May 19, 2005

Morning Coffee - Thursday edition

A few rantings to get you started today. (Ok, so I'm writing this at noon...get off my back)
The new Star Wars movie is out and I love it. Not that I'm waiting in line to see the movie. Not that I'm even planning on seeing it in the first two months of release...I'm happy it's out because every time George Lucas belts out one of the pictures, I get to see 30-something year old people dress up as Boba Fett in PUBLIC no less. By seeing these losers in all their public glory, over a movie that came out nearly THIRTY years ago...well, quite frankly it makes me fell a lot better about myself. Yes, we've discussed the Star Wars freaks on this blog before, and I won't rehash all of that...but I say the more 400lb programmers dressed in stormtrooper gear on TV the better. At least for those of us who are semi-normal.

Kudos to the Husker baseball team for playing a road game against a D2 opponent. Oh wait..that wasn't Nebraska who did that..that was Creighton. Either way, super props to the Huskers for throwing a 15 year old freshman against a team that couldn't beat 1/2 the teams in the GPAC. (Dana, Doane etc) Has car-salesman Peterson finally passed along their football scheduling practices to the baseball team? Oh wait. Who am I kidding...Peterson DOESN'T CARE about the other sports. Just football. Jeez, how could I forget that. Nevermind. Play who you want. Bring a bunch of Crouch t-shirts to the CWS if you want. I really don't care...even if my favorite home-state school is having a pretty good year. Speaking of Huskers.....
Nice to see myopia is in FULL THROTTLE here in the Hickster state. In the Omaha World Herold yesterday, over 85 PERCENT of respondents to a poll said Nebraska would win the Big 12 north next season. NEVERMIND the fact that you were 5-6 last year..NEVERMIND the fact that you have a QB who has never played a down of D1 ball, taking on a "complicated offense"...NEVERMIND you have the worst defensive coordinator in the big 12...NEVERMIND that all of your 18-year olds that you recruited and slobbered all over are still...(drumroll)..18 years old. This year's Husker trainwreck might be one of the best to witness of all time..which is saying something if you remember the Colorado ass-kicking from a few years. More to come on all of that as the months flow by, and the myopia grows and grows. I guess a loss to Wake Forest might knock some people into reality.
Finally, saw some screenshots and previews of EA Sports' new college football game, coming out in July. Is it just me...or do these guys spend WAY tooo much time thinking about shit that doesn't really matter in the game. For I really care if I'm a high school player who gets recruited by a "big time" team? Hell no. Make the game look realistic...make the Husker suck...and FIX THE G*D DAMN schedule. Other than can't be that hard to keep that game fun to play.
This week's over-30 league game was rough.
Pitching - 9IP, 15H, 5K, 2BB, 12R, 11ER
Hitting - 2-5, 2B 1RBI
Good luck to Zebrahead in their return to the SoCal mainstream. Rumor has it a new record deal may be on the table after the performance. Hopefully the new album will come quickly, so I don't have to listen to rehashes of the old stuff time and time again. Oh can catch Zebrahead's Oakland show from the L3 on Saturday night at on Saturday night, probably around 8pm central.


Blogger something_something said...

They did fix the dynasty schedules last year. But you're right, this whole bringing a high schooler through the ranks is entirely unnecessary.

4:57 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I'm pretty sure the dynasty schedule in the big XII was still screwed up. I could be mistaken though.

7:41 PM  

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