've said many times , I think we can let that one go, I won't even bother with where YOUR loyalty lies with firing a life long husker on a 10 win season and a 75 percent winning avg , for a coach from CA recently run out of the NFL who can't even match what Frank did.

Show me ONE, just one place where I said I WANT THE HUSKERS TO LOSE... Since Bill took over, I expect them to lose quite often and so far, I have not been disappointed.

I always support the players and always have.

I will never be the brain-dead fan you are and don't care to be. If that is your idea of a 'good' fan, no thanks. Get over that one. BTW, Care to explain your frequenting an anti-husker site? Does the word hypocrit come to mind?

I am quite content with my views of the Husker program, and trust me, I will never verbally attack or 'bully' anyone to bow to my way of thinking which seems to be your approach, good luck.

Last of all, please don't speak to what you think former coaches and players think or say. I think the 150 plus who attended the alternative golf outing are very vocal about how they feel about where we are at as a program. They are very clear about that.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


When you start to see anger in every post that doesn't agree with yours, you might want to give your therapist a call and schedule a hug.

You tell me that you will never verbally attack anyone, then go on to call me brain-dead. You ask me to please not speak about what I think former players and coaches think and say and in the very next sentence, proceed to tell me what you think they think and say. Somebody bring grandpa his medication.

Are you even reading these or just glancing at select pieces and creating an argument for me?

I said I think you are a fairweather fan. I didn't try to build a case for why you should sit around naked in your basement with a picture of Bill in one hand and your crank in the other (besides, sounds like you'd have to either grow another hand or drop the picture of Frank, which I gather won't be happening).

Why do I think you are a fairweather fan?

Here is a quote from one of your previous posts on this topic.

I just happen to believe that it is ok to support a team that you like , ie NE Huskers, MO tigers, etc.. Just don't do it blindly without any kind of intelligent thought of the reality of the situation.

The reality of the Husker situation is that the Huskers are truly MEDIOCRE, UNRANKED, and AVERAGE 5 LOSSES per year under the current regime.

Translation: It's okay to be a fan of a team, unless that team is mediocre, unranked and averages 5 losses per year. At that point, it's time to head over to some anti-Husker sites and pile on

Yes, I realize that I'm on an anti-Husker site, and no, I'm not a hypocrit because I'm not over here agreeing with the author. You, on the other hand, are like his little wanna be parrot.

Don't forget, it was fans like you that were calling for Tom's head in the mid 70's, but now after the fact, claim that you were there all along...

PS. I didn't fire Frank, but I was at the Rose Bowl in 2002 and if you think we were recruiting talent to compete for NCs then, you are the one drinking snake oil.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

What did you say? ? ? ?

First , I don't care for your perverse analogies , and I don't need 'your' transalation of what I say.

Read through your own post.... all you or anyone else will see is crap you dreamed up , for someone you never met. Absolutely NO intelligent discussion on the merits of the current state of affairs of Husker Football.

You are typical of the younger generation who still haven't mastered the skill of wiping the snot from their nose.

Why waste your time trying to insult me?? Why not try to defend the last 3 years of 5 losses per season? Why not try to critique the vast majority of other coaches and players who want Bill and Steve out for what they have done?

Your responses are so predictable.... insult Solich, (surprised you haven't brought up his height) , find some cute way to insult the dissenter , AND , ignore all the facts and opposing opinions of others.

AS for Frank's recruiting, as Assistant Head Coach with Tom Osborne, the players that took the field in the nineties were as much a product of Frank's recruiting as they were Tom's. 3 and a 1/2 years into Bill's program , it is still Frank's recruits that saved Bill, Carriker, Herian, Moore, and a host of others. If it weren't for Frank's recruits, Bill wouldn't have even had the lousy 9-5 and UNRANKED team he ended up with last year.

Oh yeah, Frank can't recruit, I keep forgetting to repeat the crap that comes out of Steve Pederson's mouth...

11:10 AM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

Trying to discuss football with someone who uses homosexual references and analogies is like eating spaghetti with a spoon, it is a waste of time. You are a perfect fit for Bill and Steve, but I will not waste anymore time trying to get an intelligent discussion of Husker football out of you. This reply is too long already..

