March 7, 2005 Husker football....just yet.

I just can't bring it to myself to start in on the Huskers. In the meantime, I will officially declare that my Kansas City Royals are done, and I am no longer a fan until pitchers and catchers report next season.

Major League Baseball....I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!


College Hockey playoffs this weekend at the Qwest Center. Hope to see some good crowds at the Q.


Nice to see Husker baseball fans already pumped up for......for.....whatever it is exciting about that team. College baseball is like soft-core porn. Why even bother if it's not the real thing? Not that I don't enjoy 600 foot home runs and 25-2 games...but come on...if you're sitting around your radio...listening to Nebraska vs. Texas Pan-American baseball on a February're a loser.

(Except Krutov, who has a lifetime pass because he buys me a lot of beer.)


Who says blogs have to be long? Too much homework...too little time.



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