June 16, 2005

I am literally sick to my stomach - Thanks a lot Dave.

Most of you guys know me and my gut reactions to things that piss me off. I've been known....from time to time....to go off on a small series of rather heated thoughts from time to time on subjects that have not met my overall approval.

Today, I found out that the University of Nebraska at Omaha is re-organizing their season ticket prices. My two season tickets, which I have held since the summer of 1996...just 3 days after the first tickets were sold to the Civic Auditorium, cost me $450 last season. Those same two tickets next season will cost me $790. For those of you math majors, that's a 42% increase in ONE OFF-SEASON. With two children under the age of three, and graduate loans coming up to be paid next year, I see nothing short of the lottery will allow me to renew one of my passions.

Yes, I realize I can move to the upper deck. (After sitting right behind the net for 8 years..would you want to move?) Yes, I realize I can suck it up and pay the extra $300 bucks or so, but with previously stated small children and my wife only working part time next year...$800 bucks is nothing to sneeze at.

My first instinct was to attack the blatant money-grubbing ignorance of Dave Herbster, and call him a fucking prick for ruining the ONLY guilty pleasure I have left from my single days. Yes, it would be easy to look at the new AD and ask just what in the FUCK is he thinking jacking up prices THAT high, when he is going to compete with a brand new AHL team just down the street. (One who is already blasting UNO in the game of marketing, and they haven't even placed ONE FUCKING person in the front office yet. Seem like a bad omen Dave?!)

I see what he's trying to do. He's using the Omaha Royals patented trick of "increasing ticket prices so the "value" of the seats will increase, and thus will take demand with it." Well guess what...the Omaha Royals started charging 14 bucks for seats that were 8 bucks for the past 30 years and now there are so many empty seats at Rosenblatt, some are rusting shut. (True story.) I mean, I can see the Personal Seat license. Yes, it's deductible and yes...many other schools use them....but GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF DAVE. It's U..N...fucking O. This team has had FOUR WINNING seasons in 8 seasons. They've won a grand total of NINE playoff games in 8 years..only making it to the conference finals ONCE. Yes..a nice start for a brand new program...but should we REALLY be treating our fans to Minnesota prices when the program has achieved less than Huntsville success?

What the fuck kind of mind does it take to tell season ticket holders like me that even though you have held the same seats for eight years...we'd like you to move upstairs so that we MAY be able to put somebody else in your place who has more money than you. Once again..I have no problem with this thinking if we had the words NORTH DAKOTA on our jerseys. But once again...GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF. We are UNO. When this team makes it to the NCAA tourney just ONCE...I can see spending 700 bucks. When this team beats Michigan more than ONCE every 8 years at home...I can see spending 700 bucks. But when this team won EIGHT games last year...I'm not really sure a .500 record deserved a 42% increase the next year.

As PISSED OFF as I am right now, I can hardly go on ranting without feeling sick to my stomach. I love going to UNO hockey games. I love Amber Bock. I love listening to Greg try to explain why he crashed into the walls after the first goal. I love flirty Girdy behind the bar. I love the who dat guys..whom I've shared every game with for 8 seasons. heckling the opposing goalie during the 2nd period, just as I love yelling down to Chris Holt to keep it together during another odd man rush on our end. I fucking love ALL of these things..and now because of the economics of sport...I won't have that to hold onto from this point forward.

Thank you Dave Herbster. Thank you Roger Dixon. You men have killed what was a great niche sport in this town...one devoid of bandwagon Creighton or Husker fans...and turned it into your own private NBA game. Lost forever is your screaming fans with milk jugs and veins filled with Amber Bock. Here are days with empty seats, corporate donors and people who leave with 10 minutes left no matter what the score is.

I'm so fucking sick I think I could throw up. Thank you Dave for ruining six months out of my year. Maybe I'll head down to Cubby's and pick up a lottery ticket...(or a second job). And then, you'll have won. In the meantime, make sure the Salmon in the restaurant has enough Dill Butter and make sure the wait staff in the premium seats have a quick enough reply time. I'll be at home listening on the radio...Wondering what the motherfucker who is sitting in my seats looks like as he drinks my Amber Bock and flirts with my cheerleaders.

Fuck fuck fuck...the world is a shitty place.


Blogger Adam said...

Bravo my friend...'This is the best post ever'...

7:22 AM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

Hard to fathom why the Herbster would put the screws to their most loyal fans; the ones who have faithfully stuck with the team during the lean years.

I'm hoping that they just didn't think this through very well, and were aiming for "revenue neutrality" at the bottom line since they figure they were going to lose some fans because of the Knights.

This just smells like good intentions that were completely f-ed up in the details.

1:47 PM  

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