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I like the way you create an argument for me. The only mention of Frank Solich I made was with respect to him no longer being the head coach. How that is demeaning him or his character is beyond me. You are clearly looking for any opportunity to defend someone who doesn't need it. Read my original post, I said that I didn't agree with the way he was dismissed. Basically, unless I say that "Frank was the best damn head coach the Huskers ever had" you are going to turn it into a "defend Frank" discussion. I'm happy for him at Ohio, I think it's a much better fit with far fewer expectations (and, fans like you that are completely unable to tolerate 5 loss seasons, in fact, you were probably all over his ass at the end of 2001 and throughout 2002 when he lost 9 of 16 games, got blown off the field in Boulder, and was at the helm when some of the longer Husker streaks started to fall. You were more than likely calling for his replacement, which you got and are now unhappy with.. surprise, surprise)

How is it that Frank's recruits saved Calahan? And Herian? Please, I loved his potential but he was never the same after his injury, you could see how tentative he was and did not look forward to any kind of contact and was used more as a decoy than anything else. You certainly can't blame him, that was a nasty injury to try to return from, but don't use him as a key to Callahan's "success".

If Callahan doesn't continue to improve the team and we are not seriously competing for the Big XII championship, I'm all for finding someone new, but not after 3 or 4 seasons or we'll be the next Alabama.

Too bad you won't be responding, since you are such a skilled debater (in fact, when I think of you, for some reason "master debater" comes to mind).

That's okay, it'll give me more time to try figuring out that whole nose wiping thing....

5:23 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...


Well thanks for the response. 'master debater' ?? Cute.

Anyway, still not much in your post with respect to the defense of the current sad state of affairs of Husker Football.

First of all, why spend your time hypothesizing about what YOU think I thought or did in the past, what kind of fan I was, who I blasted or didn't, etc... What does it matter??? Your attempt to insult? You analyzing me when you don't even know me??

As for Solich recruits that saved Bill's season, I'm sure I should have included Bo Ruud, Corey Mckeon and others. But oh right Frank can't recruit.

Last of all, to use your analogy, the Huskers became the 'next Alabama' when Steve fired a true Husker (player and coach) during a 10 win season. But, I keep forgetting , Nebraska isn't going to settle for mediocrity!!

Remember this, only 1 (ONE) time in 6 seasons did a Solich team finish outside the top 25. Bill Callahan has finished OUT of the rankings in 2 out of 3 years. He is averaging 5 losses a season, and has the first losing season in almost forever in Cornhusker history. He was ran out of the NFL by his own players, and should have been removed from the college ranks the minute he threatened an NCAA official on national TV.

BTW , I apologize for the nose wipe comment, and I realize so much of this is beyond you. You are of a younger generation who did not live through the building of the traditions and what it was that made us who we were. You did not experience first hand the men of faith, the historic players , the leaders who were the anchor of the program , and , the triumph of the spirit over adversity.

I do respect who you are, and suggest that you respect the vast group of former players , coaches, and even Tom Osborne himself who disagree with you , and who disagree with how the Husker program has been handled.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


That's because you are reading what you want into my responses. I'm not on here proclaiming that BC is the next Bob Devaney and I'm also not on here proclaiming that Frank Solich was last Bob Davey. You also presume to know more about me, which is fine, just don't complain when I do the same to you. I grew up with the Huskers in the late 60's with Devaney, through Osborne and his early failures to get past the Sooners, then his inability to win against southern teams in bowl games. I watched them change from more balanced offenses with Tagge, Humm and Ferrigamo to pure power/option I in the late 70's/early 80's. Many things have changed since then, not just within the program, but outside it as well that are influencing the results. No longer can we stockpile tons of talent and expect kids to wait their turn to play. Scholarship limits and TV exposure mean that kids that would have to wait around 3 or 4 years to get their shot can go play somewhere else in the country immediately and still get the exposure. Most of these kids want to play at the next level and being seen as much as possible as soon as possible is a draw. What's my point? I'm not suggesting patience because it's BC, I would be saying the same thing regardless of who the HC is. He needs to be given time to put everything in place and that time is really this year and next. The dismissal of Frank and the proceeding bungled coaches search was an embarrassment to Husker football, but it's over and done with.
On one hand, you complain about 5 loss seasons, yet don't mention Franks 7 and 7 campaign. The last I looked, 7 > 5. I'm not sure why you bring up the "first losing season in forever" when it's only by a technicality that 2002 isn't considered that (it was the first non-winning season since forever, but you just brush by that because it's Frank) and you can also add the end of some pretty long streaks while Frank was at the helm. Look, I like Frank Solich, respect him for his dedication to the program and for the history he helped make as a player and coach, but he was destined to fail by having to follow such a tough act (it's all about timing, 25 years ago, I believe he would have been given the time) and nothing you, nor I, nor any other Husker fan does can change that.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

Good Post anonymous. I enjoyed the read. Although we don't agree completely on a lot of things, I can respect anyone who is sincere and cares to debate the issues in an intelligent kind of way..

