May 27, 2005

Former Huskers to open restaurant at Village Pointe - Click for Link

Where oh where do I sign up for this?

This brings up a couple of interesting points:

1) What state in the country has a sports bar NOT IN THE COLLEGE TOWN THAT HOSTS THE UNIVERSITY such as this one?
2) What kind of jackass is going to frequent this place? (answer = everybody)
3) Where did three guys with hardly any major professional money and backing get the cash to open a restaurant at Village Pointe?
4) I'm actually shocked the brilliant hick that came up with Husker Hounds didn't come up with this as well. It's actually perfect.

All in all, I guess it's a great idea on their part. If I could find a way to bilk the cattle in this state for money...I'd do it in a second. Props to these three guys for figuring this out faster than anybody. But then again...they weren't the first. Didn't Lance Brown open a dance club for 14 year olds back in the day before it got shut down for serving alcohol to minors?

Oh well. Kudos to you Husker fans for having a place to go to drink and revel in your fellow fans. You know there are so few places like that around's about time somebody catered to you. Those Creighton baseball fans were getting a little too out of control.

I wonder how packed it will be when they go 4-7 this year?


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