May 24, 2005

Morning Coffee - 05/24/05 Edition

My morning coffee posts are getting later and later in the day. No conincidence that my sleep is getting less and less at night. Ugh, this sucks.
Props to Nebraska baseball for doing good in a sport nobody cares about. Yes, I said it...nobody cares about it. (this coming from a guy who played college baseball.) Sure, there are a few guys out there like Greg who enjoy the game and love to root for his favorite school. However, he is in the vast minority. Watch any Husker baseball game on TV and you'll see them. Football jerseys, and loud crys of "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" whenever the umpire calls a strike on the Hicksters that is right down the middle. It's so trivial and old, I can hardly stand it...but it bears repeating that I think it's a joke...Especially considering they used to draw less than 100 people per game when they were losing.
Speaking of Hicksters...has Callahan been fired yet? Should be a matter of time now. Apparently he got a year's worth of free ride from an outstanding 5-6 season last year. However, I wonder how sympathetic Wilmer and Wanda Fan from Scottsbluff are gonna be this year when he loses to Wake Forest, and finishes 5th in the North. The heat will get turned up higher, but I have a feeling that Tom Lemming will just make shit up again to be sure and save his best buddy's job. What a dick.
Found out I'm going kayaking and fishing in Maine in a few weeks. That should be entertaining. That water isn't THAT cold off the coast is it?
Is there a bigger trainwreck anywhere than Omaha sports radio? Journal broadcast group finally got smart, and put a trained monkey on opposite Kevin Kuglar and that assclown from channel 7. I'm not sure why it took everybody so long to figure this out...but apparently somebody realized that 3 hours of Cubs and NFL draft talk was fucking boring. HOWEVER, not to be outdone..the new guy on 590 is a BOSTON fan of all things and spends most of his day listening to Iowa and Husker fans pissing and moaning about each other. Dont' get me wrong..they're smart to counteract the dumb shit that 1620 has...but good lord, how many times can we talk about the Maine game in May? Oh wait...I forgot where I lived for a second.
Finally...props to Bellevue University for choking in baseball. Way to go fellas...Especially after spending the weekend with the 95 National Champions. All I know is that if we had lost to St. Marys, Ozarks and York...we would have shot ourselves. fucking embarrassing is that? It's OK to lose one game because of lack of focus...but FUCKING YORK!?!?! What the hell is that? I hope Mike Evans does the same thing he did 2 years ago, and fire the entire team. Losing to in-state teams is UNACCEPTABLE and everybody should pay. You think I'm joking?
This week's over 30 league loss:
1 for 4, 1RBI, K (which was 9 inches too fucking low. Nice call dickhead)


Blogger something_something said...

Travis Justice has a show on 590 as well that he seems to plug all the fooking time, whether it be commercials during the news or that cure for insomnia he calls a sports call-in show on Sunday nights. I can't say I've actually tuned in yet, though. It's sad...AM radio is the only thing that's really any good anymore, but it's being polluted by Kevin Kugler, Jim Rose and Travzilla.

6:14 PM  

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