Not to beat a horse to death, but, if you bring up Frank's 7-7 season you must also bring up his 10 win season the very next year. I don't think a 7-6 regular season and 7-7 with the bowl game loss, equates to Bill's 5-6 season record and NO bowl game. That was the point I was trying to make.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Fair enough, but by the same token, since neither represents a typical Husker season, both coaches should be held to the fire the same way. I think you might agree that the 2004 season has a lot to do with the change in philosophy on the offense and not having a QB and recievers (in particular) that fits the system. I think if you look at the numbers, once we got into conference play, Callahan tried to run the ball more than he threw it, with the recognition that he couldn't rely on Daley to make intelligent decisions when it mattered, but we just weren't able to run very well either (less than 270 yards rushing the last 3 games in losses to Iowa St, Oklahoma, and Colorado). The 2002 season though, Frank was running the same offense as he was before and as Tom before him, so a little bit different scenario. Also, you bring up the 9-3 season that Frank came back with, but look at those 3 losses, we got pounded by Mizzou, Texas, and K State by a combined score of 110 - 40, so clearly, there were still some issues (even with Pelini running the defense). You couple that with the way 2001 ended, and the entire 2002 season, then the picture isn't quite so rosey. Whether anyone thinks we are on the right path now or not doesn't change the fact that it sure looks like we were already well on our way to falling off it before the changes were made and that's my point. Thanks for your responses, I think we both want the Huskers to play better and more consistently, just have different views of how we think that should be supported.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, Randy. And don't worry.. AJ can tell the IP address you posted from. It ain't my neck of the woods, I suspect, or he'd be all over it.

You make sense. First time ever on this blog, outside myself of course. Too bad BHG, RightSaidFred, and HuskerDork-Mike don't listen to guys like you more often.

Fred says "You are of a younger generation who did not live through the building of the traditions and what it was that made us who we were."

Tradition is the illusion of permanence. Turn the page old man. I started going to games in 1970. How about you? I'm on board. How about you?


7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way.. Best string of posts ever. Epic.


7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey JP,

I'm not out to change anyone's mind, but jesus, there are some completely irrational arguments people are throwing around. I don't normally engage in these debates with people (fuck it, when Saturday's in the Fall come around, unless they are keeping me from watching the Huskers, I won't even notice them), but sometimes it gets so insane. Do I miss pretty much knowing that the Huskers are going to take care of business 10 times a year? Kind of. But to be honest, the games get a little boring when you are burying everybody. If you are a college footbal fan, you can't agrue that the Huskers haven't increased the excitement level (I get nervous before EVERY game now and I love it). Shit, I hate losing more than most people, but anybody that says we aren't improving (not saying we are there yet, that might still be another year or two away if Callahan can get us there) from where we were, it makes me wonder what they are looking at.

I'm in the San Jose area, not sure where you're at. Did you make it to the USC game last year? We had a great time, despite the score...

Keep the faith and Go Big Red.


11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Amen brother.

I'm in LA now, but lived in Lincoln last fall. Going back for USC this year.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny stuff!

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was going to try to get back for the USC game, but have too much going on this year. The fall is the one time of the year that I really miss being back there (for all the same reasons that AJ hates it. Maybe he'll agree to swap houses with me during the season ;-) ). That place will be rockin' on Sept 15th, have a great time!


11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear BHG, HuskerDork (Mike), and RightSaidBigRedFred all have rooms for rent in the area. Problem is you'd wake up tied to a chair in their basement with a rubber ball in your mouth.


3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zed's dead, baby.. Zed's dead..


7:43 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

JP you seem to have trouble with homosexual fantasies and we really feel uncomfortable talking football with anyone like that. It is obvious you never played the game as you would have been ran out of the locker room. Either that or, you have the mentality of a 12 year old. Either way you don't belong here or anywhere else talking football with normal folks.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell ya what fred.. let's compare athletic careers AND the quality and number of girls we've boned.

who goes first?


5:47 PM  

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